Directed By: Roger Kumble
Written By: Nancy Pimental
Cinematography By: Anthony B. Richmond
Editor: David Rennie & Wendy Greene Bricmont

Cast: Cameron Diaz, Christina Applegate, Selma Blair, Thomas Jane, Jason Bateman, Parker Posey, Frank Grillo

To ease their roommate through a relationship-induced depression, Christina Walters and Courtney Rockcliffe take her out on the town. During their attempts to find her “Mr. Right Now”, Christina meets Peter Donahue. Missing her opportunity with him that night, Christina is talked into pursuing him to his brother’s wedding.

This is a low-brow gross out comedy for girls with a shiny sheen. The female leads all seem to be having fun as they get their chance to shine and act as nasty as they want to be. Too bad us in the audience don’t get to feel that same joy and energy watching the film.

Christina Applegate Is good as the cool knowledgeable one, But Selma Blair is the actress who leaves the lasting impression as she has the most embarrassing scenes, but they are also the ones worth the most physical comedy though her scenes seemed tacked on to break up the monotony of the other storyline. Her scenes all end abruptly. I’m not sure why she is here other then to add more comedy and pad out the running time.

The film is supposed to be about young normal women, but Cameron Diaz just struts around through half the movie in her underwear or a bikini looking like a model. So I think the film made it hard for other women to relate to the film.

It was a chance to try a female oriented comedy that was poised to be a hit yet bombed hard and studios never felt comfortable trying again until BRIDESMAIDS. Which worked because the characters and movie while being outrageous had a mild message and was relatable. Nor villianized the male characters. Which this film does with most of it’s male cast. As they all are stupid or just want to really get with Diaz. Which gives her plenty of reason to be seen and in her underwear as they lust after her. The film is funny in parts.

The film has Parker Posey in it’s cast. Yet leaves her with no material to use. She can be funny and charming here she is not. She has nothing to do but be a highlighted extra. IT’s nice to see her but this seems more like slumming. The film tries to be a modern Screwball comedy, but falls short with it’s misunderstandings, Near Misses and physical comedy and sight gags.

The Director who previously made CRUEL INTENTIONS in that film he had rich visuals and knew how to make things erotic. Here the women are naturally sexy, but he doesn’t make them good looking or even sensual. It’s a comedy and these women are supposed to be irresistible but they look drab, which is a problem with the film everything looks drab and washed out. I know it’s a comedy but things should look good or at least normal not disgusting as you watch it. Unless it’s a gross out comedy.

The Script is ok for being a female centered comedy, but it doesn’t have any character development and the characters come off as superficial and we seem to be stuck with them which is the only thing that makes them protagonists. I’m not saying we should love them but we should at least like them or care about their actions.

It has chick flick staples that are usually individual in most films, but are all combined in this film. A full on musical sequence, shopping, Dress up montage Etc.

The film has a lot of energy that is infectious. This film just should be a lot better then it is. It’s like it misrepresented. Rent with caution.


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