Written & Directed By: Sarah Polley Cinematography By: Luc Montpellier

Editor: Christopher Donaldson

Cast: Michelle Williams, Seth Rogen, Sara Silverman, Luke Kirby, Jennifer Podemski

A happily married woman falls for the artist who lives across the street.

The film seems to go for a 1970’s slice of life quality while also having some quirks. Though it has a certain quality about it. It doesn’t ultimately save the film. Which plays off more as a woman trying to find herself and a little definition.

I applaud Sarah Polley for the film especially after her excellent Debut. She obviously likes to take her time with her stories and characters. I just feel the film is a little too light and needed to have more definition like the main character seeks throughout the film.

The film feels drawn out and making it unbearably slow. it takes it time is understandable to not rush the action and let the character take their time to make decisions instead of just making rash ones that would more or less damn or give them an excuse depending on how you look at it. I read the script and when I did I found the script enlightening and a journey that was fun and interesting.

Watching the film it felt more like it was dragging maybe this would have worked better as literature as you can understand things a bit more. Here watching it so much is unsaid that really doesn’t need to but it just feels like the character are biding their time.

The script made it look more like a star crossed lover thing meeting each other at the right place and the right time maybe it was fate and you could understand the courting and the romance. Here it seems more random. Also the most interesting character is Sara Silverman’s I was much more interested in her characters journey and life then the main couple. I wish it could have been parallel or made her the main story and the deteriorating marriage a side story.

Part of the problem is that her husband is so sweet and nice. The films makes it seem like she longs for something and it is hard to feel sympathetic for her as though she has a bit of history her character comes off as bored and selfish. I realize that is how it probably happens in life. It would have just been better if we could understand her frustration with her husband. Instead of just leaving him as the victim.

The film also could have ended a lot earlier there were many points the film could have ended and had a deeper impact. Though it helps fill out the story I guess that is why it kept going.

Michelle Williams can always be counted on for a good performance and she doesn’t disappoint here, but the usually Comedic Seth Rogen and Sara Silverman are truly amazing with the depth of their characters they really pull off and move in the dramatic scenes and give their characters a inner life not always presented in the film. There is nothing wrong with the filmmaking.

I only wish the film wouldn’t have been as vague as it feels. It seems to have an outline but has a really big problem filling in the middle and being distinct.

SPOILER ALERT – I guess it is a bitter ending as she kind of got what she deserved. After all of her actions she realizes what she gave up. Though it puts a happy face on it. To me it really boils down to her rebelling against conformity since she didn’t seem to have a childhood and through her romance with him and the unorthodox way of life and love with him. She was able to live out her impulses that most get out of college, It Felt like a college romance as it starts out like they are long lost lovers but in the end he seems to have just gotten frustrated when he couldn’t have what he wanted and got really dramatic to lure her.

I guess it proved to me my theory about young good looking men who always get what they want and when they can’t revert to being infants. Then once they have it get bored. Also she should have known his character was untrustworthy as he seemed to be impestiuous which attracted her in the first place which ultimately lead to her downfall. SPOILER END

I might be being a bit harsh due to having read the screenplay before the film and hoping things would get worked out and that the film would resemble what I read and come closer to those themes. It was on the blacklist after all. Wait for Cable.


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