Directed By: Michael Lehman 
Written By: Rich Wilkes 
Cinematography: John Schwartzman 
Editor: Stephen Semel 

Cast: Brendan Fraser, Adam Sandler, Steve Buscemi, Joe Mantegna, Ernie Hudson, Chris Farley, Amy Locane, Michael McKean, Michael Richards, David Arquette, Judd Nelson, Nina Siemaszko, Marshall Bell, Reginald E. Cathey, China Kantner, Michelle Hurst, Allen Covert, Harold Ramis, Lemmy Von Motörhead, John Melendez 

Three band members, hoping for a big break head to a radio station to play their demo tape and wind up holding everyone hostage with plastic guns when the head D.J. refuses to play them.

This movie came out at a critical time for me. When I was 15 and for some odd reason I remember every ad about it, the music video for the single BORN TO RAISE HELL by Motörhead with ugly kid Joe and Ice-T and even the premiere on MTV where it was obvious Chris Farley was drunk/high and the first time I realized he might have a problem.

I was the demographic for this movie that was for some odd reason Pg-13 I mean it was presented in the same way, but most of the material and spirit of the movie felt like this should have been an R-Rated movie. As it testily lacks the spirit and vision of over-the-top exuberance that rock was supposed to be but by the 1990s had mellowed to be more emo. Though these Characters obviously are more 1980’s types when it was hard rock, glam rock, and heavy metal. 

The film is the right film but at the wrong time. As it feels like a holdover trying to fit into the wrong time period. What I can appreciate about the film is that it works as nostalgia when radio stations still had power and were seen as important ambassadors between the bands and fans.

This film also unfortunately feels miscast. As much as I enjoy Brendan Fraser as an actor and he has proven to be versatile. He is just hard to believe as the lead singer of the band. Adam Sandler plays the drummer and is more the simple-minded of the group. He wanted to play the lead but the studio didn’t think he had any pulling power of an audience at the time.

Steve Buscemi is perfectly cast in the film, one of his first major studio films and one in which he is looked upon more as comic relief. 

The film is silly all around as you can’t take anything seriously. So that it comes off more juvenile than anything else

 The film has quite a respectable cast. Quite a few unfortunately in more small or bit roles. Even though Joe Mantegna is good, his look is less Rick and more disco holdover. 

The female roles don’t offer much other than angry girlfriend and object of lust. Which fits into the milieu and mindset of the time. As well as being treated more as eye candy. 

This film has surprisingly found an audience over the years, After the bombing in Its initial release. Due to not only bad marketing but it feels like it was over-marketed and misrepresented. Don’t get me wrong I don’t think It’s a good movie but I think everyone did try to make a decent film that came up short but deserves its Fans and its audience. 

It just wasn’t the great rock film people were expecting or at least hoping for. Somewhere there is a hybrid of this movie and PICK OF DESTINY where they swipe out each other’s weaknesses and build on each other’s strengths then maybe you would have the movie that the audience was looking for or expecting. If that film can still be made now.

As this film does have its moments, but ultimately fails to live up to the hype or potential. 

Grade: C 


Directed By: Matthew Vaughn 
Written By: Matthew Vaughn & Karl Gajdusek
Based on the Comic-Book “THE SECRET SERVICE” By: Mark Millar & Dave Gibbons
Cinematography: Ben Davis
Editor: Rob Hall & Jason Ballantine

Cast: Ralph Fiennes, Djimon Hounsou, Harris Dickinson, Gemma Arterton, Matthew Goode, Rhys Ifans, Charles Dance, Daniel Bruno, Alexandra Maria Land, Valerie Pacher 

In the early years of the 20th century, the Kingsman agency is formed to stand against a cabal plotting a war to wipe out millions.

The third in what can be seen as a franchise or at least a trilogy. 

This one is a prequel that shows the origins of THE KING’S MEN before they became a bit corrupt and needed to be sorted out. 

I will be honest I wasn’t expecting much from this film. It looked like they were trying to beat a dead horse with this series and felt like they might have been going in the wrong direction to prolong it. I have to eat my words because the film ended up being exciting and surprising in how enjoyable it is.

Like the previous films. It is silly plot-wise and the dialogue has a lot of grandstanding. Though it comes across as more well-mannered and tight Than the other films which were more dark-humored and verbose. This one feels a little more grown-up, but not without its own sense of humor. 

Which is not only one of the film’s strengths but also the franchise. 

The film is a period piece that touches on many historical figures and actions. It also has a lot of fun with them. Using them to set the background up.

The action sequences are impressive. Some are quite admirable, especially the Rasputin battle. 

The film also manages to still offer up surprises in a franchise partly built on them. 

Nice to see dramatic actor Ralph Fiennes in a more action-oriented role, but lets him also act. Though he also has a role in the latest James Bond films also. Here he is center stage. 

Djimon Honsou glad to see him also even if given the usual thankless role as more a dangerous sidekick or mentor to characters. Not only in this film but he played a similar role in the last CHARLIE’S ANGELS reboot, but at least here he has more to do and is in mroe do the film.

This film feels more like a guilty pleasure, though an inventive way to keep the franchise going and offer up a new origin story of sorts. That opens up the history of the franchise 

Grade: C+


 Directed By: Patrick Hughes 
Written By: Brandon Murphy & Phillip Murphy 
Based On Characters Created By & Story By: Tom O’Connor 
Cinematography: Terry Stacey 
Editor: Jack Hutchings & Michael J. Duthie

Cast: Ryan Reynolds, Samuel L. Jackson, Salma Hayek, Frank Grillo, Antonio Banderas, Tom Hopper, Caroline Goodall, Richard E. Grant, Morgan Freeman, Alice McMillan 

The bodyguard, Michael Bryce, continues his friendship with assassin, Darius Kincaid, as they try to save Darius’ wife Sonia

This is a movie that seems rushed to make money off the surprise hit of the first film and this time offers more Salma Hayek that the first film. Where she was a memorable supporting character.

This film offers a lot more of her including in her low-cut outfits and even a sex scene that is more comedic than sexy. Though the film gives her a chance to shine. 

The film is more aimed at being a comedy with action in it rather than the other way around and as hilarious as the film is you never take it seriously and just try to have fun. As much as the cast seems to be having.

This film offers up recognizable cast members new to the franchise in surprising supporting roles. Though luckily it seems as soon as they wear out their welcome they either disappear or are dispatched. 

They try to sideline Ryan Reynolds a little. as once again his character is going through confidence problems and here he has decided to not be violent throughout. He is involved in the action sequences. As more the straight man who keeps getting punished violently while all around him kill and fight. Which might be to make room for Salma Hayek to have more to do and be part of the action. He for the most part is abused throughout 

What works for these films is that while they are silly and quite stupid. They stay entertaining and are never boring and come off as guilty pleasures more than anything else. Especially by the end which is just ridiculous.

These films feel like the CRANK movies only not as over the top, campy or low brow. They are dirty And they all feel like they have the energy of an energized bunny or play out like violent love action cartoons more than anything anyone can really identify with. 

Grade: C+


Directed By: Louis Leterrier
Written By: Luc Besson & Robert Mark Kamen 
Cinematography: Mitchell Amundsen
Editor: Christine Lucas Navarro & Vincent Tabaillon

Cast: Jason Statham, Amber Valletta, Alessandro Grossman, Kate Nauta, Matthew Modine, Jason Flemyng, Keith David, Francois Baerleand, Annalynne McCord

Transporter Frank Martin surfaces in Miami, Florida, and is implicated in the kidnapping of the young son of a powerful USA official.

Luc Besson is a director who has always flirted with more action-oriented projects as well as his own artistic ones. At a certain point, he seemed to abandon directing films altogether and instead write and produce continuous action films. Leaving the directing to others. Where you wonder if his brand is all over these films and lets up-and-coming directors spearhead the projects. Yet still maintains control.

As he is mroe than capable of directing them himself, maybe even he knows that they are mroe commercial projects and he wants to be seen more as an actual artistic director. Whatever the reasons he has made a fortune from writing and producing these mid-level budget action films that seemed to be everywhere in the 1990s and especially early 2000’s he seems to have set the rules somewhat for modern action cinema that unfortunately isn’t made anticipating the future and revising as the years go by More they are trashy and ridiculous yet fun and seek to stick to a formula and offer diversity and international casts.

This film became a franchise. One has to wonder was that always the intended aim to make this into a series of films or did the original make it easy to set up further adventures for the character who helped make Jason Statham An action star. In fact, the plan for most of his action films and scripts is to try to create a franchise and the others don’t do as well.

As there was never a sequel to LA FEMME NIKITA, there was not only a remake but eventually a television series. Which after a few mroe sequels was the same fate of this franchise. Even though Jason Statham only came back to the role to complete the trilogy with the next film in the series. 

This was only the second action film I saw Jason Statham star in after the first film. As I had mainly seen him in films by director Guy Ritchie when he was still making criminal caper films Such as SNATCH and LOCK, STOCK & TWO SMOKING BARRELS though he also was in the similar remake of THE ITALIAN JOB also. 

This franchise is like the character is an underworld James Bond of old. As he is usually somehow double-crossed in his own line of work or is brought into a conspiracy because he cares. Even though he has a supposedly strict set of rules. Yet in each new film, they are mroe stand-alone involving few recurring characters. Though no old girlfriends or attachments. Allowing for romance or sex for him in each new film

When it comes to this film It’s ridiculous, Loud, flashy, and fun full of  jokes and impressive action scenes where Jason Statham barely gets a R.I.P. on his suit 

This film is even filtered to be glossy where almost everyone seems to have a shin sheen of sweat that brings out any bright colors to almost be blindingly obvious 

Kate Nauta makes an impression as the villain’s henchwoman lover who seems to be a masochist. She is memorable in the film. One wishes she had been in more films or found a way to bring her back or get a spin-off or action hero series of her own

The film is legitimized by having Matthew Modine in the cast of having an actor who usually doesn’t appear in these types of films. While offering former supermodel Amber valets a role as a maybe love interest and whose scenes are more dramatic 

The film ends up being something that is hard to take seriously. As everything is over the top with the hero being the only one to truly not only save the day but figure things out. But also everyone is disposable especially when it comes to living g or dying except the heroes and villains.

Not to mention the action sequences are a sight to behold as they all truly depend on the fight choreography mroe than anything as the fights include so many people and the only way one can hold off so many are desperate luck and knowing the moves the others will make.

There is So much damage done yet you never question it and just want to see where it goes and how it resolves itself.

Grade: B


Directed By: Robert Vincent O’Neil
Written By: Robert Vincent O’Neil & Joseph M. Cala
Cinematography: Peter Lyons Collister 
Editor: John R. Bowey

Cast: Betsy Russell, Rory Calhoun, Susan Tyrell, Ossie Davis, Robert F. Lyons, Steven M. Porter, Paul Lambert, Barry Pearl, Frank Doubleday

Molly, the former prostitute, has managed to leave her street life with help from Lt. Andrews. She studies law and leads a normal life. When Andrews is killed by a brutal gang, she returns to the streets as Angel to find his killers.

Not surprising that this sequel pales in comparison to the first film. While not a classic at least was offbeat and had some originality.

This film comes across as trying to make everything bigger. Instead of one villain this time she and her friends are taking on a crime family ring.

Now the character is no longer a hooker but in law school and seeking revenge. Most of the actors come back from the original except the two leads. Where one is recast and killed in the opening minutes. This leads to the revenge story. 

The lead this time is played by Betsy Russell and while appealing to the eyes. She doesn’t bring anything to the role. In fact, One misses Donna Wilkes, who played the role originally maybe it was that Russell had more box office appeal and recognizability 

The problem lies in that the first film’s side characters all added to the overall strangeness and humor of the first film. They added old-school charisma and personality and mostly stayed on the side as we got to know them. Which added to the first film’s charm.

This time around the surviving characters is brought into the action more and seem more equipped to handle the action. Whereas in the first film it was more random for them to get involved. Also since we know them from the first film. This time around they are barely developed before just coming out and chasing or shooting.

So while it’s nice to see the veterans in the cast that is all that there is. As of so far, I haven’t seen the other films In the franchise. After watching the first film I felt a little encouraged to continue. This one was written and directed by the director of the first film. Makes me feel like one has seen enough of Angel and her friends continue their adventure.

As it isn’t even fascinating or fun in a 1980’a cheesy or exploitation way. It just comes off as bad and overblown for no real reason. It feels more of chasing in. Rather than have a natural purpose or real story. As it is much less a continuation rather than franchising. 

Grade: F


Directed By: Robert Schwentke
Written By: Joe Shrapnel, Anna Waterhouse & Evan Spiliotopoulos
Story By: Evan Spiliotopoulos 
Cinematography: Bojan Bazelli
Editor: Stuart Levy

Cast: Henry Golding, Andrew Koji, Haruka Abe, Samara Weaving, Iko Uwais, Takehiro Hira, Peter Mensah, Eri Ishada, Ursula Corbero

A G.I. Joe spin-off centered around the character of Snake Eyes.

The other G.I. Joe films were over the top here this film goes more for espionage and action-adventure tone. then towards the the end it becomes a free for all of just action that becomes a little too cartoonish with real weapons. As It becomes a stunt show more than anything 

The film plays serious for the most part early on and then we get to scenes where there are tests to pass to become a member of the clan and one of them involves Other gigantic monster snakes. Those are the more ridiculous components of the previous films. Though here they only come once in a while. Instead of staying constant.

Truthfully this is a film that doesn’t need to be made. Though it Offers a new revision to the rivalry between Snake eyes and storm shadow with a whole new history. Even though it has played out or been hinted at in the previous films.

That you know is coming as soon as you see a heroic character in the all-white suit that is known to the true die-hards. 

Strangely In trying to give snake eyes a full origin story they still never address his vow of silence and not only doesn’t happen but is still never explained. I am guessing they were hoping for a hit and figured maybe a sequel could. Sort of like the studio’s own WOLVERINE franchise outside of the X-Men films of the time. Even setting up a possible love interest.

The film obviously keeps calling for a sequel. Even though most good action films usually have a memorable villain. Here half the time there is so much infighting you forget who the real villain is and when you do he is so unimpressive and more a means to an end. He is instantly forgettable. The only villain of interest here is the baroness played by Ursula Corbero and she is more of a right-hand woman. Left with little to do 

The only star in the film or of any recognizable star is Samara Weaving, Who plays Scarlett and comes in a supporting role, but more an extended cameo and comes off more like Black Widow from the Marvel movies. Here she appears and seems to know mroe than she is letting in and is the coolest in the room.

As before she is even introduced this film plays like a random Asian-themed action-adventure Tale. Once she appears it ties the film more to the franchise and then starts to get a little more ridiculous. As it goes from personal vendetta between clans an all-out global terrorism threat.

As Henry Golding here just seems to be building his stardom from previous films like CRAZY RICH ASIANS which made him a star. Here this is one of his first leading action hero roles.

The film is stylish and tries not to call Too much attention to itself though at times it does feel like overkill as it just comes across as too smooth and ends up feeling dull. 

Understandable why This film was made like Wolverine one of the mroe recognizable characters and popular but also trying to jump-start the franchise which other characters should you choose to have an origins tale that the audience would want to see. This shows mroe of a last grasp for the franchise rather than a reboot.

As it gives the audience somewhat, what they want, but never seems to realize part of the fun of the character was like The Joker never truly knowing their past and making up their back to the story in their head and any clue felt like a new revelation. It is what was both it seemed revolutionary when it came to the FRIDAY THE 13TH reboot and what ruined it for audiences. We like the magic and the tricks and think we want to know how they were done, but once it Is, it is now spoiled and can’t look at it as magical and worse now feels more basic. 

The truly only badass character was the older female head of the family seen as she was the only one who barely needed a weapon to take our horses if enemies only using her fan where everyone else is using blades or guns 

Action movies often have more victims than horror but we believe the horror of being worse for society. Why because in horror the killing seems more personal and we see them in great detail and watch as the film seems to delight in these aspects whereas in action It’s brief but then again in action, it shows more nonchalance towards not only life but individual ones  making them seem more EXPENDABLE 

Both people are more expendable in a war between two characters that is personal. So everybody pays the price for two egos. 

Grade: C-


Directed By: Alan Taylor 
Written by: David Chase & Lawrence Konner
Cinematography: Kramer Morgenthau
Editor: Christopher Tellefsen

Cast: Alessandro Nivola, Ray Liotta, Leslie Odom Jr, Vera Farmiga, Jon Bernthal, Corey Stoll, Michael Gandolfini, Michaela De Rossi, Billy Magnussen, John Magaro, Joey Diaz, Talia Balsam, Ed Marinaro

Before becoming the notorious crime legend, young and inexperienced Anthony Soprano was under the wing of his father figure and mentor, Dickie Moltisanti. Against the backdrop of racial injustice during the violent 1967 Newark riots in the streets of Newark, New Jersey, and a destructive, all-out gang war with ambitious, mighty challengers, Uncle Dickie shows Tony the ropes, paving the way for a new era in crime.

Not really a continuation, but a prequel to see those who came before Tony Soprano and his crew and a glimpse into the environment she not only grew up in but the character who would surround him And guide him.

The film also offers insight into these characters and the ones we already know from the series. This is fun, As here we see them when they are younger and struggling for power. As some of the actions and treachery will have us looking at certain characters differently.

The film offers mroe of a psychological character glimpse and more examines Christopher’s father and Tony’s uncle Dickie we see how he goes about his business and affairs, especially after his father passed away and he is thrust into more of a leadership position. Who influenced Tony soprano and offers eventually a glimpse of what could have been.

As with the series, the film feels dense and has depth. Some of which are told and have some deeper meanings left unsaid but reflected in reactions and situations. 

There is a femme fatale of sorts who is innocent in her aspirations and character but who up the stakes for dickie constantly and seem to be the cause of bad decisions and downfalls.

As the film does concern itself with race. Especially African Americans. The second half of the film concentrates on a mob war between the Italians and the African American crew run by Leslie Odom Jr’s character who used to work for him.

The film takes full advantage of the uncomfortable race relations of the original show. There I was always on the edges where it is flat out in your face and a plot point

It feels like a natural progression for the film to concern race. As African Americans were largely absent from the series and the few times they were seemed disparaging also the casual racism of the main characters of the show shines through. Here it seems to try and make up for a lack of them on the show by offering a few more characters Of color here. 

Still with racist and insulting language and attitudes. Though with less mention of the N-Word. Though the film offers even if at times feels needlessly done in a classic but new time period.

The film showcases the domino effect of how one act eventually destroys and influences so many. In what could have been positive. Which ends up setting the stage for the show. Even if out of pettiness. 

The film doesn’t feel like a one-off it feels like the beginning of more stories or prequels to tell us the story of Tony’s eventual rise to power. 

Even if beautifully shot, it still feels like two flashback episodes that could have easily been part of the show. Plenty of nuances, Unfortunately for some that include taking It’s time abs not necessarily being that action-oriented or anything too monumental happening. As that was never what the show was truly about but people looked at it for. As anything action-oriented usually came out of nowhere not when you were expecting it in the first place.

The film doesn’t really change or offer too much insight or anything to shock the audience. Especially for those familiar with the show. Who will end up being the most entertained by this film. 

Grade: C


Written & Directed By: Vince Gilligan Cinematography: Marshall Adams Editor: Skip MacDonald

Cast: Aaron Paul, Jonathan Banks, Jesse Plemmons, Matt Jones, Charles Baker, Robert Forester, Larry Hankin, Tom Bower, Marla Gibbs, Tess Harper,  Brendan Sexton III, Kevin Rankin, Krysten Ritter, Bryan Cranston 

Fugitive Jesse Pinkman runs from his captors, the law, and his past.

If you are a fan of the series this is a must-see as it doesn’t Disgrace the legacy of the show as some finales can do. It adds to it a little. Though for those who had their own fantasies and theories about what happens to Jesse Pinkman after he drives away at the end of the series. This gives a definite answer rather than what some fans might have to imagined or believed. Hopefully, you will find it better. What do you think.

This is partially difficult to review as it helps the viewer to know what came before it by watching the series. It’s not a must but probably helps your enjoyment and understanding but it is entirely necessary. As it also does a good job of exposing itself and its scenes as well as its motivations.

The film plays more like an epilogue of the series but also feels kind of like a finale for the series and the remaining lead character you care about. As many major characters cameo in this film.

The film is a slow burn that could easily have played like two episodes from the series. As they are expansive yet tiny and meticulous.

As we watch the character of Jessie maneuver his actions and motivations are hampered by the past. As we see various flashbacks that tell their own story but explain Jesse’s Actions and kind of work as inner monologues of sorts. Though they help explain where he is going or at least heading to.

He is still down and dirty and trying to make an escape where it either seems like he is having the worst luck or a comedy of errors keeps happening to him.

While certainly a crime thriller it also works as a character study and as goodbye in the form of a kind of side story to the series. That helps explain exactly some of his treatment and trauma. As well as letting the character continue his story and get his own proper ending.

Grade: B


Directed By: Shun’Ya Ito
Written By: Shun’Ya Ito, Fumio Konami & Hiro Matsuda 
Based On The Manga Characters created by: Tooru Shinohara 
Cinematography: Masao Shimizu 
Editor: Osamu Tanaka 

Cast: Meiko Kaji, Kayoko Shirashi, Fumio Watanabe, Yukie Kagawa, Eiko Yanami, Hiroko Isayama 

After spending a year in solitary confinement, Matsu escapes from prison with six more convicts, followed by the guards led by the vengeful warden who wants her dead at all costs.

This sequel is pretty much a road trip movie and an escaped prisoner movie. Where scorpion is the main focus of our true protagonist but she is more along for the ride as the film focuses on her enemies and accomplices in the prison break. Who soon seems to become the same. 

Just like her enemies, the accomplices are just as bloodthirsty and vicious. As scorpion and the prisoners’ family members are the only characters who come off as innocent or decent.

Even the hostages they take later on are only taken. After attacking, raping, and killing one of the prisoners. 

This is an exploitation movie through and through. At times, it seems to be purposely trying to up the ante of the previous film but not artistically but with more depravity and a nihilistic look at the world at the time. As the film is gruesome but does have some stylish surreal cinematography at times. Not to mention Scenes that make you dizzy with all of the chaos. Which keeps you off balance 

It sometimes feels that the film is trying to top itself from scene to scene. Where it feels episodic at times. 

The film is never quite as organic, fun, or cohesive as the first film In the franchise. As it is a prison break film with a revenge film in its heart.

Kayoko Shiraishi is the so-called leader or accomplice of the escaped convict’s Oba. Who all are pitted with her but hate scorpion is memorable. As she is the film’s biggest villain To a degree but a hero at other times. She comes across as a sadistic mercenary without getting paid. 

The film is over the top and seems to keep trying to top itself, scene to scene, and make sure the audience never gets a chance to rest or be bored. As the film shows that sometimes the supposedly upstanding citizens are sometimes worse than the people they are trying to kill or lock up 

Grade: C+

CRUSH (2022)

 Directed By: Sammi Cohen 
Written By: Kristen King & Casey Beckham 
Editor: Melissa Remebalich-Aperlo

Cast: Rowan Blanchard, Auli’i Cravalho, Isabella Ferreira, Tyler Alvarez, Teala Dunn, Rico Paris, Aasif Mandvi, Michelle Buteau, Megan Mullally, Addie Weyrich

An aspiring artist and high school student who is forced, against her will, to join her high school track team. However, the situation isn’t entirely bad, as it gives her an opportunity to pursue a girl that she has had a long-term crush on. However, things get even more complicated when she finds that she is falling for another teammate entirely. Soon she will see what real love feels like.

This is the most agreeable teen film I have ever seen. As it seems most of the characters have open sexualities. Though this movie is definitely centered around the teen LGBTQ community or at least the characters. Most of the characters are teenagers and the few adults seem more quirky and horns than anything. So they never come Off as imposing and definitely not in control. 

Especially Megan Mullally who is the main character, an enthusiastic oversexed sex-positive mom. Who seems similar to Emma Stone’s parents in EASY A. 

Nice to see Rowan Blanchard back on the big screen and in a leading role no less. She is not as out there as she was in the show GIRL MEETS WORLD, but here has a more solid character to play. Who you root for throughout the film. 

It is a wonder why the main character is so shy when it seems like every character is supportive throughout the film. This school seems to have no bullying or even a social class system. As everybody hangs with everyone and the worst thing that can happen is not being LGBTQ but into a renaissance.

Even the straight kids seem to be the minority. Speaking of which it is noticeable that this film is diverse. As most of the cast is made up of different races and it is never brought up. So that it feels like a breath of fresh air 

The film is predictable as a girl meets a girl tale and while trying to go after her crush realizes she is more compatible with someone. She never expected and luckily the crush isn’t some kind of evil or vapid character, just not who she wants when she wants her. 

The film moves fast and is so good-hearted and cute it is hard to be mad at it. It keeps you fully entertained while you wait for the inevitable and makes you care when it hits the familiar beats. Where you want everything to work out for everyone. 

Even the characters who seem or come off as stereotypes prove to have some depth and character.

While this film matches the good-hearted romantic comedy teen movies that have become a growing genre on streaming. This film is one of the rare ones where it feels like this could have been released in theaters and found a loyal audience. It’s not as strong or dramatic as some of the others and not as believable but it does entertain and offer characters to either identify with or wish you had in your life.  

Grade: B-