Directed By: Charles Herman-Wurmfeld
Written By: Kate Kondell

Based on a story by: Dennis Drake, Eve Ahlert & Kate Kondell
Based on Characters Created By: Amanda Brown
Cinematography By: Elliot Davis
Editor: Peter Teschner

.Cast: Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Coolidge, Luke Wilson, Regina King, Bob Newhart, Sally Field, Dana Ivey, Bruce McGill, Mary Lyn Rajskub, Jessica Cauffiel, Alana Ubach, Jackie Hoffman

Sassy post-grad Elle Woods is all about animal rights. In fact, she puts her nuptial plans on hold to head to Washington, D.C. to get an anti-animal testing bill passed. Her building’s doorman quickly shows her the ways and workings of our nation’s capital.

Take everything that was good and winning in the first film, Then shred it. That seems to be the thinking when it came to this film.

Though the first film played to a teenage audience with a wink towards adults. This film plays more to 9 year old girls who don’t know any better and gay men. While this film tries to make Elle Woods into a role model for them. Making her adventures look more like a reality fairytale. Then having any kind of substance.

The sets look cheap and fake like this was filmed on a backlot.

Reese Witherspoon is as good as she was in the original but here has nothing really to work with for her character like a bad SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE skit with a good character but bad writing.

This time her character is going to Washington D.C. Except that the situations are almost the same as the original movie except here they are not as charming. Her having to win over everyone who thinks she is nothing but a stereotype. Showing her resoursefulness to them. Only this time there is no romantic subplot, since she is dealing with all her problems and planning her wedding.

While Luke Wilson and Jennifer Coolidge return they are nothing more then cameos. I guess the thinking was to just drop Ms. Witherspoon’s character in any setting and see what happens most likely if all fails just repeat the original movie. Which is surprising since most sequels seem to follow the philosophy to things bigger then the first film and do anything that worked more including upping the budget which they clearly didn’t do here in fact this film looks cheaper then the first. This film also seemed to start the trend of Regina King playing the tough but eventually nurturing best friend character to white actresses in comedies. It was a short stint and glad she got work but if only it was in movies worthy of her talent trust me A CINDEREALLA STORY and MISS CONGENIALITY 2 were not worth it.

What started out as a trend of what seemed for a bit. As Regina King getting typecast as the black best friend, side kick and or me to to a Caucasian woman usually blonde and usually in a sequel.

This film I can understand why it was made as the first film Was a surprise hit and a guilty pleasure to many. Comes off as rushed and brightly garish as presented as one of the dumbest plots for a movie. That allows for a fish out of water situation as the first one had, but while the first film was slightly unbelievable and dealing with young adults. It was also charming, fun and plausible to a degree. This film seems like a fantasy through and through and not a smart one. As it seems to have characters on the two sides. Either they hate Elle Woods or like her usually hate/underestimate her and eventually learn to like her.

As this time we are dealing more with adults in a fish out of water atmosphere.

The film’s locations all look like they are a set or on a studio backlot. So even the scenery isn’t standard or picturesque. So again it feels more like a fantasy with no imagination. It could work if this film was made in the 50’s but it’s modern day and becomes distracting and a constant reminder of how produced and fake this film is.

The film Also feels deadened by a script that feel like it’s dead weight. It isn’t funny and not charming. so that while the film goes through the motions. It just flatlined and lays there.

While Reese Witherspoon tries, the film just had her finding herself in too many situations. Where she encounters and influences way too easily, whomever she needs to. Usually finding. Common ground and bonding with that person. So that she never find too many challenges or obstacles. It’s more her counting down until her eventual victory and showing her power of persuasion as long  as she can get a meeting with someone.

Even if this film was made for fans of the first film (like myself) or even teenagers this film plays dull for us all and seems more fit for little girls as inspiration. A reality based fairy tale as a major plot line involves her dog and gives the dog more screen time then some co-stars. Calling out all the stops and distracting the audience from all of the films obvious problems. Giving them plenty of color, Reese Witherspoon and dog close-ups to distract us from the lack of plot, humor, jokes, direction and fun.

This film actually damages the enjoyment of the first film. So it is best to forget that this film ever existed and the end of the first is the finale for you to pretend whatever future for the character. Sort of like the matrix movies.

It almost feels like a personal insult. It’s Like the filmmakers only paid attention to the surface elements of what worked and the audience enjoyed when it came to the first film and nothing else.

Like letting other actors/characters be funny. Thinking this is more of the same only lacking the wit and fun.

The film feels like a constant misdirection. Eventually going off the rails. As having even more recognizable star power doesn’t help the film.

I will admit I really surprisingly enjoyed the first film so watching this is like watching how bad I thought the first film would be. My bad thoughts come to life. I was crushed as I went out of my way to see this….on home video.

I don’t have too much to say about this film as it seems no one behind the scenes or in front of it put too much effort into it.


Grade: F

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