Directed By: J.J. Abrams
Written By: J.J. Abrams & Chris Terrio
Story By: Chris Terrio, J.J. Abrams, Derek Connolly & Colin Trevorrow
Based On Original Characters Created By: George Lucas
Cinematography: Dan Mindel
Editor: Maryann Brandon & Stefan Grube
Music By: John Williams

Cast: John Boyega, Carrie Fisher, Daisy Ridley, Adam Driver, Oscar Issac, Anthony Daniels, Richard E. Grant, Lupita Nyong’o, Domhnall Gleeson, Billy Dee Williams, Ian McDiarmid, Kelly Marie Tran, Dominic Monaghen, Mark Hamill, Keri Russell, Greg Grunberg, Billie Lourd, Shirley Henderson 

The surviving members of the resistance face the First Order once again, and the legendary conflict between the Jedi and the Sith reaches its peak bringing the Skywalker saga to its end.

I grew up with these films and they always came back around at certain times in my life be it reissues, prequels, sequels. They offer life lessons, morals, dramatic storytelling, other galaxies and even politics. I have never seen myself as a Star Wars die hard but do have a connection and affinity for it. You could just call me a fan.

When thinking about the end of the current trilogy. This isn’t how One would have thought it would end. As No own wants to predict but We also wanted something beautifully unexpected. Something that would at least satisfy. While one can accept this as an ending it still has many disappointments getting there.

The film always seems lost like it’s Making it up as it goes along. As was the thought in letting different filmmakers. Go with their own version and own way with the tales and characters. Though after THE LAST JEDI’s negative reactions. It seems like this film is trying to be more pleasing to the fans and staying more on long story wise and trying to write whatever wrongs the previous film was accused of.

The film ends up feeling overstuffed. Yet feels hollow. While offering a satisfactory ending, but still the worst of the new trilogy. As it seems like the send the heroes to new lands to show off new set designs and action set pieces. As the tension feels off and by the end leaves a lot of questions unanswered.

The representation of Kylo REN in this film starts off emo and dangerous. Definitely cool looking, more like who he wants to be, but after he is reborn in a way to the good side. He looks pasty and like a nerdy teen all of a sudden this is what we are supposed to think of when it comes To good? Even when we see Rey in a dream as aN evil character she looks more like a Goth version of herself.

Though I have been told it is in the books but the emperor coming back as the villain behind it all feels like a reach. As it makes everything a conspiracy once again and it seems like in these franchises like the 007 and Hobbs and Shaw that we are in shadow conspiracy overdrive.

The Carrie Fisher Princess leia footage looks unimpressive and unbelievable.

Billy Dee Williams seems more like a guest star here to make one liners work. As he always feels like he is flirting and has little to do, but the movie gives him some heroic moments and like most characters by the end just feels here to be included in the grand scheme of things. As he is such an iconic character.

So that the ending of the film feels almost like a Fellini film ending with so many surviving characters coming back and celebrating. We are lead to believe that Finn will reveal his feelings for Rey. Who as someone with telepathy of sorts you believe she would already know, but he never gets a chance to nor does he really get a chance to communicate with her. As rose from the previous film gets sidelined leaving Finn to develop a quick bond with new female and drops her. While quickly getting to see rose as a friend. Meanwhile Lando by the end seems like he is trying to seduce finn’s new friend. Not to mention the character of Poe seems jealous of Finn even liking any new female. As he seems more interested in Finn even though a past partner from the last comes up and catches his eye. Though by the end no romantic entanglements are answered. As it seems even Rey has Fallen for Kylo REN.

As long as the film is. It feels like the movie has more to say and presents us this but seems like there might have been more depth cut out. The film feels dense like a big car trying to fit into a small parking space. As even the filmmakers behind the film admitted to trying to fit 2 movies into one.

This is a film where every major character commits a sacrifice of some sort or at least has a heroic moment like a little league team each player gets a chance at bat.

This movie feels like the first time you Weren’t 100 percent sure you’re parents or an adult knew exactly what they were doing even if they seemed confident about it. There was something telling you they were wrong. Not your first disappointment but something just off. Like they convinced you something would be so much fun or they were going the right way but by the end it never reaches that level and/or that route didn’t my seem that special.

As you watch the film you think of a bunch of different better or even satisfying ways it could have gone but it doesn’t. Not saying I or we know better then the papers that be in charge of the films but it just feels like they weren’t 100 percent sure either and just went with what made Sense or would satisfy. Like when the entertainment doesn’t show up at a party.

The film doesn’t take any chances. As even when it seems like it Is willing to shock the audience it chickens out except for one character which was more done out of necessity. As even when the film tries to play with your emotions you don’t believe it. Even the humor here feels stilted.

The film feels more like It has more the presence of a chore for the audience and filmmakers rather then something new and exciting or something they want to do. Still it does try but impossible to live up to certain expectations. Trying to please everyone then be naturally itself or showcase a certain personality or spirit.

The film had great shots and offers a closing chapter it all.

Grade: C

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