Directed By: Alexander Payne
Written By: Alexander Payne & Jim Taylor
Based on the Novel By: Louis Begley
Cinematography: James Glennon
Editor: Kevin Tent 

Cast: Jack Nicholson, Kathy Bates, Dermont Mulroney, Hope Davis, June Sqibb, Howard Hesseman, Harry Groener, Connie Ray, Len Cariou 

Warren Schmidt has led a safe, predictable life working in the insurance industry in Omaha, Nebraska for many years, yet now faces retirement. At the same time, he is forced to take a hard look at his wife, his life, and his relationship with his estranged daughter. An often hilarious series of events follow as Schmidt embarks on an unpredictable RV journey to attend his daughter’s wedding in Denver, Colorado

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GERRY (2002)


Directed By: Gus Van Sant
Cinematography: Harris Savides
Written & Edited By: Gus Van Sant, Matt Damon & Casey Affleck 

Cast: Matt Damon, Casey Affleck 

Two friends that call each other Gerry decide to hide in the wilderness in order to see something. However, they do not find what they’re looking for. They decide to return to the car but they get lost in the desert, without water, supplies or a compass. Now they have to walk, trying to find the road to survive.
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Directed By: Roger Kumble
Written By: Nancy Pimental
Cinematography By: Anthony B. Richmond
Editor: David Rennie & Wendy Greene Bricmont

Cast: Cameron Diaz, Christina Applegate, Selma Blair, Thomas Jane, Jason Bateman, Parker Posey, Frank Grillo

To ease their roommate through a relationship-induced depression, Christina Walters and Courtney Rockcliffe take her out on the town. During their attempts to find her “Mr. Right Now”, Christina meets Peter Donahue. Missing her opportunity with him that night, Christina is talked into pursuing him to his brother’s wedding.

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Directed By: David Fincher
Written By: David Koep
Cinematography: Conrad W. Hall & Darius Khondji
Editor: James Haygood & Angus Wall 

Cast: Jodie Foster, Kristen Stewart, Forest Whitaker, Jared Leto, Dwight Yoakam, Patrick Bauchau, Ann Magnuson, Paul Schulze, Mel Rodriguez, Ian Buchanan 

Recently divorced Meg Altman and her daughter Sarah have bought a new home in New York. On their tour around the mansion, they come across the panic room. A room so secure, that no one can get in. When three burglars break in, Meg makes a move to the panic room. But all her troubles don’t stop there. The criminals know where she is, and what they require the most in the house is in that very room.

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LILYA 4-EVER (2002)


Written & Directed By: Lukas Moodysson
Cinematography By: Ulf Brantas
Editor: Michael Leszcylowski, Oleg Morgunov & Bernhard Winkler 

Cast: Oksana Akinshina, Artyom Bogutjarskij, Lyubov Agapova, Elina Benenson, Liliya Sjinkarjova, Pavel Ponomatjov 

Sixteen-year-old Lilja and her only friend, the young boy Volodja, live in Estonia, fantasizing about a better life. One day, Lilja falls in love with Andrej, who is going to Sweden, and invites Lilja to come along and start a new life.

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