SHE’S THE ONE (1996)


Written & Directed By: Edward Burns
Cinematography: Frank Prinzi
Editor: Susan Graef 

Cast: Edward Burns, Jennifer Aniston, Cameron Diaz, Amanda Peet, John Mahoney, Mike McGlone, Leslie Mann, Frank Vincent, Maxine Bahns 

The love lives of two brothers, Mickey and Francis, interconnect as Francis cheats on his wife with Mickey’s ex-girlfriend, while Mickey impulsively marries a stranger.

This film is a tale of brothers one good one bad.

Writer/Director writes himself as a saint practically. He writes his characters brother not quite as the devil but as failing in morals. As Mike McClone who plays him is obviously a better actor. So we get to see him struggle with his decisions and jealousy. Where he ends up getting his just desserts for his affair. Even as it seems he would have cheated anyway. Here it matters that he cheats with his brother’s Ex girlfriend.

This was Ed Burns first time working with more professional actors and big stars. As well as a bigger budget after his Sundance award winning Debut film THE BROTHER’S MCMULLEN. This is the second in his “ LONG ISLAND TRILOGY” series of films completed after his next film NO TURNING BACK Surprisingly for such a more male focused film. The two female stars are bigger names and they are better written then the males. At least as far as believable and complex.

This all ends up coming off as a Woody Allen esque romantic comedy of sorts where he tried to write female characters as tough and flawed as the male characters in the mike McGlone part comes off as unlikeable more city folk. While those more of the suburbs seem more salt of the earth and old school. Even though Ed Burns characters romance comes off as a fantasy.

Though unlikeable they all make their mark. I only wish they were in a better film. As Cameron Diaz and Jennifer Aniston as well as Amanda Peet in a smaller role come off quite well and strong and John Mahoney is hilarious throughout.

The film tries to build more drama then anything but by the end still feels like fluff More than anything else. As there are random silences throughout.

The film offers each actress what they are looking for at the time. Cameron Diaz a tough skinned successful temptress and femme fatale not the ingenue so much. Not the beauty misguided with the heart of gold. Even though the film at times seems to try and label her to a degree. There is a scene where she lays it all out with her guard down and Resembles a person.

Jennifer Aniston plays tough skinned but a woman in a marriage that is failing but realizes. She should have gone for the right guy. Rather then the one who looked good on paper and seemed like Prince Charming. Who is allowed to get a happy ending. As at the time she was the biggest star of television.

Ed Burns comes across as one of the laziest leading men as his Storyline comes off more as wish fulfillment and we never learn what makes Maxine Bahns character tick. We just assume she is a free spirit (she also next to him gives a bad performance but looks amazing) maybe making all the other actors look good by comparison.

Tom Petty scores the film and the soundtrack is the Most noteworthy good thing about the film.


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