Directed By: Larry Peerce
Written by: Arnold Schulman
Based on a Novel By: Philip Roth
Cinematography: Enrique Bravo & Gerald Hirschfeld
Editor: Ralph Rosenblum 

Cast: Richard Benjamin, Ali MacGraw, Jack Klugman, Nan Martin, Jaclyn Smith, Michael Nouri, Michael Myers, Monroe Arnold 

A Jewish man and a Jewish woman meet and while attracted to each other, find that their worlds are very different. She is the archtypical Jewish American Princess, very emotionally involved with her parents’ world, and the world they have created for her, while he is much less dependent on his family. They begin an affair, which brings more differences to the surface.

This is one of those films that is adapted from, A classic novel and the film is received as just as good. Though it has take. A number of years i finally took the time to watch it.

Not as basic as I believed it to be. It took some surprising turns and still keeps you captivated in the characters and romance Though both characters are Jewish. The film more examines their different classes. As or. Seems more adult and self sufficient. The other a dream girl of sorts. Who has plenty of ideas and beliefs but is afraid to grow up and is too connected and dependent on her parents. Who have made life for her some way that she is afraid to accept responsibility.

We get hints throughout of a tragedy but because we like both characters we keep hoping for a happy ending or at least growth for both of them. As each time we hope this drama is put there to make it more realistic. Though hope it is just to throw us off. Even as we see each of their dreams dashed throughout.

While the film deals with sex and relationships it still seems to keep it classy.

Ali MacGraw excels as the female lead and looks gorgeous. She truly is a screen beauty as in all her scene you can’t help but marvel at her. You can see why so many in the movie despite her and you see how the lead can’t help but fall for her and her innocence.

The film shows how class works and how it can affect certain people to stay in their so called lane.

The film is a wonderful realistic romance that never goes for an ideal. It’s Filled with characters who are more identifiable. While also showing a culture changing and age separation between generations. Between parents and children. How the youth thinks they know better and are more idealistic before they have to take on responsibility and might have to put family and survival before ideals, wishes and thoughts. A movie more of it’s time even with it’s universal message and representation.

Richard Benjamin my first time seeing him play a lead after recognizing him from his directing career and supporting roles in other films. His character is a realist but also idealistic to a degree. He is a shockingly handsome romantic lead. Actually a bit rugged. He gives a peculiar performance as he seems smug and mysterious like he is always holding something back from the characters but also is the audience. So that he never seems quite normal and usually is stone faced but always seems to be thinking, maybe judging or examining with a stern look.

The film does show the work and finesse he must use to entice and date her. Plus the games she plays to seemingly test his devotion and interest. Those are some of the More exciting scenes.

The ending is a kind of gut punch. As it seems to be heading to a frantic yet hopeful place then it turns into a full On tragedy that is more of emotions and soul rather then a physical One.


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