DEADPOOL 2 (2018)


Director: David Leitch
Written By: Rhett Rhesse & Paul Werneck, Ryan Reynolds
Cinematography: Jonathan Sela
Editor: Craig Alpert, Michael McCusker, Elisabet Ronaldsdottir & Dick Westervelt
Music By: Tyler Bates 

Cast: Ryan Reynolds, Zazi Beetz, Julian Dennison, Morena Baccarin, T.J. Miller, Leslie Uggams, Briana Hildebrand, Eddie Marsan, Rob Delaney, Terry Crews, Bill Skarsgard, Alan Tudyk 

After losing the love of his life, 4th wall-breaking mercenary Wade Wilson aka Deadpool must protect Russel must assemble a team of mutants and protect Russel from Cable, a no-nonsense, dangerous cyborg from the future and Deadpool must learn the most important lesson of all, to be part of a family again.

I will admit that i personally has high hopes for this movie sequel. I ended up kind of disappointed by the end of the film. Though to tell the truth it took two viewings if this film. The first time I fell asleep. Not necessarily because of the film. It’s just flawed to a degree

Yet funny maybe more of a comedy than anything else as Deadpool already seems to be making jokes. It’s almost like a stand up routine with action around it. Maybe because he is constantly aware he is the star of his own. Film, so he makes sure to always be entertaining. Which also makes it hard for anything to be memorable. So like a double issue of a comic book with a disappointing g storyline it is up to you to decide if it was a good one or not as either way it’s not that memorable. -Most of the characters from the first film come back for this film, happily

The weakness of the film is trying to give the audience exactly what they want. It is fine to go with the familiar and even go for chaos if there is a plan or at least a sembelance Of one where all of it will pay off. Here it’s hard half the time to not feel like the film is random or going off on tandem random beats and then remembering to corral itself to help the plot move forward.

The film is ruled by so much meta humor that it almost feels like a spoof movie that has to take down all of the usual targets it can within the distance around it. Which is half the fun of this movie and expected. As it is so big and overproduced that it tends to get ridiculous and luckily even the film and it’s protagonist seem to make fun of the fact, but that soon becomes the problem. That everything seems to be there and just to be made fun of.

So while the film is certain bigger then the first film at least the first film had a story and even a villain that was memorable or at least fits. Here the film has a story a rather flimsy and uninteresting one and not that fulfilling villain really a rather weak one and Deadpool more has to go through all these other challenges and adversaries to get to them. Be it a bigger villain and a kind of person who is standing in the way of his mission with a mission of his own CABLE.

The way in which the character of cable is handled is bad ass but the problem is that it reminds the audience so much of THE TERMIANTOR that it becomes too familiar. Even his entrance feels inspired or too close for comfort.

While the actions of the movie seems reckless and violent. It tries to teach the message that vengeance is wrong. While it bathed itself in it and then all of the actions and risks that include any originality are done away with. So that they never really happened (depending on if the actions after the credits are real or true) and so the film kind of let’s everyone get away with their bad behavior as there are no real consequences for the most part. The plot seems only here to have a reason for the jokes and for something the scenes can be set around.

Even one of the plot elements shown in the trailer heavily of Deadpool assembling his own X -Force is introduced but then quickly dispatched. Which seemed one of the biggest reasons to see the film.

Seeing Zazie Beetz as Domino is a nice change and a great big screen introduction and while she is used More than any other new supporting characters.

Julian Dennison seems to serve the same quality he did in HUNT FOR THE WILDERPEOPLE only here has a more notorious edge but comedy wise feels the same.

Now I don’t want to seem like a party popper as the film is fun and never really boring. If you are a fan of the first film you will like this film. As it just gives you more, but it gives you so much here was no way it could please everyone. Even though it pretty much tries.

The film is filled with plenty of in Jokes whether you know the comic book series or marvel universe of movies you will still laugh and enjoy.

This seems to continuously be the kind of action or big screen hero personae that Ryan Reynolds goes for and he is good at it and obviously comfortable and it works for him. One is also glad that he pushed for these films after a disastrous turn with the character. He seems to know this character inside and out. The film also has blink and you miss them cameos from both Brad Pitt and Matt Damon. Not to mention some other familiar faces.

The action scenes are big and look expensive and while some are impressive they also feel very contained. They never feel flowing not matter where they take place it feels like they stay only in that location that sometimes make them seem more claustrophobic. No matter how impressive the stunt work might be.

There are so many various supposed villains that the film never quite knows where to aim. It just seems more like challenges to be thrown in the way. Even though I found this film a bit disappointing. I can honestly say I look forward to future films in the series or seeing the character in other films.

Grade: B-

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