Directed By: Michael Cohn 
Written By: Tom Szollosi & Deborah Serra
Based on the story “SNOW WHITE & THE SEVEN DWARFS” By: Jacob Grimm & Wilhelm Grimm 
Cinematography: Mike Southon 
Editor: Ian Crafford 

Cast: Sigourney Weaver, Sam Neill, Monica Keena, Gil Bellows, David Conrad, Brian Glover, Anthony Brophy

In this dark take on the fairy tale, the growing hatred of a noblewoman, secretly a practitioner of the dark arts, for her stepdaughter, and the witch’s horrifying attempts to kill her.

Interesting telling and reversal of the well-known fairy tale. Here it is much darker.

Though made on a low budget makes it appears to be an affordable production of the tale. Where much of the budget seems to have gone into costumes and set design.

Sigourney Weaver is the only truly interesting performance in the film. They give her character an exciting arc. She blames Snow White for the deterioration of her wedding To her new husband by acting like a brat. Then causing the death of her unborn child. So she takes all of her rages out on Snow White. Getting revenge so that Snow White must flee to survive. She even seduces Snow white, intended..

It would have been interesting if the director decided to pull the film into a genre. Such as horror, action or even just plain old thriller, but he decides to keep it dramatic. 

Making the film seem more theatrical only on location. This brings no thrills to the film at all and ends up making it rather dull than anything else. 

Considering most of the audience knows the story. It would have been wise to add something surprising other than a fuller backstory for a character’s motivations. 

The film is in desperate need to entertain the audience and throw them off guard. As it seems to attempt that then gives up after that one twist. 


X-MEN (2000)

Directed By: Bryan Singer
Story By: Tom DeSanto & Bryan Singer
Written By: David Hayter 
Cinematography: Newton Thomas Sigel
Editor: Kevin Stitt, John Wright & Steven Rosenblum 

Cast: Hugh Jackman, Anna Paquin, Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellen, Famke Janssen, James Marsden, Halle Berry, Rebecca Romijn-Stamos, Bruce Davison, Tyler Mane, Ray Park, 

In a world where mutants (evolved super-powered humans) exist and are discriminated against, two groups form for an inevitable clash: the supremacist Brotherhood, and the pacifist X-Men.

While it was one of the first Marvel movies and one of the bigger superhero series of films to come to the big screen. It seems like it is more remembered as the arrival of -actor Hugh Jackman as a leading man. As in the role he was rebellious and full of charm And swagger. Which pretty much saves the film. As he is also our guide into the world of the film. Even after being introduced ways in.

The film has plenty of special effects which are expected, but strangely feels bland not only now but even when seeing it in the theater after its opening weekend.

At first, I was a bit put off by grown adults running around in costumes. Thinking it would look silly. Sort of like a professional wrestler dressing the same In Real life and that being their personality. Luckily here it is more modern, stylish and leather. So not as bad as one might think.

Other than Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart is good in the film. The other scene stealers are Rebecca Romijn and the always excellent Ian McKellen.

As one of the first of its kind before the superhero movie boom took effect. Which this film is responsible for. It was exciting watching this film. As there are some expectations but also the feeling that the sky’s The limit. So you are ready for whatever it wants to throw. Here it is fantasy but also a harsh dose of reality. 

Anna Paquin as Rogue is at the center of the film. Though other than the opening the character and performance go more into the background. More as a damsel in distress and comes off as boring (a fate that would last throughout the franchise of the movies she appeared in) 

She Is supposed to Have this grand peer that in later films makes better characters and even here the villains are after badly. Then turn her more into an afterthought. Especially in comparison to the other films.

This is why Hugh Jackman’s character introduction into the mutant world being also the audience works better. Also as he doesn’t seem to be as ashamed of himself.

The film seems like director Bryan Singer was a little bit over his head and out of his element. As he was trying to create this fantastic world and bring it into reality but also on a certain budget. That would be doubled if not tripled in today’s film market. So the film at times feels like there is some cost cutting. When certain scenes feel like they should be more open and extravagant. This might be why the film feels like it never achieves a grandiosity you hope for, the later films filled in and that was more what they were all about. 

Bryan Singer usually has a cold and distant directing style that is more clinical. Which doesn’t always match the material here. As it is more a comic book film comes to life. Made more for adults, but it also seems drained of much fun and humor. Not to mention cramming a lot into one film.

Look at the character of sabretooth wolverine’s nemesis in the comic books. He is dealt with and almost soon forgotten. Treated more like an ineffectual henchman.

Other than magneto and mystique goes for the rest of the villains. Who never comes across as any true threat. Just more like distractions.

The film isn’t as grand or spectacular as you would think a film of this magnitude should be.

It’s strange Director Bryan Singer when he started his career made vivid thrillers and dramas that were filled with good performances and creepy nature. That seems to have avoided those types of films. Which of anything tended to show his strengths.

Then he started more to make big budgeted special effects loaded fantasy films that while good to passable show more of his weaknesses

As a director, he brings a certain prestige to his films, and maybe as a director who is distant and ambiguous that works. Especially when your film is more about special effects than characters and acting. 

Here He seems to try and mix the two which ends up not working as elegantly as hoped for. As a director, you are required to have a much more sly hand. Which isn’t here. As he never builds the characters before the effects. Here it seems the reverse.

Not to mention all the personal controversy he has had more recently. 


UNDINE (2020)

Written & Directed By: Christian Petzold
Cinematography: Hans Fromm 
Editor: Bettina Bohler

Cast: Paula Beer, Franz Rogowski, Maryam Zaree, Jacob Matschenz, Anne Ratte-Polle, Gloria Andres De Oliveira 

Undine works as a historian lecturing on Berlin’s urban development. But when the man she loves leaves her, the ancient myth catches up with her. Undine has to kill the man who betrays her and return to the water.

Writer/Director Christian Pertzold, Always seems to bring nostalgia and powerful epic love stories into the modern age. 

The film feels like a short story compared to his other films that felt like full novels even if the same length. This just doesn’t feel as strong or as Rich. Making it feel somewhat lightweight, not as daring or demanding. Which can be forgiven. As not every movie needs to be a fraught tragedy. 

As this like most of his films is expressive, vivid, and powerful. Usually unforgettable with a romance that you might aspire to have and dream of despite their tragedy. To love is to gamble and lose big at times. Even when getting what you want it hurts to a certain degree and you lose or have to sacrifice a bit to be affected in the end.

Amazed by what you went through and proud of it. As an expression of passion in all ways. Your own epic story that is universal. Only you can truly understand. As you have your own point of view and are telling this particular tale as a memoir. That is what went through my brain while watching this film.

This film feels like a more modern fairy tale, but the emotions are deep. As it is detailed and textured as one without the lore though. The tragedy is that the tale feels like it ends too soon. Never knowing what you have until over and the characters obsessing over it. Raising it to a level of legend.

Think about how you feel when you break up with someone and feel you will never get over them. Then you meet someone new and realize how bad the other relationship really was. As you never reached the same happiness or highs as is the new one

This film Feels too short. Yet it doesn’t disappoint as it has the same strength and emotions affecting two lives immeasurably but seems to have the substance of a shorter story. That here gets by more on emotions. A brief romance that packs a full love story rather than one that takes place over a longer time period. 

That has an intensity where you wonder if given more time together. Would it have flamed out? Had more stories to tell that reinforced and made this love story as rich as Uncle Scrooge’s vault from DUCKTALES or with time made to realize it was a footnote and more a blueprint for future relationships to revolve around and know what you want and how you want to feel.

It Seems after romantic epics such as PHOENIX and COLD WAR. That Writer-Director Christian Petzold has set his sights on a smaller story that while not having as much of an expanse. its depths are just as strong

Grade: B

DON’T LET GO (2019)

Written & Directed By: Jacob Estes 
Story By: Drew Daywalt 
Cinematography: Sharone Meir 
Editor: Billy Fox & Scott D. Hanson

Cast: David Oyelowo, Storm Reid, Alfred Molina, Mykelti Williamson, Brian Tyree Henry, April Grace, Shinelle Azoroh

After a man’s family dies in what appears to be a murder, he gets a phone call from one of the dead, his niece. He’s not sure if she’s a ghost or if he’s going mad, but as it turns out, he’s not.

I remember this film being released around the same time as the Tyrese Gibson Starring BLACK AND BLUE. And that movie came streaming fast while I kept waiting for this film to be released and only recently did finally I get to catch this film. 

I was interested as these films came out around the same time And seemed to be pitted against each other for a share of the so-called urban box office. Even though the films are different they are both thrillers that have cops as the protagonists though each takes a different approach to the material.

The film thankfully directed its unexpected circumstances and twists isn’t a GROUNDHOG’S DAY type story. Where the same day is repeated over and over. It’s more like the film FREQUENCY where there is town travel of sorts and communication from the future and past through technology

The film’s logic falls apart in the third act. As it becomes more satisfying because of its non-solid rules in its set-up

Though for all of the films at towns more far-fetched elements and details. What holds the film together. What makes it so interesting and emotional is the lead performances of David Oyeyelo and Storm Reid. They keep everything so engaging. That is the more thrilling moments you find yourself more involved and on the edge of your seat.

The film offers a nice mystery and thriller that stays intriguing. Only wish the script had been a bit stronger. As the actors are all better than the material and lift the material to create believable characters and situations.

David Oyelowo seems to star in a bunch of these movies. Where he injects the film with good character work and vivid lived-in performances that are often better than the films. Making all around him as well as the film better because of him.

The filM Falls a bit short of expectations or at least hoped for but is entertaining in its own right. It works as an emotionally intriguing popcorn movie. 

Grade: B-


Directed By: David Yarovesky 
Written By: Mikki Daughtry & Thomas Iaconis 
Based on the Book by: J.A. White 
Cinematography: Robert McLachlan 
Editor: Peter Gvozdas

Cast: Krysten Ritter, Winslow Fegley, Lydia Jewett 

A young boy named Alex becomes the prisoner of a witch to avoid certain death, he convinces her to let him tell her a scary story every night. Upon meeting the witch’s servant, Yazmin, the two must use their wits to escape her apartment, a magical labyrinth filled with various dangers, before the witch kills them both.

This film feels more like what the GOOSEBUMPS MOVIE franchise should have been. Less goofy with more terror and real-world stakes. So that there feels like there is something truly troubling Constantly and a kind of emotional connection with the audience. Where you actually care about the characters.

A true fantasy film to capture the imagination that can be deadly but also fun and enchanting. 

This film revolves around only a few of them, but it also showcases the power of imagination and through action encourages reading and books. Without really having to spell it out too much.

This film is clearly made for a younger audience but parents and adults could easily appreciate the film. As it does have those moments of danger from the kind of kids in peril movies of the 1980s where parents or guardians are largely absent. 

Krysten Ritter is perfectly cast and shows she is having fun In her role. As she is always engaging and still avid tongued at times literally. Even if one question you might ask is why the platform shoes always.

The film offers animation when stores are being told and sections of the film are always brightly colored. Especially the lad and gardening sections. 

It’s a film that appreciates horror and scary stories. A perfect film for kids around Halloween. As it rises the lie. Between horror and scary for kids. It might be the perfect starter film for them and get them interested more in these types of stories.

Grade: B-


Directed By: Josh Boone
Written By: Josh Boone & Knate Lee
Cinematography: Peter Deming 
Editor: Andrew Buckland, Robb Sullivan & Matthew Rundell 

Cast: Blu Hunt, Alice Braga, Anya Taylor-Joy, Maisie Williams, Charlie Heaton, Henry Zaga, Adam Beach 

Five young mutants, just discovering their abilities while held in a secret facility against their will, fight to escape their past sins and save themselves.

Had high hopes for this film when it was originally supposed to be released. As in the advertisements, it seemed to offer something different when it came to a superhero film. One that was more of a horror film.

While the film resembles one. It doesn’t scare or fascinate. In fact, it feels more like a video game for the number of CGI effects used and more aimed at teenagers for how clean it comes off being.

Especially as it plays more like a haunted house film That just happens to involve a laboratory.

One can understand with all the supposed reshooting and re-edits that delayed the film. Which is supposed to sharpen the movie or at least make it better, but it seems to have sucked all the originality out of it.

The actors also use a variety of f accents that don’t seem to always stick. There is one. Performance that is so bad it’s never believable and amazed it stayed in and in so many scenes. As it comes off more cartoonish than probably intended.

The movie also comes off a lot simpler than it should.

The film had certain darkness that hangs over it that would work in a horror film or if it truly meant something but as the film plays like a dramatic thriller. It feels more artificial. So that the angst that the film tries to display feels more scripted than natural.

All of this is a shame as this was also one of my favored comic book series when I used to collect comic books as a teen. This movie doesn’t come close to it in any way, shape, or form. In fact, it feels more random than anything else 

Some of the disappointment might be that the film feels a bit unfinished; it offers a nice short story, but holds the ideas for something bigger and more. That could have been a different kind of superhero movie. Though it feels like any development for something original was stopped in its tracks or just cut out. As it feels constantly on the edge of something then stops way short. Which just leaves a major disappointment. 

Grade: C-


Written & Directed By: Zoe Lister Jones 
Based On Characters created by: Peter Filardi 
Cinematography: Hillary Spera
Editor: Libby Cuenin 

Cast: Cailee Spaeny, Gideon Adlon, Lovie Simone, Zoey Luna, David Duchovny, Michelle Monaghan, Nicholas Galitzine, Julian Gray, Hannah Gordon 

An update to the original movie. A group of high school students form a coven of witches.

The surprise about this film is that it’s not as bad as I thought it would be. Though it still did end up being the film that was predicted after watching the trailer.

The film works as a sequel/reboot of the franchise. Even though the characters here are younger than the first film’s original set. The characters are so young that this film feels perfect for its audience of preteen and teenage girls.

The film is never as hard-hitting as the original. This is why in a certain way it feels more like a prequel except for modernizing it and setting up a link to the first film.

This film is more sensitive than the robins land deals more with different issues that are mentioned debut barely dealt with except for the central character. She is being bullied and dealing with a relationship with her new all ape stepfamily abs feeling like she is losing the close relationship with her mother.

Though the film does express the idea of the coven depending on ie. Another and being in tune. Rather than in the original separating and pitting them against each other. This film offers a villain but one who really only becomes a menace at the end. So that it feels like a Scooby-doo type ending.

The film also never quite answers the questions: do the other girls who have been studying magic really have powers or are they only empowered as the lead already has the capacity to do magic unintentionally.

The film does have magic but doesn’t rely on it as much as the original. This plays out more as a coming-of-age drama about female friendship and in a way feminism by the end. Rather than horror or supernatural film.

Even when the coven questions her power, the members trying to make a decision whether to bind them or not is not out of jealousy or a power move. nor because they are being bad and she is shaming them for it. It is after what they believe a careless spell caused and are trying to decide out of responsibility more than anything else.

Again I am definitely not the target audience for this film, but am a huge fan of the original. Luckily This film doesn’t embarrass itself, but it does have a much lighter touch. That could have easily been an episode of ARE YOU AFRAID OF THE DARK or HULU’S INTO THE DARK series. Only it is not as cynical, cruel, or violent as those shows. 

So this is a perfect film for young teens. Who wants to watch a film that feels a little more mature and deals with issues that are a little more serious and prevalent in their lives. With a positive message by the end.

Grade: C


Written & Directed by: John Hughes 
Cinematography: Matthew F. leonetti
Editor: Chris Lebenzon, Scott Wallace & Mark Warner 

Cast: Anthony Michael Hall, Ilan Mitchell-Smith, Kelly Lebrock, Bill Paxton, Robert Downey Jr. Robert Rusler, Suzanne Snyder, Judie Aronson, Vernon wells, Michael Berryman, Britt Leach, Wallace Langham

Two high school nerds use a computer program to literally create the perfect woman, but she turns their lives upside down.

This film is a nostalgic favorite for me. That still fills me with joy as I watch it. Even if as I get older I realize how thin the premise is. 

I would have to say out of the John Hughes canon this film seems to be his lightest weighted film. As this film just seems more of an escape for him and maybe his audience a film that you could just enjoy and not put any great thought into.

Though just as any coming of age tale. This one still has a lesson to teach about confidence and being yourself. Even if it takes wishes from a beautiful woman as a genie to do it.

This film is total wish fulfillment for teenage boys. As the heroes get all they ever wanted really. They work to a degree to get it but in the most fanciful way. So this film doesn’t come close to any of the realities of Hughes’s previous teen films. As it is more science fiction influenced. As part of the fantasy 

One thing that stays constant is the humor. The scenes feel like little skits of their own under the banner of a plot. With teen fantasies thrown in. In a movie where the plot could easily be made into a porn parody  

Early groundbreaking performance from bill Paxton as the older brother from hell. Though shows how distinguished a career he has had and as many iconic films and characters he has played. That this his debut is the most remembered and strongest.

The lust and desire the characters and audience has for Kelly lebrock are what also help the film. As the friendly yet ultimately unattainable object and character of desire. 

 Amazingly the film has nudity but not from her she stays clothed though scantily clad in only a few scenes. As their genie of sorts. Though then again as a fantasy. It makes her more desirable if she stays a mystery.

 It’s a shame she never really followed up with a film or role quite as memorable. Which for that generation and generations after who are fans of this fits her defining role. I am Sure also an early model for quite a few a dream girl. 

This film seems written for Anthony Michael hall as most of the film allows for his comedic facial expressions, double tales, and comedic bits. Especially in his scenes where he plays drunken. where he seems to be attempting his own version of the classic Richard Pryor Mudbone character.

This showcases that some of the film’s humor is racy by today’s standards and would be viewed as non-politically correct in quite a few scenes.

Mostly Due to language and what seems like a hallmark of John Hughes films of inclusion of minorities by having a scene where the character goes to the more urban side of town. That seems stereotypical but not as insulting as it could be. Except for a scene in National Lampoon’s Vacation, Which as a minor defense was only written by him. 

Learned the difference between a nerd and a dork. The Dork fast-talking thinks he is smoother and cooler than he actually is, Nerd is just smart and has trouble following social cues and finds interest in things that aren’t popular and more interested in science and other things to an obsessive degree. Where he feels he must dismantle it to understand it or at least examine to learn all they can. 

At the time I Looked up to Anthony Michael hall he was in all my favorite movies at the time. (Usually John Hughes ones) not to mention was more a movie star who was near my age. 

It seems like this film is almost like Anthony Michael hall’s audition for Saturday night love along with Robert Downey jr. Who were both cast members for one season. As he is given more to do comedically over the top here.

This film was one of my favorites from the 1980’s teen genre. As it was all more Commercial. As it has some themes of teenage life but is far less emotional and leans more towards fantasy 

At the time I was envious and Jealous of the fashion and cars in the film. It made me want to have them in the ’80s and looked forward to when I got older owning them. Especially a Ferrari. Still have a fascination with those cars. 

This film is a total of 80’s fantasy wish fulfillment. That works Escapist entertainment. It’s definitely Dated 

The story is Frankenstein mixed with a teen fantasy or more like a bride of Frankenstein. Almost like a long-form music video brought to life.

Bill Paxton co-stars in one of his breakout Roles and is truly a comedic highlight.

It has a moralistic lesson of bee icing in yourself as you had what you needed in you all along. As well as getting everything they want in the end.

Reminds you of the excess of the 1980s But still really enjoyable. One of my favorite films of the day watching it now see it’s a weakness but is more harmed by them in my deep-seated nostalgia.

Grade: B-  


Directed By: Terry Gilliam 
Written By: Terry Gilliam & Charles McKeon 
Cinematography By: Nicole Pecorini 
Editor: Mick Audsley 

Cast: Christopher Plummer, Heath Ledger, Lilly Cole, Andrew Garfield, Verne Troyer, Tom Waits, Johnny Depp, Jude Law, Colin Farell

In London, the sideshow troupe of Doctor Parnassus promises the audience a journey to the “Imaginarium”, an imaginary world commanded by the mind of Doctor Parnassus, where dreams come true. In the stories that Doctor Parnassus tells to his daughter Valentina, the midget Percy, and his assistant Anton, he claims to have lived for more than one thousand years; However, when he fell in love with a mortal woman, he made a deal with the devil (Mr. Nick), trading his immortality for youth. As part of the bargain, he promised his son or daughter to Mr. Nick on their sixteenth birthday. Valentina is now almost to the doomed age and Doctor Parnassus makes a new bet with Mr. Nick, whoever seduces five souls in the Imaginarium will have Valentina as a prize. Meanwhile the troupe rescues Tony, a young man that was hanged on a bridge by the Russians. Tony was chased until he finds and joins the group. Tony and Valentina fall in love with each other and the jealous Anton discovers that his competition may be a liar.

The thing when it comes to Terry Gilliam’s films is that his films are so far off the beaten path that it takes a while to get used to while watching his films. But once you get used to his world and get onto the rhythm of his films you are usually in for a treat. The man’s imagination is so vivid that you are guaranteed to see things you have never seen before.

This film I wanted to love but ended up liking the ingredients were there Gilliam writing with Charles McKeon who he co-wrote THE ADVENTURES OF BARON MUNCHAUSEN with. They create a vivid original world and characters but in many ways, it feels like it falls short. 

The story is Doctor Parnisuss made a deal with the devil that for immortality and the hand of the woman he loved the devil could have his daughter when she turned 18. They have an ongoing game. That involves a magical mirror. A mirror where people go into a fantasy world and can choose either light or the darkness if they go to the darkness the devil gets their soul if they go into the light they are given a euphoric joy that gives them delight and their fantasy come to life. He tries to find a way out of it but when the devil comes to collect he makes another deal the first who can get 5 souls wins. This would be a tragedy if not for saving Tony a mysterious rogue they find hanging off a bridge they save his life and tony repays them by coming up with a way to save their business which is a traveling circus, Side show with the magical mirror.  

This is Heath Ledger’s last film. He, unfortunately, died before the film was finished and his role is played in different scenes by Colin Farell, Johnny Depp, and Jude law which in its own way works as they all play fantasy versions of his character and it feels seamless. 
One always felt Heath ledger had the talent for bigger and better things and luckily he never had mainstream tastes when it came to roles he was always attracted to the more abstract roles which I felt would lead him to be the next Johnny Depp as early in his career he also was more in artistic films then later in his career finally choose more mainstream roles.  

The casting of this film is good Verne Troyer plays a good role not as comedic as usual. Christopher Plummer is a hoot as Doctor Parnisuss he is clearly having fun. Tom Waits as the devil is always a joy to watch with his original looks and charisma. 

While one might prefer old school special effects and would like them to be used more, but though this film has tons of CGI it works for the story as it enhances the film and is useful more than anything else to help tell the tale in vivid detail. 

Now while I liked the film I never became invested in the film and felt like I was always kept at a distance from the characters and story. But I must give Gilliam credit as to how good the film is considering the tragedy that happened halfway through filming. 

One only wishes he could get the budgets and more luck when it comes to the making of his films it seems he always has to struggle to get his dream projects made then has to compromise or settle on films that while they have his creative genius. They just aren’t the films he should be making. They seem a little too streamlined and commercial for his artistic tastes. 

He is one of the last auteurs we have. He is a director who in the ’70s would have had people lining up around the corner to see his latest works because they would be guaranteed to see something original. Now he has a hard time Making films because his material is too original. 

The film has its own beauty and is interesting to watch, unfortunately it doesn’t last on the mind s much as past works of his have.  A Satisfying Rental  


Directed By: Roseanne Liang
Written By: Max Landis & Roseanne Liang 
Cinematography: Kit Fraser
Editor: Tom Eagles 

Cast: Chloe Grace Moretz, Nick Robinson, Beulah Koale, Taylor John Smith, Callum Mulvey, Benedict Wall

On a stormy night during World War II, a female pilot with top-secret cargo talks her way on board a bomber plane about to take-off. The crass all-male crew reluctantly agrees, but their suspicions about her identity and the mysterious cargo quickly grow. Just then a shadow appears in the clouds – was it the incoming Japanese fleet? Or caused by some other sinister stowaway?

This film had a very notorious beginning as one of disgraced Screenwriter Max Landis’s big-budget scripts being turned into a production. 

Though after much rewriting supposedly the film was eventually made. Though one wonders if the script was so pro-female before it was rewritten or maybe if he did write it that way as a kind of public apology against the charges he has been accused of. 

It also might also be an homage to the TWILIGHT ZONE movie which his father was infamously sort of even though he didn’t direct that segment of the film and also kind of a remake of the AMAZING STORIES episode THE MISSION directed by Steven Spielberg.

Either way, the film takes the premise of the classic Twilight zone episode terror at 20,000 feet and changes the situation to that of a fighter plane running a mission with an extra female passenger In the gunner galley who sees the gremlin at first. While the others think she has gone crazy, but also during this, they are being attacked by enemy planes and she is trying to keep a top-secret cargo mission from others.

So the film Is loaded and at first, it seems like this going to be a claustrophobic thriller mainly taking place with her in the gunner pit but then eventually it opens up to the whole plane. So that while it is still contained there is more to work with. 

The film stays entertaining though some of the twists are totally unbelievable and reminds you how much a production this is. Which also helps you to accept the more far fetched elements.

Especially one action Sequence where Chloe Grace Moretz is hanging out of the plane trying to retrieve her package and fight off the gremlin. This then adds the intrigue of a fighter place attacking At the same time and an explosion that has to be seen to be believed. As it is an impressive action sequence but totally laughable thinking about the physics of it and how it is played. 

The film offers a little bit of everything there is intrigue, action, war sequences, thriller a little bit of drama, and even a showcase of sexism from most of the males involved in this mission with her and how in the end she more than proves herself capable and above them. Being the bravest, strongest and most resourceful.

In the end, though they help at times as resources this is really Moretz’s action film to take hold of. As she is the hero and they are more the damsels in distress who help out a little.

It isn’t as pumped up as a similar world war II film OVERLORD but It’s a fun action film that uses history and injects something supernatural. So that they have to deal with these otherworldly elements with whatever resources they have that aren’t that advanced.

If anything this movie is an entertaining b-movie and a perfectly fun time waster. 

Grade: C