ALL OVER ME (1997)


Directed By: Alex Sitchel
Written By: Sylvia Sitchel
Cinematography: Joe DeSalvo
Editor: Sabine Hoffman

Cast: Allison Folland, Tara Subkoff, Cole Hauser, Shawn Hasoty, Vincent Pastore, Wilson Cruz, Leisha Hailey

Claude and Ellen are best friends who live in a not-so-nice area of New York. They’re involved in the subculture of 90s youth, complete with drugs, live music, and homophobia. All is changed one night when a violent and meaningless death rocks their lives.

I saw this movie the first show when it premiered at the Angelika Theater in new york.  I have vivid memories of it. I really like this movie. What happened to the sitchel sisters? they made this movie and if these walls could talk then disappeared and they were actually talented this seems to be a continuing trend all these female filmmakers made dynamite debuts and maybe made one more film then virtually disappeared this seems to more be a common thing of female directors of the 80’s and 90’s. there were the Sitchel’s, Darnell martin (I Like it like that), Nancy Savoca (Dogfight), Allison Anders (Gas, Food, Lodging), Hannah Weyer (Arresting Gena) who you might see as writers or producers here and there but they seem to not be actually directing anymore and it’s a shame Sofia Coopola and Jane Campion can’t be the few representatives all the time

–One of the reasons I went to this movie was that I had a crush on leisha hailey who was a member of the band the Murmurs, she is a lesbian in real life. Another reason that I have a soft spot for this film is maybe. I can relate to the film so much. It’s about a girl named Claude who is in love with her best friend, but that friend starts dating and falling deeper and deeper in love with the neighborhood thug/drug dealer. Who gets her hooked on drugs and soon she is depending on Claude in love with her to protect her and help her out as she becomes more strung out.

The reason I believe I can relate is that, I have been there minus the drugs and being a lesbian, but being in love with a friend who only see’s you that way. Then watching them fall for the wrong type of guy who seems to get increasing control over them. Then when there is a problem that friend runs to you wanting you to help solve it getting you involved and keep them together but not totally trusting you even though you have there best intentions in mind but they have the nerve not to trust you but believe the lies the guy is telling them and everyone around them can tell it’s a lie.

The only problem with this film is the murder that happens in the film it kind of pushes the movie into formulaic unbelievability. This movie that started out as a coming of age tale about unrequited love turns into a murder mystery but at least it doesn’t stray as much as it could have as we watch Claude find love with someone else who is fascinated by her as much as Claude is my her best friend at the beginning of the film.

The emotional pinnacle of this film s the scene where claude is alone with the girl who has a crush on her and they listen to the patty smith song “pissing in a river” so much raw emotion is in that scene not only physically but since there is no dialogue the lyrics and music lay it all out all the longing, rage, resentment, sadness and despair. That is the other noteworthy element of this film.

The soundtrack is perfect each and every song by a female artist or band and strike the right emotional tone. It also really sums up the time period it’s set in.  It’s virtually a who’s who of 90’s independent and alternative music artists. Ani Difranco, Babes In Toyland, Patti Smith, Jesus & Mary Chain, Cornershop and Helium.

Allison Folland is top notch as Claude but she’s another actor you only see here and there she’s doesn’t get enough work as far as I’m concerned. Tara Subkoff is good as the doomed friend

Cole Hauser is a good actor the only problem here is he looks too old to play his role the rest of the cast can play believably young him he just looks like a Beverly hills 902010 Situation. Where he doesn’t look right good performance but the looks is just wrong.

Maybe I identify with This film too much as many people who have unrequited love for a friend might have. We eventually get rover it but still a sensitive subject. That is the beauty of this film. As even though this story has a coming Out aspect and same sex romance. It is universal as a love story and romance. While still maintaining it’s Own identity

Grade: A

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