THREADS (1984)



Directed By: Mick Jackson
Written By: Barry Hines
Cinematography: Andrew Dunn & Paul Morris
Editor: Donna Bickerstaff & Jim Latham

Cast: Karen Meagher, Reece Dinsdale, David Brierley, Rita May, Nicholas Lane, Jane Hazlegrove, Harry Beety 

Documentary style account of a nuclear holocaust and its effect on the working class city of Sheffield, England; and the eventual long running effects of nuclear war on civilization.

I had read about this film before and there was a particular image that stuck with me of a government worker dressed in uniform but wearing a cloth yellow mask that showed he had head injuries as the blood was visible and ever since wanted to see the film and forgot the title the. After listening to a podcast and hearing actress Lizzy Caplan recommend it and looking it up disc verse it was the same film and luckily it was on shudder. So I finally go to watch it and even though that shot/picture I remembered is barely In the movie and more in the background how that image affected memos how the whole film ended up making me feel sad but amazed.

The fact that there are no stars or any really recognizable Actors works In it’s favor. So it feels more like you are watching a documentary drama. Making it feel all the more real

The film is like an U.K. version of the American television mini-Series THE DAY AFTER. Which is a strong movie showing the effects of the United States after a nuclear attack. Only in that movie which was between the United States and Russia and was a kind of what if that inspired both countries in real life to seek a peace agreement.

This movie takes place in the U.K. Who are not involved in the nuclear war but take on the aftermath of being in the middle of the battleground. As this film works as a ensemble where we meet the different characters at the beginning in the lead up to the events we know are coming. Then we see how each of them individually and separately deal with the aftermath. While a narrator gives us the cold facts of the world around them and also the statistics.

There are large parts of the movie which show action but there is little to no dialogue. Almost it’s Own silent movie. While the film can be compared to it’s American fore bearer. This film is stronger and it’s much shorter. So that it manages to be devastating and sadder in a shorter amount of time while Also more stylistic. As it is obviously dated but packs A Stronger punch and isn’t afraid to go into darker material other then everyone turning on one another.

This film has no problem Showing the disgusting and the deterioration of society and physical beings.

This film has scenes and special effects you won’t Soon forget as the film isn’t afraid to show the desperation where one might have to eat rats, but also the peril of children.

There are few characters who make it through the movie and usually they depart later rather then sooner but also opens the film to the generation after. This film also offers no real hope only consequences and actions.

What makes the film even scarier is while it’s nice to think of this film and it’s politics as something of the Past as far as history goes. It seems like in today’s political climate we might be coming close to again being in the verge of the horrors this film Presents.

This is probably so far the best and strongest movie that director Mick Jackson (THE BODYGUARD, OPPORTUNITY KNOCKS) has made.

Grade: A+

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