WORLD WAR Z (2013)

Directed By: Marc Forester 
Written By: Damon Lindelof, Drew Goddard & Matthew Michael Carnahan 
Screen Story By: J. Michael Stracynski & Matthew Michael Carnahan 
Based On The Book By: Max Brooks 
 Cinematography By: Ben Seresin 
Editor: Matt Cheese & Roger Barton 

Cast: Brad Pitt, James Badge Dale, David Morse, Ruth Negga, Daniella Kertesz, Mireille Enos, Ludi Boekin,

Life for former United Nations investigator Gerry Lane and his family seems content. Suddenly, the world is plagued by a mysterious infection turning whole human populations into rampaging mindless zombies. After barely escaping the chaos, Lane is persuaded to go on a mission to investigate this disease. What follows is a perilous trek around the world where Lane must brave horrific dangers and long odds to find answers before human civilization falls.

Now let me start off by mentioning I avoided this film like the plague when it first came out. As A fan of the book watching what they had done seemed like a travesty. Especially once you see the what are supposed to be impressive zombies and they looked more like cartoons.

It would be easy to write this film off as just another zombie film and only zombies as it is in and can take the place of whatever villain and plague you need and can easily be faceless and not insulting. This film already had a hard road ahead of it has to deliver a PG-13 rating which isn’t easy especially when dealing with zombies, which usually require gore and graphic violence.

The film I have to say isn’t the book, but it’s not as bad or embarassing as I thought it would be. In the book, we examine from different perspectives the oncoming zombie plague and is more dramatic as we get into personal history and the history of this particular apocalypse. Here we have Brad Pitt trying to find the cause but also a way to stop the plague. While having a bunch of axiom scenes. Luckily it’s not the action epic it could have been with him as line warrior. Though throughout the film he is the smartest and toughest guy in the room. The film tries to stay true somewhat to the book as he travels he questions and finds out more information about the plague.

While the film is thrilling with a bunch of good action set pieces. it’s hard to get really involved or scared when half of the scenes feel like you are watching a video game. Zombies by the hundreds disposable, but threatening when one on one. Yet obviously digital like half of the blood spilled. So it never has that level of reality needed. In fact, the only moment that felt real was the pharmacy scene and when brad Pitt thinks he might have been infected and is ready to commit suicide if he begins to change within the next 60 seconds.

I even liked the obligatory scenes of him checking in and protecting his family, giving him added incentive to come back home safe.

The film feels a bit epic and brings more of a thriller element into many of the Action sequences, Rather than just tons of shooting and bullets. They feel dramatic and important rather than just throw away material that is there just to look cool. It is truly what saves the film from just feeling like a video game adaptation almost. The film has an urgency, but not an unrealistic one

Director Marc Forester impresses as he seems to grow as a director with each film. Here he shows adeptness at big scenes of action with an element of thrills and chills. Showing he has come a long way from QUANTUM OF SOLACE.

Originally, the film had a different ending: the plane lands in Moscow rather than crashing in Wales. The passengers are rounded up, and the elderly and sick are executed. Gerry is drafted into the Russian army. An unknown period of time passes, and we see Gerry fighting the zombies. He realizes the zombies are weak in the cold. The film ended with him getting back to the USA and leading a D-Day like invasion against the undead on the Oregon coast. The ending that was used instead made the movie less brutal and ended it with a glimpse of hope

Why Brad Pitt would see this as a franchise? I have no idea though maybe with the bulk of the book and its stories he envisioned epic films exploring the landscape which would seem to fit more as a miniseries.

Damon Lindelof and Drew Goddard rewrote the screenplay in the middle of the production to create a whole new different third act.

This seems to be a studios idea of a zombie film, destroying them without more decapitations instead of more shooting in the head. Just like instead of the zombies feasting on humans they just want to bite and infect. The film feels more like a modern apocalypse film that happens to involve zombies and works on a grand global scale to involve all cultures. Instead of a small story in a limited location. It’s nice to see a bigger zombie tale.

It would be too easy to label this as a trend and cash in, this film actually seems thought out and smarter than it should be. I mean, I can honestly say I wasn’t bored and rarely rolled my eyes. A good popcorn film

Grade: C+

THE WITCH (2016)

Written & Directed By: Robert Eggers 
Cinematography By: Jarin Blaschke 
Editor: Louise Ford 
Production Design: Craig Lathrop 
Art Direction: Andrea Kristof 

Cast: Anya Taylor-Joy, Kate Dickie, Ralph Ineson, Harvey Scrimshaw, Julian Richings, Viv Moore, Sarah Stephens

*Please note that some trivia and facts have been republished from imdb among other sources In this

New England, 1630: William and Katherine lead a devout Christian life, homesteading on the edge of an impassible wilderness, with five children. When their newborn son mysteriously vanishes and their crops fail, the family begins to turn on one another. ‘The Witch’ is a chilling portrait of a family unraveling within their own fears and anxieties, leaving them prey for an inescapable evil.

The premise is based on America’s first witch hysteria in colonial New England, set 62 years before the infamous “Salem Witch Trials” which occurred in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

This is one of those films that is more rewarding the less you know about it. So you are free to discover instead of coming in with perceived notions. Stephen King has stated that he was terrified by this film.

This is a film that takes you by surprise. As it is more atmospheric filmmaking. That feels more accomplished than half the horror films that are offered today. 

The film focuses more on community and character. So that it stays intimate the whole time.

The film builds itself up. So that you have to pay attention to exactly know and understand what is going on.

The film sets itself up and its own limits. It takes its time, as this is not a film of jump scares and theatrics. It is trying to tell a story so it won’t offer answers immediately that we know and they have to figure out. When it makes a move it is playing for keeps. As the film is more haunting than scary. As it gives you a sense of unease the whole time.

It continuously goes where you don’t expect it. Especially when you believe you have things figured out and it seems it will go that way. If it does get too familiar the film seems to then go to the more physical actions of the characters as they begin to uncontrollably tremble and weep in their weakness that is never clearly defined.

The film is a period piece and as well as sets and costumes even the dialogue is more said in olden speak than natural dialogue. Which only helps the actors as they are so dedicated to their performances. They are so strong you believe them, their situations, and their reactions to them. Even the child actors’ performances are great and feel natural.

Most of the film’s dialogue and story were based on writings from the time. It feels like a film of its time period. This film seems dipped in tradition and truth as it scarily reveals itself and its nature. It isn’t so much thrilling. It is more full of ideas and imagination. The work of a skilled hand filmmaker. That seems more rooted in the type of films of the ’70s that could be ambiguous and make us question more. Then set out to give the audience visceral thrills. The film was mostly filmed in natural and available light which helps give a natural Spookiness to it

This is a film that uses nature more to reinforce the atmosphere and to provide the horrors of the film. That produces a calm whiny film that never settles again after s certain point in the film.

The movie is beautifully filmed on a smaller scale. Though making the simple and expected scary and haunted. While offering many misdirections, but feels immersed In Something sinister. As when all is revealed it feels worse than anything they could have shown us or that we could imagine and not with pyrotechnics or make-up but with hints that seem more plausible and homegrown. Whose reality is easily imagined and can be felt which makes it all the more devastating. This is a film unafraid to go to the places most mainstream cinema wouldn’t or would shy away from.

The Satanic Temple has endorsed this movie and hosted several screenings of the film. Their spokesperson, Jex Blackmore, addressed the film as “an impressive presentation of Satanic insight that will inform contemporary discussion of religious experience.”

The film manages to give a fresh meaning of horror that feels like a festering Underneath its surface.

It also takes a while to get there but once we do, we get the whole scope of events and what they mean.

The film, unfortunately, was a minor hit at first through strong word of mouth, but audiences expected a more traditional horror film and weren’t prepared for this film which takes it times with its horror and fully takes advantage and explores the ideas it spills forth

Grade: B

KRAMPUS (2015)

Directed By: Michael Dougherty 
Written By: Zach Shields, Michael Dougherty & Todd Casey 
Cinematography By: Jules O’Loughlin 
Editor: John Axelrad 

Cast: Toni Collette, Adam Scott, David Koechner, Allison Tolman , Conchetta Ferrell, Emjay Anthony 

When his dysfunctional family clashes over the holidays, young Max is disillusioned and turns his back on Christmas. Little does he know, this lack of festive spirit has unleashed the wrath of Krampus: a demonic force of ancient evil intent on punishing non-believers. All hell breaks loose as beloved holiday icons take on a monstrous life of their own, laying siege to the fractured family’s home and forcing them to fight for each other if they hope to survive.

At first, this film seems to play up the more comedic elements of the story.

It plays like a darker version of GREMLINS, Only more supernatural.

The cast sets the tone, though with Toni Colette. The film can go either way from horror to drama to comedy. As she is good, versatile, and established in all, but most of the recognizable cast are comedic veterans especially both Adam Scott and David Koechner. Which it seems like this film is a warm-up for them to do a buddy movie. With the two of them instantly memories of comedic horror films such as PIRAHNA 3D come to mind and what you expect. Except only, this one is less explosive but tries more for a hard edge family-friendly vibe. That’s more well thought out.

The second act of the film has more humor. Horror at times, but slowly becomes more serious and thrilling as it goes along.

Director Michael Dougherty is making his second feature and again another horror-themed holiday film. (After TRICK R’ TREAT) Full of folklore, energy, and fun.

At first, this film takes a more cynical attitude and looks at the holidays and situations that traditionally go along with them. Though children are in peril. You know nothing truly violent will happen to them at least on screen. There are scares, but an Absence of stakes.

In his films so far there always is an Augustus Gloop type of character. A grossly overweight yet cute character who has victim written all over him, but is there for a few good pokes of humor. The director backs the silliness of the film with a strong backstory that enriches the film and helps the audience forgive the more ridiculous elements. Which serves the film from the tone and fate of films such as SANTA’S SLAY. Which seek to be made and written around the title rather than have a good story thought out.

As here the film like JAWS only suggests a phantom who we see glimpses of and shadows. As we see the hard work was done mainly by possessed toys and appliances.

The film is almost like a nightmare supernatural version of HOME ALONE or NATIONAL LAMPOON’S CHRISTMAS VACATION.

It’s more a film of scares than actual macabre violence or graphic horror. The most objectionable thing here is language and some blood.

The creatures in the attic are truly terrifying. Even if the demented gingerbread men seem more like cute gremlins. That truly makes you wonder if the film is trying to be more innocent and family-friendly.

This film Makes more for a starter horror film. More made for those who get scared easily or are uneasy with the horror genre. As it contains the elements but does so with a lighter touch. It could almost be a harder-edged family film. Though can easily be enjoyed by horror aficionados as long as they can accept more of a mainstream and lightweight horror product.

Another aspect to enjoy here is that the special effects seem to be more practical and less extravagant then a cgi production.

The film feels too knowing and knowledgeable to be a classic. Too glossy to be quite as noteworthy. Though entertaining throughout the viewings with plenty of gothic designs. Especially the terror toys.

The film is a creepy confection with a nod to JEEPERS CREEPERS. As the film is fun yet allows it to be downtrodden and unhappy.

The film fits right in with the directors oeuvre so far  



Directed by: Darren Lynn Bousman
Written by: Josh Stolberg & Peter Goldfinger
Cinematography: Jordan Oram
Editor: Dev Singh 

Cast: Chris Rock, Samuel L. Jackson, Max Minghella, Marisol Nichols, Dan Petronijevic, Richard Zeppieri, Patrick McManus 

Working in the shadow of his father, an esteemed police veteran, brash Detective Ezekiel “Zeke” Banks and his rookie partner take charge of a grisly investigation into murders that are eerily reminiscent of the city’s gruesome past. Unwittingly entrapped in a deepening mystery, Zeke finds himself at the center of the killer’s morbid game.

This film feels like a script that was written to be a thriller and then was rewritten to throw in some horror elements and connect it to the saw movies. Which it barely does.

The film is predictable and while like previous saw films it seems to like to play around with time or reveal certain elements to the audience when it needs to explain certain things.

The twists don’t feel as shocking, truthfully they never even feel earned. 

Amazing that this film was filmed before last summer’s racial political upheaval surrounding the murder of George Floyd. As this film seems almost like a kind of giving the audience what it wants. In a tale of dirty cops being the victims. As only one non- cop is killed throughout.

The surprise is making an African American cop The leading character. Now this film is built around Chris Rock as the star. As he supposedly also helped come up with the story. His character seems to be the only truly innocent person throughout and the film comes off as cruel. As the film seems to want to keep punishing him.

The acting throughout the film is spotty and Chris rock as hard as he tries is miscast. At times he tries too hard and his delivery sounds more comedic or non believable in his inflections. Not trying to rain on anyone’s parade he is a talented person and one of my favorite stand-up’s but here in this role, he leaves a lot to be desired. 

Samuel L. Jackson plays a supporting role in the film, but his part is integral. It also feels like he is barely in the film. 

Also, the film looks cheap. Know that these films are usually limited in the budget and tend to stay small and in a few locations, but watching the film you can tell. As it keeps making itself obvious. Which hampers the enjoyment of it.

The special effects are still top touch and the film is gory. Maybe not trying as hard as the previous films. 

All of this is a shame as this film seems to be more aimed at African Americans and starring them with representation horror. Which Could definitely use more of, but this is not the right project. 

Grade: F


Directed By: David Yarovesky 
Written By: Mikki Daughtry & Thomas Iaconis 
Based on the Book by: J.A. White 
Cinematography: Robert McLachlan 
Editor: Peter Gvozdas

Cast: Krysten Ritter, Winslow Fegley, Lydia Jewett 

A young boy named Alex becomes the prisoner of a witch to avoid certain death, he convinces her to let him tell her a scary story every night. Upon meeting the witch’s servant, Yazmin, the two must use their wits to escape her apartment, a magical labyrinth filled with various dangers, before the witch kills them both.

This film feels more like what the GOOSEBUMPS MOVIE franchise should have been. Less goofy with more terror and real-world stakes. So that there feels like there is something truly troubling Constantly and a kind of emotional connection with the audience. Where you actually care about the characters.

A true fantasy film to capture the imagination that can be deadly but also fun and enchanting. 

This film revolves around only a few of them, but it also showcases the power of imagination and through action encourages reading and books. Without really having to spell it out too much.

This film is clearly made for a younger audience but parents and adults could easily appreciate the film. As it does have those moments of danger from the kind of kids in peril movies of the 1980s where parents or guardians are largely absent. 

Krysten Ritter is perfectly cast and shows she is having fun In her role. As she is always engaging and still avid tongued at times literally. Even if one question you might ask is why the platform shoes always.

The film offers animation when stores are being told and sections of the film are always brightly colored. Especially the lad and gardening sections. 

It’s a film that appreciates horror and scary stories. A perfect film for kids around Halloween. As it rises the lie. Between horror and scary for kids. It might be the perfect starter film for them and get them interested more in these types of stories.

Grade: B-

SCARE ME (2020)

Written & Directed By: Josh Ruben 
Cinematography: Brendan H. Banks
Editor: Patrick Lawrence 

Cast: Aya Cash, Josh Ruben, Chris Redd, Rebecca Drysdale 

During a power outage, two strangers tell scary stories. The more Fred and Fanny commit to their tales, the more the stories come to life in their Catskills cabin. The horrors of reality manifest when Fred confronts his ultimate fear.

This is a film that depends on a certain quirky factor to keep it going. Where your interest in the characters will determine how much you end up enjoying this film. 

The cast works so well together. Even though for most of the film it is only two characters. It almost feels like an improv show focused on horror and some defining personalities. 

Aya cash is hilarious in particular. She catches the eye especially when her characters are being critical, that is when she seems to be more in top form.

Though the film is mostly dialogue. You get into the stores they tell you the way they tell them. and caught up in them can almost visualize them yourself. The fact that they feel spontaneous only adds to the fun.

As the film also constantly feels like it is leading to a secret. So that for all the fun there is some kind of dread heading your way.

The film still has room For plenty of jokes with it’s more character based comedy.  The less the way to a mildly surprising ending. 



Directed By: Chul-Soo Jang 
Written By: Kwang-Young Choi 
Cinematography By: Gi-Tae Kim 
Editor: Mi-Joo Kim 

Cast: Yeong-Hie Seo, Seong-won ji, Min-ho Hwang, Ji-Eun Lee, Jeong-Hak Park 

A woman subject to mental, physical, and sexual abuse on a remote island seeks a way out.

It’s not a typical horror film as it doesn’t follow any of the rules of one except for its violence. This film Ultimately this film ends up becoming a revenge film. Though to sum it up that way is too simple.

It is more of a human horror story rather than a supernatural or killer on the loose tale. Here we know the killer and the motivations.

The film is fresh in original ways through the story feels familiar. Presented in a different way that makes it feel fresh.

As the film starts we are introduced to a character who we believe will be our protagonist and while she stays in the film out attention soon shifts I her friend on the island she is taking a vacation at, which is her hometown from youth.

Once we get on the island we see how old school it is and a different world. Where men are thought supreme and women as lowly. We also are witnesses to how her childhood friend is practically a slave and see the indignities that are forced onto her on a daily basis that she endures only for her daughters’ sake and hope of escape someday.

The film really builds in this middle section as it actively makes you hate all the characters except for her and you can’t wait for something to happen to them badly, it gets routine as the film goes on you will feel your anger rise and a blood lust start to take form. Once a tragedy happens that is when the blood begins to flow in a graphic manner.

What is amazing about the film is that it takes its time for the revenge to come so that when it does you truly feel it is about time as you have waited so long. The revenge also happens relatively quick ad not so well thought out. As the character does become a killing machine, yet not invincible nor cunning and quick. None of this is well thought out by her. Just reacting to circumstances and opportunity.

Now while this is a woman strike back at her captors unlike the I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE films this doesn’t feel quite as exploitive and sensationalized. Though there is sexual energy and atmosphere throughout, not in an erotic or act way more rough and lecherous. While there is sex it’s not necessarily gratuitous though graphic it is not shot in an erotic way or fantasy way. It is just rough and painful to watch.

That is what helps make the film is its pace. Taking it’s time to let things build. You grow to hate the characters, not for one single act but the acts they build up and we are only watching for a short time she has had to love with this for years.

Once the tragedy happens an element and act are suggested though never confirmed as the film has shown a character’s true side and has no positive qualities you believe they committed the act as it would seem to be normal behavior for them. Though the covering up is the truly last appalling act.

Now while all this is happening the only part of the film happened that I didn’t believe was that her friend while staying there misses half of the things happening throughout. Now as the film has introduced her to be selfish and bitchy. She seems to stay that way while trying to be compassionate. We also learn of their friendship history. Even as all of this goes on around her and suspecting the horrors she hears about she still chooses to deny and just sit on the sides choosing to be neutral. Which in its own way makes her just as bad or worse than the actual tormentors.

The last act of the film is off the island but putting the island’s legacy and spirits to rest. It’s more action-packed than it sounds. Though the last minutes seem to reach out to try to explain or symbolize that point.

The lead played by is a revelation here she ones from simple to dangerous o advanced and also sexy with little effort.

Now what I really enjoyed about the film is that it was so alive that you believed anything can happen at any point. A few times, I was trying to predict where the film would I as what would happen next and it went another way. My suspicion would have made it more of a typical film and not as advanced as it comes off.

The film’s message seems to have something to say about compassion and personal responsibility as the last scene truly breaks our hearts. As it has been best up throughout the film.

While the film is hard to watch it is captivating as many times watching it at home it was late so I was convinced ” i will watch only 30 minutes, then o.k. let me watch only 15 more minutes before you know it I am halfway through the film and my tired so I figure let me watch the whole thing” and I wasn’t disappointed

Grade: A-


Written & Directed By: Glenn Danzig 
Cinematography: David Newbert 
Editor: Brian Cox 

Cast: Sean Kannan, Ashley Wisdom, Alice Tate, Kayden Kross, Natalia Borowsky, Kansas Bowling, Rachel Alig

Follows the surreal and bloody trilogy of erotic horror stories culled from Danzig’s comic.

Wow!!! I was warned about this film beforehand, but I couldn’t really have expected this. Some people, they will love this film for how bad it is. Nothing truly prepares you for this film. 

Where you have to wonder was it planned this way. As it is hard to take anything seriously. Though that might sound like fun. This is a movie that is not fun to sit through at all. Unless maybe you are just into seeing onscreen nudity. As very little throughout this movie makes any sense.

All the women in most of the roles look like professional topless or naked models. Other than making the film overtly sexual at all times 

In the first story for instance the main female has eyeballs where her nipples are why? As it is never explained and then somehow the albino spider becomes human-sized and then proceeds to murder women for no reason. He is obviously in a latex suit that looks like a bad Halloween costume. Though only strikes when the lead female goes to sleep. 

Every character in this first story has a foreign accent for no real reason and they come off as sex objects mroe than characters. As they are all scantily clad for little to no reason. 

The acting is horrible throughout like in an acting class. The bad dialogue doesn’t really help even when it includes it’s influences with many scenes where the camera just stays and lingers and the characters awkwardly stand around really doing nothing or their last action over again such as a head shake. 

There is a TV reporter who is dressed more like a private detective in the first story. Just as to why in the first story does the lead female go to a porno theater and photoshoot after her roommate is murdered. Then while at the porno theater falls asleep and is groped and nearly raped and once she wakes up just gives the guys a nasty look.

Throughout the film women are the only ones killed. Most of the characters wear wigs for no real reason. 

The film Has modern touches but an old school culture and scenery like the third last tale which is basically the tale of Elizabeth Bathory who believed that by bathing in the blood of virgins she would stay looking young forever and that is exactly what happens in the third story she picks her victims strip them (young women) then bathed in their blood in what feels like real-time. Then will slice open a throat and there to get blood sprayed on her face that is the whole story.

Any lack of nudity in the first story is supplanted in the second and third stories. Only in the second, we get another, what feels like real-time, dedicated to watching strippers do routines in a club That looks almost like a huge basement. 

This is the only segment of the film that feels serious as it is a thriller about a stripper who cuts off faces to put on her wall because she is disfigured and wears a mask when she performs. This is also one of the only segments with an actor of note Sean Kanan from KARATE KID 3 playing the detective on the case. 

I can understand this film is supposed to be more inspired by gothic old-school macabre horror anthologies but it comes across as more ridiculous than inspired. Even the first scene where we are introduced to our host seems there more to shock than to make sense.

The film is low budget and you can tell as it comes across more like a failed student film. This feels like a modern-day Ed Wood movie.

The tales don’t offer a moral or any kind of irony and definitely no twists but they leave room for the anthology host to make ghastly bad joke punchlines for the endings and not even deliver that creatively 

The only reason I could even see this film truly getting financed and recognized is that rock star Glenn Danzig directed it and seems to price the soundtrack. 

Even at 90 minutes, this film feels indulgent. It’s not even the type of film you can have fun picking apart. This movie isn’t fun to watch or sit through. This is one of the worst films I have seen this year and maybe one of the worst ever 

Grade: F

WOLF (1994)

Directed By: Mike Nichols 
Written By: Jim Harrison & Wesley Strick 
Cinematography: Giuseppe Rotunno 
Editor: Sam O’Steen 

Cast: Jack Nicholson, Michelle Pfeiffer, James Spader, Christopher Plummer, Richard Jenkins, Kate Nelligan, Eileen Atkins, David Hyde Pierce, Om Puri, Ron Rifkin, Allison Janney 

Worn down and out of luck, aging publisher Will Randall is at the end of his rope when a younger co-worker snatches his job out from under his nose. But after being bitten by a wolf, Will suddenly finds himself energized, more competitive than ever, and possessed with amazingly heightened senses. Meanwhile, the beautiful daughter of his shrewd boss begins to fall for him – without realizing that the man she’s begun to love is gradually turning into the creature by which he was bitten.

I remember being entertained when I first saw this movie on video. Watching it now It comes across as instantly dated. As that is only part of the problems one might have with the film. 

Watching this film you can tell Mike Nichols who is a great and legendary director. Is more of a character and actors director more than a genre director. He brings esteem to the proceedings in what could have been easily more exploitive fare. 

Who brings a well-known and established cast to the movie. Actors who wouldn’t necessarily be bothered to be in this type of film. At the later stages of esteemed careers. 

As much of this movie plays out as a drama and romance rather than a monster movie or horror film. As a first, the film chooses to showcase the peers he gets from being a werewolf that helps bring vitality to him

And his life. Where he stands up for himself. Then it becomes more of a burden in his romance with the boss’s daughter but only after he finds out his wife is cheating on him.

It seems like they either tried to keep the horror elements on the periphery or forgot about it at times and were only interested in the dramatic thriller aspects of the story. Because it seems like there are scenes of it largely being absent, then “oh yeah” moments. 

After a while he has to deal with corporate politics and then being a suspect in his wife’s murder and trying to prove his innocence. 

While Jack Nicholson looks a little ridiculous in his wolf persona. It does make him seem more seasoned and watching him actually get into a battle as one looks a little silly but also reminds you what type of film you are watching. That tries to distinguish itself away from the fantasy elements. As it seems to look more ridiculous when it selves into them, but It’s not like it’s Corporate storyline is all that sharp about a senior getting pushed out by a younger contender who he helped train.

The film ends up playing way too long and very predictable. As the film seems to go through the motions. As it involves mostly main characters, is that a message to the audience that the older you are the more then you take? and the more thorough it must all be. 

As the film seems to want to make an example between the battles of nature and the battles in the business world and how they are similar. 

James Spader does what he does best. Where he puts on a spin on his upper-crust yuppie character image, but once we get to the third act of the movie. You can kind of predict his character arc. Even though when he starts acting peculiar the special effects give it away. Even though he doesn’t act too differently.

Considering the talent involved in this film. This should have been more memorable. As it is actually kind of forgettable. There are barely any memorable scenes. Even though Michelle Pfeiffer is the only one who has a history more with genre films out of the cast. Plus her playing in a werewolf movie after playing Catwoman is an amusing film irony.

Michelle Pfeiffer almost comes across as just another big name in a star-studded well-respected cast because while she is the female lead. She is the damsel in distress throughout most of the film or just simply the love interest. 

The special effects involved make the final fight look ridiculous. Rick Baker designed them and while One can give credit as at least they are practical effects instead of digital. 

This seems to join the ranks with THE HULK films. Just as there isn’t anyone good of those films. It’s Really hard to find a really good to outstanding Werewolf movie but you are more likely to find the latter than the earlier one. Though it is a little long in the tooth when it comes to running time 

Grade: C+


Directed By: Peter Thorwarth  Written By: Peter Thorwarth & Stefan Holtz  Cinematography: Yoshi Heimrath  Editor: Knut Hake 

Cast: Peri Baumeister, Dominic Purcell, Carl Koch, Alexander Scheer, Kai Ivo Baulitz, Kai Setti, Roland Moller, Gordon Brown 

A woman with a mysterious illness is forced into action when a group of terrorists attempts to hijack a transatlantic overnight flight.

This film becomes entertaining throughout because it starts with what could have been a ridiculous yet simple plot of a vampire versus terrorists and keeps twisting the tale so that there are new challenges to keep you interested. Luckily the film Stays pretty dark and not cookie-cutter or some kind of superhero flick.

If anything it refreshingly uses vampire lore and manages to give us something unexpected with it.

The film is filled with action and horror. While it feels a bit long. You are never quite bored of anything. It shocks with taking out a character you expected to last longer and be the biggest foe. Instead the true villain is the live wire of the terrorists. He kind of displays his worst behavior early on before being neutered a bit but then coming back strong.

This story could have easily been a supernatural DIE HARD and instead actually comes through with an identity of its own. Though with just as much action and complications. Though this film is definitely more gory with less humor along the way. 

Smart in a Way as the film uses perceived prejudice to its advantage in certain situations and though the terrorists are bad one character proves to be the evilest as he is the catalyst later for all the horribleness that happens to the passengers. 

The film does offer a heroic character in a Muslim Passenger who always at least tries to do the right and most moral thing.

While at times it feels ridiculous the film does manage to keep you invested. 

In The end it does emphasize a mother’s love for her child. While not making the vampire immortal or barely have any weaknesses.