Written & Directed By: Don Mancini
Based On Characters Created By: Don Mancini
Cinematography By: Vernon Layton
Editor: Chris Dickens 

Cast: Jennifer Tilly, Redman, Hannah Spearritt, Brad Dourif, Jason Flemyng, Billy Boyd, John Waters 

Chucky and Tiffany are resurrected by their innocent son, Glen, and hit Hollywood, where a movie depicting the killer dolls’ murder spree is underway.

I really wanted to like this film. Even went so far as to see it on opening day when it came out. As BRIDE OF CHUCKY, was so much fun it breathed new life into the series. I was hoping this would continue in that manner.

This is a major disappointment considering how much one usually enjoys this series of films. Especially the last sequel. That like A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET when it hit it’s stride. Has opened up the films sense of humor with a knowing nod of how ridiculous it is.

Now going into this film you know it’s a satire and campy but nothing could have prepares the audience for this. It is a totally camp horror movie. That seeks to spoof hollywood and offers plenty of inside jokes about Hollywood and the film series and it’s stars.

Even more disappointing is that the messiness of the film can’t be blamed on some outsider new to the series or any studio interference. The film is written and directed by Don Mancini who has written all of the CHILD’S PLAY movies and sequels up to this point.

Pretty much guessing this must have been the first time he was let loose with a script and didn’t have to worry about notes. Because this film feels like more of a first draft with plenty of wild ideas that needed to be reigned in, but at least everyone seems to be having a good time. Everyone except maybe the audience.

Jennifer Tilly is funny playing herself and Violet the doll from BRIDE OF CHUCKY. Here she shows a willingness to make fun of herself and be more of a comic fool while playing into stereotypes about her and her career. It’s a shame she doesn’t get more work because she is really funny and can still be the seductive sexpot also.

Redman playing himself, who is supposed to be directing Jennifer Tilly in a horror film’s role is just plain strange. It’s supposed to be ridiculous or are we supposed to take it seriously. Plus his death scene seems like it is either a homage, spoof or direct rip-off of an infamous scene from the movie HANNIBAL. When they dissect Ray Liotta’s brain while he is still alive. So that this film rarely if ever seems original or to have any new ideas. I mean chucky is still trying to posess a new body. Which so far has driven almost every film before this.

It is fun to see John waters is a cameo role. He is hilarious as a nosy paparazzi. Who gets his comeuppance and the nastiest goriest death in the whole film.

Hannah Spearritt seems to be poised to be a main character in this film. making a big screen debut. As usually the films do revolve around a younger character, To bring in the audience and usually as a host that Chucky is seeking to possess. Here she barely makes an impression nor seems to stay around for too long. As the films one live action actor that it pays attention to is Jennifer Tilly. Leaving her to be the true star. Which is a little refreshing seeing an older character actress really get a chance to shine. Just wish it was a better film for her to showcase –

The Child of CHUCKY is the strangest thing in the movie for the designed look. The character Glen is made to be Androgynous so that we are never quite sure of the sex. Though it does seem like an early attempt to maybe include a trans character in a mainstream horror series.

You can see they are trying to do something to continue the tone from BRIDE OF CHUCKY but be something completely original. Instead of the shock of oh my god a joker doll, but he looks so sweet. They try to expose the ridiculous nature of all of this. Though this film feels like it needs something a bit different then what it has it get a director who is more visual and accomplished. Who knows comedic timing better. As everything except for the special effects looks bland with no life to it. Like shooting a sitcom in location.

Which seems to be due to a very low Budget. As the movie was filmed on the largest soundstage in Romania. Which might be why we never see a third act knock down drag out fight or battle. Which most of the films in the series usually have. Here the ending is satisfying, yet lame

Which really shows the talent of the previous films director Ronnie Yu who made everything look sharp in addition to all the violence and laughs

Though I will give the move props for being the first that acknowledged and deals with LGBQT issues and characters.


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