Directed By: Gil Junger
Written By: Karen McCullah & Kirsten Smith
Cinematography: Mark Irwin
Editor: O. Nicolas Brown 

Cast: Heath Ledger, Joseph Gordon Levitt, Julia Stiles, Larisa Oleynik, Gabrille Union, David Krumholtz, Allison Janney, Andrew Keegan, Susan May Pratt, Daryl Mitchell, Larry Miller, David Leisure, Kyle Cease 

Adapted from William Shakespeare’s play “The Taming of the Shrew,” A pretty, popular teenager can’t go out on a date until her ill-tempered older sister does.

This is one of the ultimate teen movies at least of my younger years. As it is a blend of nostalgia old school and for it’s time that culture. That now one can look back upon and remember and laugh. –As already the films pays homage to those that came before it while also being a teenage modern remix based on William Shakespeare’s play THE TAMING OF THE SHREW. That throws in mentions as well as dialogue now and then.

This is actually one of the better Teen films made around that time as the film also is adult enough without being offensive. It deals with sex but isn’t explosive nor making the film all about it. It keeps it’s innocence but also allows for some more racy material and situations. Even through it all the movie allows itself to be goofy and have memorable scenes.

The late Heath Ledger is the perfect leading man here as it is one of the few times he has played a more comedic role and seems to be having fun. Even though he also seems like the most dramatic or at least serious character who has motivation and a certain drive that might be troubling him . Which makes him already stand out amongst the cast but he also still has the looks and charm of a leading man. He also brings a bit of edge to the film that really has none.

The film certainly has a respectable cast and recognizable cast as well. Larry Miller steals his scene me as the two female character overprotective doctor father who usually ends up bungling any modern slang he tries to communicate with.

The film also offers more of a female character who isn’t a pushover and wants to be romanticized as well as keep her principles. Though realizes her academic shield might need to be lowered at times. Of course like the play it all Revolves around a bet that begins in treachery but soon emotions take over and what was once only being done financially is more what brings the characters together as well as a mind of circular plan coming to life and working out well for all those involved except for the vain character bankrolling it all.

Even the soundtrack is a throwback with many 1980’s hot songs covered by artists of the day most notable letters from cleo and songs such as cruel to be kind and I want you to want me.

The soundtrack also has noteworthy originals itself.

The films weakness might be that it moves so rapidly that half the times the jokes depend on cutaways and accelerated editing or Jones that seem a little too childish. The film seems to acknowledge that as a way to show that their audience might want quicker editing. As the film feels like it is constantly moving.

This is a film I watched plenty of times when I worked at a movie theater and it always managed to make me laugh or put me in a good mood. So that when I worked at a video store this was a good time movie that I always put on and the customers payed attention to. To this day this is a movie partly dated but still manages to put a smile on ones face and watch in full.

It’s a film that certainly has an audience but never seems to be celebrated as publicly as other popular teen films. Even the blooper reel over the credits is funny, Fun and creative.

Grade: B+

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