Directed By: Peter Berg
Written By: Sean O’Keefe & Brian Helgeland
Based On Characters Created By: Robert Parker
Based On The Novel By: Ace Atkins
Cinematography: Tobias A. Schliessler
Editor: Michael L. Sale 

Cast: Mark Wahlberg, Winston Duke, Alan Arkin, Iliza Shlesinger, Michael Gaston, Marc Maron, Bokeem Woodbine, Colleen Camp, Post Malone, James Dumont 

When two Boston police officers are murdered, ex-cop Spenser teams up with his no-nonsense roommate, Hawk, to take down criminals.

Very loosely based on characters from Robert B. Parker’s “Spenser” series of mystery novels.

Another film starring Mark Wahlberg and directed by Peter Berg. It seems like this is Wahlberg’s director of choice for his more action oriented projects. So that they are becoming as synonymous as Sergio Leone and Clint Eastwood except without franchise and the films aren’t as legendary.

At least this film bothers to be a mystery that isn’t hard to figure out but wants to keep you entertained while putting the clues together and finding out the why of it all.

Mark Wahlberg is getting a little long o. The tooth it again is in his marching ground of Boston. As a star I believe He is one of the stars who has really brought a lot of film Production there. Here he has Winston duke for the scenes in Which he needs back up but here while he holds his own he still gets beat up a bit and shows he isn’t invincible. Though usually Looks good in a suit. At least they add that into the character and film.

At least he is not the sole hero hero here as usual in his films. Here he needs a team and teamwork to save the day.

Alan Arkin seems here more to be a familiar face in the cast and a mind of comedic releif as is Iliza Shlesinger who plays wahlberg’s love interest who is scary, funny and sexy all at the same time and steals most of her scenes.

I am a fan of the television series and will admit I have never read the books, but the presentation of the character of Hawk here played by Winston duke is kind of a disgrace to the cool, calculated and dangerous representation of the character in the series played by Avery Brooks. As the character was also always sharply Dressed and kind of an equal if not better detective and sidekick at times to Spenser. Here the character is more the muscle sidekick maybe a little unpredictable but a giant spiritual animal loving fighter. Which diminishes the character mightily.

You won’t feel bored and pretty soon the main villain is all but given a spotlight.

The film is paint by numbers but is fun as usual along the way there is plenty of jokes and humor but they don’t Take over they are just part of some scenes that helps relieve them or tries to make them feel fresh.

This could prove to be a successful franchise, but while it is perfectly fine. If there is a sequel hopefully it will be better and make more of an Impact. As this feels like the Samuel L. Jackson starring SHAFT movie jazzed up but still kind of bland.

Grade: C+

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