Written & Directed By: Guy Ritchie
Story By: Guy Ritchie, Ivan Atkinson & Marn Davies
Cinematography: Alan Stewart
Editor: James Herbert & Paul Machliss 

Cast: Matthew McConauhey, Charlie Hunnam, Hugh Grant, Eddie Marsan, Henry Golding, Colin Farell, Michelle Dockery, Tom Wu, Jeremy Strong, Chidi Ajufo, Lyne Renee 

A talented American graduate of Oxford, using his unique skills, audacity and penchant for violence, creates a marijuana empire using the estates of impoverished English aristocrats. However, when he tries to sell his empire to a fellow American billionaire, a chain of events unfolds, involving blackmail, deception, mayhem and murder between street thugs, Russian oligarchs, Triad gangsters and gutter journalists.

While this is a welcome return to form for writer/director Guy Ritchie. Who shows he hasn’t lost a Step when it come to making the U.K. Gangster film. There are some subtle Differences. Endlessly Stylish.

It seems as he has gotten older so have his main characters which is to be expected but also having gone off to do other films that were more Hollywood. This film is more polished and less gritty then his earlier crime films.

This time focusing more on the powers that be who are established and trying to hold onto power. Rather than the outsiders or fringe criminals trying to make a come up.

This film as usual involves more of an ensemble cast, with a few standouts. As this is also his most star studded crime film and unfortunately another one with the absence of one of his regulars Vinnie Jones.

Though Colin Farrell is good in more a smaller supporting role. As is high grant who usually never appears in these sorts of films. Using a more cockney accent and more a seedy character.

Watching his characters this film fills out the title as it feels more mature and seems to have more of a responsibility and respectability to it. As it still remains fun.

It still involves a few modern touches and double crosses and triple crosses as well as having fun with the narrative with stylish choices and additions. Especially in trying to make the tale more meta and cinematic at times.

Obviously this is a movie more made for the enjoyment of ultra males or a male bonding film. Even if it does have one significant female role. Amongst all the testosterone and action and a scheme that tries to be labyrinthian as more characters get involved in the overall Story by mistake or circumstance.

Though for all the blood, guts and violence. No more then usual here. The film remains humorous above all else.

Tips the hat majorly to THE LONG GOOD FRIDAY and other british gangster films of the past. While making it’s own way to be just as memorable The film has An energetic centerpiece is the rap music video/invasion of a grow house fight sequence.

This is like comfort food for director Guy Ritchie. The familiar English criminal underground and the updates since he has last chronicled that world. As he has been making more big budgeted studio films and it shows. As this film while chronicling the familiar also seems to be more of a look from the high above rather then his previous crime films which were more about those trying to make it in that world or gain entry who were more looking at it from the outside or trying to make the come up

Grade: B

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