Written & Directed By: Jennifer Reeder
Cinematography: Christopher Rejano
Editor: Mike Olenick 

Cast: Kate Arrington, Kayla Carter, Raven Whitley, Ireon Roach, Robert T. Cunningham, Jalen Gilbert, Grace Smith, Tim Hopper, Marika Enbgelhardt, James Vincent Meredith 

A mystical teen noir that follows a young girl’s disappearance in the rural Midwest and its effect on teens and parents.

This film tries to have a TWIN PEAKS David Lynch vibe where it seems from Behind the mystery of a missing girl we slowly get to learn about the citizens of this small town. Well really we seem to more learn their secrets and the tawdry behavior almost all the characters seem to revel in.

As this movie seems to be most noteworthy for Shot composition, Cinematography, Mood and tone.

The film more focuses on the teenagers in the town and occasionally the adults usually to more explain why the children act the way they do or why so many of them seek to escape.

At times the film almost feels like a comedy more than a mystery or heightened drama. As some of the characters twists and turns feel either ridiculous or so out of nowhere it seems there for more shock value then anything.

The film Certainly has style and and a tone it just feels like it needed to be tighter and stronger. As the film is effective it just makes you wonder what all this brooding is about when the story slowly creeps along.

Though it certainly captures the alienation felt by teenagers in their awkward years even while trying to appear to be fine and lively with one another and discovering themselves and the world around them. As well as showing the alienation felt by loss and loneliness in all characters The story focuses more on the female cast and the trials and tribulations they have. All sporting a more rebellious spirit and not one to take anything lying down. Where as most of the female adult characters seem to have some kind of mental imbalance maybe placed on them by the things they have been forced to deal with. The film doesn’t villainous every male character there are a few good ones but overall they seem to be damaged, perverted or just typically misogynistic

By the end once all is revealed It certainly feels like the characters and we in the audience have been on a journey, but while a happy ending. It also feels like it is missing a sense of justice. As everything ties up too tidy.

It’s a film to know what you are getting into before watching as it is not a typical film. It’s Thought provoking but also pretentious and seems more indebted to It’s own style wanting us to get into this mystery and pulls us into these characters but Really doesn’t affect them too much and as we know more details we begin to wonder why should we either. As this seems like Just another thing going on in Their monotone lives. As the film tries to tangle us into the weaves these characters have sewn. While intriguing they are not enough to keep interest up or truly be captivating.

It ends up feeling like a run on sentence and you are left wondering if there will be a big reason as to why. Yet in the end there isn’t. Just trying to show off a style and not playing by the rules. Not revolutionizing or revelatory story telling.

A Twin Peaks inspired movie which makes up for that series more pale coloring with a more diverse cast.

The adults’ more bizarre behavior seems to be because they are becoming unraveled in their safety and what they know as revelations come out. This is the reaction to their shaken foundation.

The teenagers aren’t played as all sweet and innocent but real, selfish, Sexual, Queer and straight. Getting to know themselves and what they are capable of though show more maturity then the adults

One of the stronger aspects of the movie is the score which is simultaneously relaxing and terrifying. As it seems to lull you into a dream state where it seems anything can happen


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