Directed & Story By: Rza
Written By: Rza & Eli Roth
Cinematography By: Chi Ying Chan
Editor: Joe D’Augustine 

Cast: Russell Crowe, Rza, Lucy Liu, Jamie Chung, Rick Yune, Dave Bautista, Byron Mann, Zhu Zhu, Pam Grier

On the hunt for a fabled treasure of gold, a band of warriors, assassins, and a rogue British soldier descend upon a village in feudal China, where a humble blacksmith looks to defend himself and his fellow villagers.

The first cut of the film was four hours long. Rza suggested splitting it into two films, but producer Eli Roth disagreed, and it was ultimately cut down to approximately 90 minutes.

A very visual film which it surprises with, though that is the highlight. Where most of the film makes no sense.

If you expect the ridiculous this film won’t let you down.

The way the story is presented you believe the film is going to be epic in scope. Then when you watch the film it is so small and on sets that it feels micro.

We are also told more than shown details of the story.

I am not a fan of CGI blood she and violence. It looks cool and will hear arguments over it’s artistic merits. In this film it feels like there is too much and worse seems like it is trying to show off with it. I realize this is a genre exercise, but nothing felt real r organic. So that this film constantly feels fake and has no passion I any degree in it on screen not behind the scenes it feels.

The film looks good and realize it is more of an homage. Which then feels like the film is pretentious and showing off rather than entertaining.

There is a love story in the middle of the film. That comes from nowhere and is revealed as an afterthought treated like it was more forced then natural. It doesn’t help that the actors playing the lovers have no chemistry. Then again no actors in the film seem to have chemistry with one another.

Russell Crowe is fun. Yet clearly is slumming and having fun chewing the scenery as at least he seems to realize how ridiculous this film is. Seems like he is more a guest star then supporting player.

Rza casting himself as one of the leads. Doesn’t seem to work as his performance and presence seems constantly out of place.

Realizing his love of the genre and his debut of a director. This film is disappointing. He is going I have to step his game up. He has some good ideas, but must learn to separate from what seems cool and what is essential for story to work and also give the audience some substance to follow.

Though characters are built up for us to care when some die we feel nothing. RZA and Eli Roth worked on the screenplay together over two years, talking through every aspect of the story, down to the detail of every weapon.

Of course a film made by a music artist and producer. The soundtrack is catchy and top notch

The film is hat you would think a 13 year old really into king fu movies an hip hop would dream up. It comes across a a fantasy that is hampered by it’s budget.

The Rza plays the lead role barely as the film seems to want I keep this fact a secret or well hidden. As most I the scenes revolve around other characters though him and his story line a love story are vital to the action and story. Though as he has barely any scenes and chemistry with luminous co-star Jamie Chung you could barely tell as it seems like a well hidden secret itself that wishes to be sleight of hand. Though is pretty obvious

I wanted to like this movie as I am a fan of the Rza and applaud that he finally got to make a film about a culture and art or he is passionate about and has a great deal I interest as he has based his career and lifestyle on it and is well known to be an expert and I applaud him on his effort. Though here it seems he went overboard and tried to pack In too much. Trying to surprise us when by this time we have become mini experts on what to expect. Though he does manage to create a spectacle that is surprising at times. If it had just been harnessed tighter it might have been more successful.

As it plays now it feels like a first draft that has been edited down so that up don’t know why this is like this or that is like that. They just seem to happen with no rhyme or reason.

Grade: C-

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