Directed By: Joann Sfar
Written By: Patrick Godeau & Gilles Marchand
Based on the Novel By: Sebastien Japrisot
Cinematography By: Manuel Dacosse
Editor: Maryline Monthieux & Christophe Pinel 

Cast: Freya Mavor, Stacy Martin, Benjamin Biolay, Elio Germano, Thierry Hancisse

A secretary steals her boss’ car to go joyriding. She visits a seaside town she swears she’s never been to, but everyone knows her name. And when a body turns up in the trunk of the car, she is the lead suspect in a murder she knows nothing about. Is she going crazy?

The title seems more like a song title then a movie one. That also seems like it gives away the whole story of the film.

A film that is ultimately slow and a bit dull bit keeps trying to make itself intriguing and deeper. While presenting a mystery that isn’t as interesting as it thinks it is.

The film seems devoted to worship the looks and body of the lead actress. As it seems directed more as a fashion shoot it perfume commercial that promises a story though is short on it it showcases the lead in plenty of outfits and underwear.

So the films belief is to fill up any gaps or lack of story with visuals. Not necessarily style but visuals.

So that after awhile you wonder was the script written that way or did the director decide to make this film a worshipful endeavor of her lips hoping the audience would be so enamored by her. They wouldn’t notice how thin the film is. Like one of those foreign classics starring a bombshell like Brigitte Bardot where watching her comes first the film second? Maybe they realized he film needed to be made up as it went along so they padded it out with more things to look at and distract.

Think about past films introduction of on screen bombshells of the past.

The film drips with Lust giving the audience what it wants as the character is sexual and turns that way and even when erotic seems more like a violent sexual fantasy.

The film is far-fetched and kind of easy to figure out. Though tries to play itself intricately and make itself always the victim. Thought he audience might feel that way itself by the end.

The likability of the film doesn’t hurt in casting international beautiful Stacy Martin from the film NYMPHOMANIAC in a small supporting role. Just as stunning wearing less and fashionable stylish clothes as the lead Freya Mavor

Who though the film is French and spoken thoroughly in. She is not actually French but Scottish or British. Though she convincingly passes for French.

The film feels like it is chasing a mood and tone but has very little of substance. As the film looks pretty and stylish but feels rather bland when it comes to story or any real meaning. Lead Freya Mavor certainly is attractive and rises to everything thrown at her

This films aim is to be a thriller through it comes off more as an erotic one. As it seems powered by lust and desire. That desperately want to be a noir by making the female characters more femme-fatales then anything else, Even unwittingly so.

This is a film that seems to be about temptation and intrigue that also showcases the aftermath where it all comes together.

Grade: C

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