ANGST (1983)


Directed By: Gerald Kargl
Written By: Gerald Kargl & Zbigkniew Rybczynski
Cinematography & Editor: Zbigkniew Rybczynski 

Cast: Erwin Leder, Silvia Rabenreither, Edith Rosset, Rudolf Gotz, Claudia Schinko 

A troubled man gets released from prison and starts taking out his sadistic fantasies on an unsuspecting family living in a secluded house.

Based on an actual case of triple-murder, the “Kniesek case”. Werner Kniesek, born 1946, from Salzburg – who killed three people out of pure lust in 1980-stands as a threatening symbol of senseless death and destruction for its own sake. “I just love it when women shiver in deadly fear because of me. It is like an addiction, which will never stop”, said Kniesek in front of the judge. His psychiatrist classified him as “extremely abnormal but not mentally ill”

An explosive mixture of lust for destruction and addiction to physical violence.

Ahead of it’s time though fascinating that showcases simplicity and culture a clean specificity and simplicity.

The cinematography and style are what you notice immediately. You can see the influence it has on the films of Gasper Noe even when it comes to shocking controversial subject matter.

It’s a shame Director Gerald Kargl was never able to make another movie but also understandable. As this might have been too much even for the time it was made. He obviously was a Talent.

The main character is Released it seems more because of time but still Never losing the desire to kill. As it is more of a kind of sexual lust thing. killing turns him on the thrill of the hunt. The power over bloggers and he feeds off that fear and resistance towards him. It’s intoxicating for him. An endless at times internal monologue of his thoughts goes on at first throughout.

The film gains an uneasiness as we are witnesses and made to feel like accomplices through it all and it’s cold diabolical tone. The style of filmmaking just drags you in To the crimes a murderous home invasion. As he has his Sights set and bear planned to rob anyone or anything. As even he describes his Crimes more as conquests.

As you know the inevitable will happen you wait for it and that seems at first what the film is built on, intent. As it feels like it could happen at any moment. The camera seethes and stares like the character at times. To not only offer perspective but also to showcase the off centered-ness and unsteady stature and structure.

This is definitely not a film for the faint of heart. After all it is a feel bad movie. That gets quite disgusting. This film is the epitome of a thriller. The first half built on anticipation that you feel guilty about just as you hope for something different in the outcome. Survival or merely for it not to turn out how you know it will.

The chase he has as he runs around doing his acts at first feels like a dream. Once the acts start you still feel shocked and disgusted for wanting and continuing to watch and still watching. There were a few time when one felt physically ill watching this movie.

He looks forward to release from prison just to have the chance to do it all again. Then the film isn’t as gratuitous as one would expect but still way too realistic.

The film is disturbing was expecting more extreme. For the mood and how it affects you as you are watching sickening. Especially as you realize there is nothing you can do. The unease as he slowly carries out the murders. So it feels like a true life story not fantastical or made up.

There is Suggested necrophilia or at least getting sexual sensations and completion after the act of violence has been done. Exciting him with the thought of keeping them around all the time. He seems to Move steadily around once the murders are done then becomes a comedy of error without any humor or laughs.

A deeper examination of a serial killer when we More have a cynical look at cinematic killers and death. As we are more used to them they they Are even used for humor at times.

This film will definitely cause a reaction

Grade: B+

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