MAYHEM (2017)


Directed By: Joe Lynch
Written By: Matias Caruso
Cinematography By: Steve Gainer
Editor: Josh Ethier 

Cast: Steven Yuen, Samara Weaving, Steven Brand, Dallas Roberts, Kerry Fox, Mark Frost, Caroline Chikezie, Annamaria Serda, Nina Senicar 

Mayhem tells the story of a virus that infects a corporate law office on the day attorney Derek Cho is framed by a co-worker and wrongfully fired. The infection is capable of making people act out their wildest impulses. Trapped in the quarantined building, our hero is forced to savagely fight tooth and nail for not only his job but his life.

This film offers The shot of adrenaline you didn’t know you wanted. As usual with films Directed be genre filmmaker Joe Lynch

Similar to THE BELKO EXPERIMENT and BATTLE ROYALE only here there is an out of sorts where as the reason for the characters behavior is more because of a infectious virus. So the moral implications part doesn’t play so much into the film. Though at least here it is better formatted and explained than some others of this story and genre.

The film offers More clear cut villains who we know are evil from The beginning. Not made that way due to circumstances or telling us this part of them is only coming out because it is free reign. This leaves the characters a bit more extreme as no one’s hands are clean and each character is willing to go crazy or betray one another condition or not. Even when not killing or maiming just in extreme behavior.

Though violent, the extreme violence is left off screen. The film doesn’t only offer violence or fighting as extreme behavior.

The film is Better structured as there seems to be more reasons and less random and Independently sinister. As we know the people he is going for are all evil themselves without this extra push. Which makes it feel More justified and more like a basic action film scenario.

Definitely a film for those who work in Low level jobs a kind of fantasy living itself out. That becomes identifiable and heroic of sorts. When the rules and roles are thrown out the window and it ends up becoming survival of the fittest.

Joe lynch is making great genre movies that feel entertaining and more no holds barred that seem more what the audience and fans want. Not constricted by the studios. Especially with this film and his previous one EVERLY.

As even in this film it feels more independent than the films it is similar to. As half the characters are I likeable and the film doesn’t seem too concerned with characters well being who aren’t the leads. The film also has a diverse cast.

This is not a film for deep thought but a instant gratification film that doesn’t really care about guilt. Though clearly wants to be fun for and responsible somewhat for the audience.

It is obviously built like a video game with a Time clock in which the characters must work within and they are seeking to gain access to other levels so that he can reach the top. To literally face the boss.

This film is a gem of a film that at first might feel familiar but as it goes along shows it’s true colors and you realize it is a cut above the rest.

Grade: B

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