Written & Directed By: Harmony Korine
Cinematography: Benoit Debie
Editor: Douglas Crise 

Cast: Matthew McConaughey, Zac Efron, Snoop Dogg, Jonah Hill, Martin Lawrence, Isla Fisher, Jimmy Buffet, Stefania LaVie Owen, JoMarie Payton 

A rebellious stoner named Moondog lives life by his own rules.

The one way To describe this film is indulgent. An anti-authority film of sorts. As there is a bare bones story buried deep down in there. That doesn’t really matter as it seems to exist more as a skeleton to put these particular characters around and to gain some kind of path or momentum.

As every actor truly gets into their role where it barely seems scripted and that they were allowed to just go off in character. As they truly seem indulgent. Though by the end they more or less seem more like guest stars in this film. As most are in the film for a section then seem to disappear after their adventures with Matthew Mccognahey’s character. Though all of them excel.

As it’s easy to see why they took their roles. It offers them outlandish over the top characters that they can have fun and run with. Where it seems more improvised which frankly the whole film feels like.

Even Jonah Hill in a barely recognizable small role is is over the top the over the top was becomes part of what is so funny. As it never grounds itself.

This is going to be a polarizing movie for most. As either you are going to love it or hate it. What else would you expect from writer/director Harmony Korine.

It’s a film where it seems like everyone had a great time making it and want to include us in the fun but it seems so all over the place you can’t really. As you vinyl see glimpses of greatness half the time. Though they seem to be having more fun then us with very few consequences. So that it feels like watching one of those rich and famous shows. Where they show off all the baubles and riches that you wish for but can’t have but like to watch just to see.

There are some comedic scenes that are inspired and random. That show the promise of what could have been if structured stronger.

It feels like Writer/director Harmony Korine goes for a more naturalistic approach and it is a comedy. Where he is more interested and n the audience spending time and experiencing this sleazy drugged out world and characters then necessarily moving the plot forward, but he knows the film has to keep moving.

So that is where we come into them as adventures. It seems ironic that the couples daughter and new husband are more calm and sedate. Yet had parents are more wild and crazy.

The film seems to move and pull us into the main character Moondog’s wave length and show his lifestyle. He is disruptive yet peaceful while respecting nothing normal. Especially money but is happy. As it seems good things keep happening to him for him to survive. His character is a local celebrity as everyone seems to know and recognize him and hold him in high regard. Anyone who doesn’t comes off more as a villain of sorts.

We watch as he takes this journey that seems to be what the film is all about to finally finish his novel and return to greatness.

There is a kind of respect the film achieves as it never tries to be anything more or less. Then What It is. It’s a rowdy film that is supposed to portray a journey.

It seems to want to give the audience an experience. An exotic naturalness that is grungy but has it’s own beauty. Challenging the rules of cinema and storytelling minorly. Even as at times it might come across as an F.U to the audience.

As this is a stoner comedy it aspires to be funny and shows a bravery of spirit. Yet it seems to breakdown and half the time get a little lost. Which makes it a bit challenging.

Though one thing is for certain Matthew Mccognahey gives a brauva performance in a role that seems born for him to play. More memorable then the film he started in SURFER DUDE.

When he and the movies seems to try and challenge THE BIG LEBOWSKI. As the next generation stoner movie and hero. Even though the Coen Brothers move is more polished and planned.

The tropical locale and movie even has snoop dog and jimmy buffet in it in acting roles. You will wonder where Willie Nelson and Woody Harrelson are.

Grade: C+

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