Directed By: David Gordon Green 
Written By: Brain Gatewood & Alessandro Tanaka 
Cinematography By: Tim Orr 
Editor: Craig Alpert

Cast: Jonah Hill, Ari Graynor, J.B. Smoove, Sam Rockwell, Method Man, Bruce Altman, Erin Daniels, Max Records, Samira Wiley

A comedy about a college student on suspension who is coaxed into babysitting the kids next door, though he is fully unprepared for the wild night ahead of him. 

This film is a Rated R ADVENTURES IN BABYSITTING remake almost. Though this is definitely dirtier and less heartwarming but still just as fun. 

The film is a major showcase for Jonah Hill. This is one of those films that your enjoyment depends upon. It’s comedic center and performance and luckily here you have a solid comedic lead with Jonah. The only problem is that he hasn’t defined his type yet. It works out in him giving more of an acting performance than a comedian’s performance where it just would feel like an extension of the comedian’s comic personality. 

He is still a bit shaky and unsteady but definitely finding his way and feeling himself. There is one thing i truly admire about Jonah hill is that with each project he takes on, he is hands-on throughout the production as far as writing and creativity. 

This was his last film before he lost a massive amount of weight. To me so far in his career, Jonah Hill has barely made a misstep. He even managed to make a dramatic turn in MONEYBALL. I didn’t think much of going in and ended up surprisingly loved it. Not only does he hit it out of the ballpark but he got an Oscar nomination. 
If you don’t like films that rely on stereotypes to a degree and children being exposed to bad language and inappropriate situations But also using it. This is not the film for you. Which might be why the film bombed. Its advertisement is full of kids. Which you would think would make it a movie that you could bring your kids to. Unfortunately, you can’t.

Which really makes you question is the film only funny because it’s pushing the limit and squeezing laughs out of it or is it just funny. In other words, is it success only shock value. 
The film barely got a good advertisement like they were just throwing it out, Made it just seem like it is only about a Male babysitter isn’t that funny. It has Jonah Hill looking shocked on a flyer for a babysitter asking “Would you trust this guy with your kids” 

I enjoyed the film more then I expected to because despite all of it’s nastiness, shocks, and familiarity. It also managed to have sensitivity and heart without selling out it’s cynicism. It’s a shame it bombed as it seems to be juvenile an off-kilter crowd pleaser. 
J.B. Smoove Plays his usual type of role but it works for the film and is hilarious and adds to his menacing character to a point considering the drug dealers He and Sam Rockwell play in the film are more comedic then threatening which makes them that much scarier as they are continually off-kilter. Sam Rockwell’s drug dealer and his harem of well-muscled men are inspired and definitely off-putting. As always Rockwell is an engaging performer who is good dramatically but kills in comedic roles. 

The film tries to play it both ways Between Cynical and heartwarming. Towards the end even though the film has mostly been playing by its own rules, it turns a bit sappy out of nowhere when all of a sudden the main character played by Jonah hill gaining Noble wisdom having all the answers and finally figuring out responsibility and when he should be taught a lesson and deal with his mistakes. 

He is let off and saved so that only for the grace of the script he would never truly learn his lesson as he gets away with almost everything without punishment. It’s a movie that is not meant to be a lesson know. I’m just saying. This film is a good rental. I only wish the running time was long to keep the film going. Yet it ends before it wears out it’s welcome.  




Written & Directed By: Harmony Korine
Cinematography: Benoit Debie
Editor: Douglas Crise 

Cast: Matthew McConaughey, Zac Efron, Snoop Dogg, Jonah Hill, Martin Lawrence, Isla Fisher, Jimmy Buffet, Stefania LaVie Owen, JoMarie Payton 

A rebellious stoner named Moondog lives life by his own rules.

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Written & Directed By: Joel & Ethan Coen
Cinematography By: Roger Deakins
Editor: Roderick Jaynes 

Cast: Josh Brolin, George Clooney, Alden Ehrenreich, Scarlett Johansson, Ralph Fiennes, Channing Tatum, Jonah Hill, Clancy Brown, Tilda Swinton, Frances McDormand, Christopher Lambert, Robert Picardo, Fisher Stevens, David Krumholtz, Alex Karpovsky, Alison Pill, Fred Melamed, Wayne Knight, Jack Huston, Agyness Deyn

Hail Caesar! Follows a day in the life of Eddie Mannix, a Hollywood fixer for Capitol Pictures in the 1950s, who cleans up and solves problems for big names and stars in the industry. But when studio star Baird Whitlock disappears, Mannix has to deal with more than just the fix.

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MID90S (2018)


Written & Directed By: Jonah Hill 

Cinematography: Christopher Blauvelt 

Editor: Nick Houy 

Music By: Atticus Ross & Trent Reznor 

Cast: Sunny Suljic, Na-kel Smith, Olan Prenett, Gio Calicia, Ryder Maclaughlin, Lucas Hedges Katherine Waterston, Alexa Demie, Alma Elsesser 

Follows Stevie, a thirteen-year-old in 1990s-era Los Angeles who spends his summer navigating between his troubled home life and a group of new friends that he meets at a Motor Avenue skate shop. Continue reading “MID90S (2018)”