Directed By: Joe Lynch
Written By: Adam Green
Based on characters created By: Fred Cavaye
Cinematography: Juan Miguel Azpiroz 

Cast: Frank Grillo, Anthony Mackie, Marcia Gay Harden, Stuart F. Wilson, Christian Cooke, Teyonah Parris, Boris Micgiver, Markice Moore 

An ER nurse and a career criminal are forced into an unlikely partnership in taking down a ring of corrupt cops threatening the lives of both their families.

This is a remake of a French thriller. That was perfect on it’s own. While that film has it’s own charms. This remake while being a bit more homegrown still manages to find it’s own identity. Where as the French film is more of a thriller. This is definitely more an action film.

This film is enjoyable yet feels a little too typical as an action thriller. Yet it stays entertaining if not entirely predictable.

What I can say about this film that is most enjoyable is that it feels and looks colorful. The action sequences are soundtracked more from the music of the 1980’s which reminds the audience watching where the films inspiration comes from. The film tries to add to the formula. As the audience are already used to and expecting certain things. This film provides but also tries to skewer it a little. To keep the audience off center a bit.

The action scenes while thrilling also tend to have a sense of humor to them At times. As does much of the film. As the Crimea l underground seems so rag tag and random throughout. Especially the film loving gangsters who direct their mischief like a movie production.

Frank Grillo comes out of this movie looking like he barely is breaking a sweat as he is the dangerous action leading man, but also the charismatic criminal at the center. He is just plain old watchable and It’ nice to see him In a more heroic role rather then the villain.

Marcia Gay Harden impresses in her role as the villainous dirty cop. In a role that seems would have regularly been played by Michelle Rodriguez, but at least she adds some class to the production and cast.

This is a film where the cast and behind the scenes talent are much better than the material, but they still give it all they got. Where it has a reality heightened and recognizable. It also feels more like a comic book to a degree by having memorable action, A sense of humor and staying colorful throughout.

The film is directed by Joe Lynch a director who has shown a love and passion for genre films in the past. Here he adds flavor to what could have been a typical cops and robbers action thriller. He made a film that stands out a little more. This is more a mainstream film for him after his last film the overlooked action thriller EVERLY starring Salma Hayek. Here he seems to more go for the mainstream and walks away with flying colors.

Here at least the film is short and to the point.

Grade: C+

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