Directed By: Hans Petter Moland
Written By: Frank Baldwin
Based On The Film KRAFTIDIOTEN Screenplay By: Kim Fupz Aakeson
Cinematography: Philip Ogaard
Editor: Nicolaj Monberg 

Cast: Liam Neeson, Laura Dern, William Forsythe, Tom Bateman, Emmy Rossum, Domenick Lombardozzi, John Doman, Michael Eklund, Julia Jones, Elizabeth Thai 

A grieving snowplow driver seeks out revenge against the drug dealers who killed his son. Based on the 2014 Norwegian film ‘In Order of Disappearance’.

Didn’t know this film was a remake which would explain the film’s rather bizarre pacing and very dry humor. The Original Film’s director Directs this Remake.

Though the film is pretty much typical of an action revenge film. It is also odd for the little touches it tries to put forth into the film. As it plays pretty simple at first. Though as the film goes along there is a kind of dark humor that goes along with the film. As well as more and more quirky characters. Until the film turns into basically a mob war. As Liam Nelson’s character inadvertently puts the Native American mob against the plain old mob.

The film throws you off to a degree as the trailer made it seem like it was more comedic and ridiculous then it actually is. The film does have a sense of humor a rather dry and darkly violent one. That isn’t witty.

At the beginning of the film there seems to be no score when it comes to the action sequences. Then after a few kills you also notice that Laura fern has really very few lines and has little reason to be there until her character finally disappears totally.

Then also of a sudden we are introduced to characters and their certain quirks that usually have a pay off but aren’t really needed except to maybe tell them apart. As the film also lets us know who has died as it fades to black and gives us the characters full name and their nicknames which beach character seems to have and the film tries to make light of by even having Neeson’s character ask why does everyone have a nickname.

This film is high concept but owes quite a bit to the 1980’s which is when it feels like this film was written. As the film is stereotypical but you can see it trying not to Be which only helps cement it in. Especially when one of the first henchmen to be gotten rid of has a loud platinum blond Mohawk.

The way they dispose of his son’s body is also so out on the open it’s hard to believe they can’t immediately figure out he was murdered. Though later when we see the sheriff throwing up after finding a dead body. It shows the resourcefulness of the police force.

The villain played by Tom Bateman is so over the top. That It’s hard to take him seriously and you wonder if he was just directed that way. As he seems touch but not dangerous. Sort of like Chiwetel Ejofer’s villain in FOUR BROTHERS that you know once the hero gets to him. It will barely be a fight. If anything he seems more menacing like a lightweight Joaquin Phoenix.

The movie also introduces characters who seem there just one at up as victims. They also give us supporting characters of two deputies one a upstart who follows the letter of the law and her older partner who is more laid back. Though they really have no reason to be there other then maybe star power. As they feel very expendable except to show some kind of police presence. Even if they add nothing to the film overall. Maybe part of the reason this film feels odd is that it lives up to it’s title and is more of a thriller then it is an action movie though there is some action. Really until the gun battle near the end. The film is more a revenge thriller that the. Evolves into a gang war through a series of complications this rare never intended to happen but play into the heroes favor.

Emmy Rossum’s role here seem to be the character to figure it all out and also be another famous name on the poster and in the film. She also helps pad out the running time as without the movie would probably run about 20 minutes shorter.

She is also really the only positive female Role throughout the whole film at least the only one who has extended screen time. And actually gets to be part of the action and not in a role that is subservient in any way or sexual.

This is another film where the hero more talks tough and seems more deranged but seems to be useless on his own or in hand to hand. He’s only strong when he has back up to do his bidding.

The film does offer action but more just violence. It gets action packed here and there then tries to set itself up like a game of chess. Even though It’s not that smart and you can see the moves coming from a mile away.

Liam Neeson says this will supposedly be his last action film, It makes sense he would end his streak here. As we have gotten used to it, but the films are also becoming routine. At least here this is a little different as it has some humor and is so bizarre that it helps at least set itself apart from his other films to a degree.

Grade: C-

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