Written, Directed & Edited By: Jason Zink
Cinematography: Elliott Abel & Christopher P. Purdy

Cast: Cory Kays, Evey Reidy, Julio Montenegro Jr., Sean Jones, Warren Aitken, Travis Manners, Joe Bachan, Jason Zink 

A young punk and a houseful of drunks square off against the gang of militant straight edgers that he’s abandoned.

The title sounds like a punk rock exploitation film or a party film. It is more the before as like the aesthetic of the characters this feels more like a low-budget D.I.Y. Film made about a certain cultural scene. About and for members of that scene as a worst-case scenario. Though it also invited newcomers. 

The villains of the film are obvious as soon as the first scene. 

It shows how a group meant to police punk rock shows against violence, drugs, and alcohol. So it can be safe for all to have a good time and get corrupted from their vigilante beliefs and moral servitude that quickly comes off as fascism. 

As they end up becoming the villains way too fast. Even in the early scenes, they are more bullies than anything. Who then become murderous without a second thought way too willingly. More out of jealousy from one of their own leaving them. They believe him to be influenced away by the punks rather than the continuous abhorrent violence they seem to court is always looking for a fight and behaving more like jocks. As they constantly have a mentality of going to these shows and supposedly enjoying the music but seem to hate everybody else at these shows who are into the music. So that they are exclusive in who should be allowed there and what songs the bands are allowed to perform. 

Where every character has way too much free time and no form of income. Not to mention the residents seem to have no neighbors.

Towards the third act, the film becomes a horror film. It also has an understanding of fighting against fascism all Of them Are supposed to be against.

The straight-edge characters come off as characters not willing to try something new. As well As huge inferiority complexes. And obsessed with their lost member. 

The film is an exciting experiment with conventional set-up and storytelling. As it is ambitious and it seems the director is going with what they know and exposing independent punk rock bands in the process. 

The film comes off more amateurish in the end. Though a nice try as a first film.

Grade: C-

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