Written, Directed & Edited By: Jane Schornbrun

Cinematography: Patrick Carbone

Cast: Anna Cobb, Michael J. Rogers, Holly Anne Frink

Alone in her attic bedroom, teenager Casey becomes immersed in an online role-playing horror game, wherein she begins to document the changes that may or may not be happening to her.

The experience of watching this film is like being on The internet and following a person or story randomly at times but more focused. Watching this on an actual computer or laptop one can imagine would only enhance it and make you feel more immersed.

The film uses what you know already to help tell the story. How loneliness feels and an obsession can take over. The desperation in making a connection. Changing your identity to fill A role. 

The film remains creepy throughout. Making the simple so scary and disturbing. Keeping an alienating mood. Yet feeling so personal. 

You keep waiting for something worse to happen. That is the atmosphere of the film. Which is powered by your imagination and fear. In a good way not as a cheap ploy commonly used in subpar PG-13 studio horror films.

Where not only do the trailers offer the sin of giving too much away in the preview but also the feeling it might as well have gone full rated R. So it doesn’t feel so restrained. Not to mention would make the film somewhat memorable if even just for the more naughty parts and probably would have made as much money either way. Which still wouldn’t have been enough but I guess the studios hope teens who are sneaking into other films will buy tickets or who want to see more mature movies but can’t get tickets to a rated R movie settle for Disturbing and intense more mentally even though it is framed as a game. As we are offered clues and details in the background that only a few are acknowledged and come into play. 

It might remind some of the early 2000s indie cinema.  Where once in a while really felt creative and innovative. While seeming more like a more mainstream shell. 

Told through the camera. Not necessarily through complete scenes.

It’s the intention of what we are used to from traditional narratives. It tries to subvert the ordinary and flow. Even watching the videos of one character strangely feel opened to more than just the character 

Though most of the images and material are minimal. Yet the film sets your mind a blaze as to what could happen.

Hard to exactly explain the film other than to say it is more cerebral and for the adventurous. As it is definitely not for everyone 

Grade: A-

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