Written & Directed By: Corey Asraf & John Swab 

Cinematography: Jeff Melanson 

Editor: Corey Asraf & Dylan Quirt 

Cast: Niko Nicotera, Sam Quartin, Mark Boone Junior, Marilyn Manson, William Lee Scott, Michael Potts, Gore Abrams, Megan Mattox, Danny Boy O’Connor, Michael Sheamus 

A cerebral revenge film about two adopted siblings who fall in love, and hatch a plan to kill their abusive father.

At first, if you are a fan of the television show SONS OF ANARCHY you will notice four of the actors from that show are in this film. A kind of reunion playing the same type of characters 

The mood of the film is a lot like that show and TRUE DETECTIVE mixed where the characters here are flawed and most are reprehensible. As they are all either criminals, addicts, or low lives, and the only innocence in the film is sniffed out quickly.

Though the film will make you believe there is beauty in this darkness you just have to try and see it. Throughout the film will try to make each scene filled with some kind of depth or philosophical wonder.

At heart, there is a love story that can never be fulfilled or allowed.

As most of this film Feels like a crime story though it doesn’t have those thrills. There are no scenes of hold-ups or even planning of scores even for all of its Violence which never quite feels unnecessary. Though you wish more was happening.

The most striking character who walks away with the film is the hitman played by Marilyn Manson who seems to have Seen it all.

So much that nothing phases him and he really has no loyalty but isn’t going to shoot you in the back for no reason either.

At times the film chooses to play with the timeline and the film does feel enriched to a certain Degree. You only wish the story was stronger to give us some reason to care more and to get more involved in the film.  As it seems to have the necessities but not the goods. 

Grade: C

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