Directed By: Jonathan Garfinkel 
Written By: Rona Segal 
Cinematography By: Shark De Mayo 
Editor: Arik Liebovitch 
 Cast: Sivian Levy

Inevitable is a realistic paraphrase of a classic teen-movie, a deep dive into the ‘Grey zone’ of sexual abuse, told through the story of average suburban adolescents. The story takes place right now, next door. Gili is a teenager who decides to change schools. She is determined to improve her lame social status. Over the course of a few weeks she hooks up with several different boys, all from her new school. Their encounters get more and more sexual. Exploring their limits each time further. The boys are eager to take what is so generously offered, and Gilli is thrilled to get the attention. No tears, no complaints, no consequences. No adults. No one who says that maybe something is wrong

While this film puts more of a true face on the youth as thy discover sex and sexuality. It is also more of a horrific tale.

This is one of the most depressing and scary movies I have seen recently more scary as this might be a tale that could be rooted in truth or actually be happening out there.

The film starts off simple as her behavior seems to happen to impress her crush, yet with the introduction of his friend who is better looking more forward, and more inclined to have fun and showing her positive attention. Sensing thins falls for him and seem that her crush has no bounds. He leads her on constantly hooking up and more or less using her like a pet and trying to get her to hook up in front of friends or with friends.

Even at times when it looks like She has found a savior in the role of a friend in the group who seems to like her romantically. Who she seems to hang out with as to get closer to her main crush and out of desperation as no one else is calling her. Quickly turns into more of a date rape-ish scene after she slightly insults him. where he doesn’t realize the consequences of his actions.

Later on in the film after continuous debasement. There is a defining scene where the core group of friends refuse her transport and call her degrading names truly showing what they think of her. She really shows no reaction as seems fixated on her crush.

What the film lacks is a scene or sense where she finally lets it all out knowledge of her actions or sense of self. Letting it all out. Instead it stays bottled in and keeps getting worse and worse. As the adore wants her to come to her senses or for someone preferably female to save her.

I don’t know how true to life this film is bit I fear there are a lot of women and some men out there like this. 

Sivian Levy gives a brave performance in the lead. She has a natural beauty that isn’t obvious or announce itself but is clearly evident. That gives her character, not a prom queen look more of a girl next door look. Which seems to fuel the characters need for acceptance and attention. While she gives the character a certain resourcefulness. She is also a victim of her own decisions and self-delusion. She convincingly makes the character clear though not the root of the decisions.

This film has an unflinching look that as soon as it turns to becoming a more realistic erotic scene the ugliness of the situation and the debasement on the character becomes so overwhelming it is more like a torture scene.

We are given a quick, short look at her home life to better understand why she might accept how she is treated and the motivations behind her actions and decisions.

The revolving question in this film is that by a certain point she realizes she is being used almost being pimped out practically. You wonder is this all for attention and being popular or does she really continue in these actions to please and impress the one boy she has a crush on and is her main abuser.

By the ending though it is left ambiguous. It leaves you to wonder will she continue this behavior as it looks like it will become a bigger circle and this time as before it will be more Of a submission by force.

The film is broken down into individual scenes that seem to end with some kind of sexual act, Part of the fun of the film is finding the inventive way the director introduces the number into the next scene.

 Grade: B-

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