ARMORED (2009)

Directed By: Nimrod Antal
Written By: James V. Simpson
Cinematography By: Andrzej Sekula
Editor: Armen Minasian
Cast: Columbus Short, Matt Dillon, Laurence Fishburne, Skeet Ulrich, Fred Ward, Jean Reno, Milo Ventimiglia, Lorna Raver, Amaury Nolasco 

The war veteran, Ty Hackett, is hired to work as security guard by the Eagle Shield Security where his old friend Mike Cochroone works. Ty is having financial difficulties after the death of his father, and is raising his brother Jimmy alone. He teams up with Mike’s brother-in-law, Baines, and their coworkers Quinn, Palmer and Dobbs. One night, Mike invites Ty to join in the robbery of two armored trucks transporting forty-two million dollars. The reluctant Ty accepts after Mike promises that nobody would be hurt in the heist. 

The directing by Nimrod Antal is solid that is one of the few good things I can say about this film. The story plays out more like action oriented theater. It has limited locations and most of the film takes place at a single one.

The action feels only necessary to dispatch characters and fill out the story. It helps the audience to feel more intense moments. The film feels more like it would play better in the 80’s or 90’s. with less dramatic cast.

Don’t get me wrong Matt Dillon and Laurence fishburne are good (Though Laurence Fishburne is often given to overacting in the film) This feels like a film Mr. Fishburne probably would have starred in, in his youth. Considering the cast involved this film should be much better then it is. They aren’t really given that much in the form of dimensions for characters.

It’s a shame that this is one of those High concept plotted films that could make a interesting big screen film, but feels like a b movie potboiler that is more at home making it’s premiere straight to dvd and/or Cable. The big names Deserve better roles then they have here and the up and comers. Who work out in the leads but shouldn’t be playing stock characters so early in their careers.

I wish we could have seen this cast in the film TAKERS and the cast of takers in this film instead as this film isn’t exactly rich with ideas or situations. This film has only one female speaking role. So this is more of a man’s only film.

The script could have been a lot better. If you are going to limit the action there should be more great dialogue and story or something or somebody to focus on. To take us out of the claustrophobic atmosphere by being interesting. Or add story to make this situation more intense and make the audience feel it.

Maybe tighten the claustrophobic atmosphere so they each must act in their own interests faster. Maybe make the character older so that these are his friend more or less that turn on him. Instead of just being the new guy in need of money and a steady job.


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