Directed by: Mark Buntzman 
Written By: Mark Buntzman & William Sachs 
Cinematography: Bob Baldwin & Joseph Mangine 
Editor: Marcos Manton, George Norris & Florent Retz 

Cast: Robert Ginty, Mario Van Peebles, Frankie Faison, Deborah Geffner, Scott Randolf, Ayre Gross, Reggie Rock Bythewood, Bruce Smolanoff, Irwin Keyes 

The flamethrower-wielding vigilante John Eastland returns to rid New York City of a drug lord and his gang.

The exterminator returns. This is basically a revenge movie and vigilante movie rolled into one. Not that the film is supposed to be taken all that seriously. As it seems more an action film of the times that tries to be exploitive but forgets in all ways. That seems to want to try to be more mainstream. Which then takes out most of what made the first film stand out in the first place.

At least the first film had a kind of grindhouse style that fit its Time period that made it somewhat watchable.

This movie goes with the times and the ridiculous fashions and styles of the time. It’s Mainly noteworthy for having a young Mario Van Peebles play the villain, a gang leader who dresses like he is in Mad Max. While his goons all seem to be some kind of punk rockers or backup dancers from a music video who try to look urban. 

While the film is violent it’s Not as creative with its Kills and the violence where seems more gratuitous for no reason that comes across as exploitive.

At least here the lead has a sidekick and they give him A Love interest. And a sex scene. Which here just seems more like. Reason to have some nudity in the film. Whose victimization gives him A target for his anger. 

Out of this series at least when presenting a hero he isn’t some Kind of heroic figure or even that skilled just a Vietnam vet who knows his way around weapons. No hand-to-hand combat, just strictly strike and kill. 

There is an ending but it’s Not necessarily happy for anyone. The problem is that as with most sequels this continues the protagonist’s adventures but comes off generic rather than inventive. 

It’s fun to see character actors in various roles throughout before they went onto bigger and better things but that is the only joy that the film brings to mind.

Grade: D

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