Directed By: Brian Trenchard-Smith
Written By: Jon George & Neill Hicks 
Story By: Robert Williams, David Lawrence & George Schenck 
Cinematography: John McLean
Editor: Alan Lake

Cast: Steve Railsback, Olivia Hussey, Michael Craig, Carmen Duncan, Noel Ferrier, Lynda Stoner, Roger Ward, Michael Petrovitch, Gus Mercurio, John Ley 

In a dystopian future where deviants are held in “re-education” camps, a freedom fighter and a wrongfully-accused prisoner form an alliance to survive their decadent oppressors’ game of kill-or-be-killed – and turn the tide against them.

This is pure Ozploitation a prime example of the cinematic style and genre.

This is a B-Movie that strikes the right tone. As it is ridiculous and explosive but stays inventive and entertaining. 

Some might even watch this movie and can see it as an early version of the film THE RUNNING MAN 

This is a film that makes clear from the beginning who will not likely be the victims. 

The film seems to try to build up a sexiness for a female character but never quite follows through. Never giving her any character and is eliminated without a thought especially when it seems the female warden has a special interest in Her, more than any of the males.

Most of the wardens are actually more interesting and fun than the prisoners.

One of the evil wardens doesn’t even seem like he was really capable of doing any real hunting, physically. 

This film is one of the few times seeing Olivia Hussey in a film and as the lead. She is quite beautiful as the most innocent of the bunch. Which helps her to get the audience’s biggest sympathies throughout.

There are times when the film goes over the top in many fun ways. When it comes to the action, violence, and character but it also travels into the ridiculous. Like when it comes to the strange animal wolf-human character. 

The bald guard who aids the warden thought he was going to be a bigger adversary for the prisoners if he ends up barely being a Challenge. As the film seems to set him up at first as more of the main villain than just a right-hand man. 

This movie is never truly slow or boring. Though is continuously violent and ridiculous that you can’t help but have a fun time watching 


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