Written & Directed by: John Hughes 
Cinematography: Matthew F. leonetti
Editor: Chris Lebenzon, Scott Wallace & Mark Warner 

Cast: Anthony Michael Hall, Ilan Mitchell-Smith, Kelly Lebrock, Bill Paxton, Robert Downey Jr. Robert Rusler, Suzanne Snyder, Judie Aronson, Vernon wells, Michael Berryman, Britt Leach, Wallace Langham

Two high school nerds use a computer program to literally create the perfect woman, but she turns their lives upside down.

This film is a nostalgic favorite for me. That still fills me with joy as I watch it. Even if as I get older I realize how thin the premise is. 

I would have to say out of the John Hughes canon this film seems to be his lightest weighted film. As this film just seems more of an escape for him and maybe his audience a film that you could just enjoy and not put any great thought into.

Though just as any coming of age tale. This one still has a lesson to teach about confidence and being yourself. Even if it takes wishes from a beautiful woman as a genie to do it.

This film is total wish fulfillment for teenage boys. As the heroes get all they ever wanted really. They work to a degree to get it but in the most fanciful way. So this film doesn’t come close to any of the realities of Hughes’s previous teen films. As it is more science fiction influenced. As part of the fantasy 

One thing that stays constant is the humor. The scenes feel like little skits of their own under the banner of a plot. With teen fantasies thrown in. In a movie where the plot could easily be made into a porn parody  

Early groundbreaking performance from bill Paxton as the older brother from hell. Though shows how distinguished a career he has had and as many iconic films and characters he has played. That this his debut is the most remembered and strongest.

The lust and desire the characters and audience has for Kelly lebrock are what also help the film. As the friendly yet ultimately unattainable object and character of desire. 

 Amazingly the film has nudity but not from her she stays clothed though scantily clad in only a few scenes. As their genie of sorts. Though then again as a fantasy. It makes her more desirable if she stays a mystery.

 It’s a shame she never really followed up with a film or role quite as memorable. Which for that generation and generations after who are fans of this fits her defining role. I am Sure also an early model for quite a few a dream girl. 

This film seems written for Anthony Michael hall as most of the film allows for his comedic facial expressions, double tales, and comedic bits. Especially in his scenes where he plays drunken. where he seems to be attempting his own version of the classic Richard Pryor Mudbone character.

This showcases that some of the film’s humor is racy by today’s standards and would be viewed as non-politically correct in quite a few scenes.

Mostly Due to language and what seems like a hallmark of John Hughes films of inclusion of minorities by having a scene where the character goes to the more urban side of town. That seems stereotypical but not as insulting as it could be. Except for a scene in National Lampoon’s Vacation, Which as a minor defense was only written by him. 

Learned the difference between a nerd and a dork. The Dork fast-talking thinks he is smoother and cooler than he actually is, Nerd is just smart and has trouble following social cues and finds interest in things that aren’t popular and more interested in science and other things to an obsessive degree. Where he feels he must dismantle it to understand it or at least examine to learn all they can. 

At the time I Looked up to Anthony Michael hall he was in all my favorite movies at the time. (Usually John Hughes ones) not to mention was more a movie star who was near my age. 

It seems like this film is almost like Anthony Michael hall’s audition for Saturday night love along with Robert Downey jr. Who were both cast members for one season. As he is given more to do comedically over the top here.

This film was one of my favorites from the 1980’s teen genre. As it was all more Commercial. As it has some themes of teenage life but is far less emotional and leans more towards fantasy 

At the time I was envious and Jealous of the fashion and cars in the film. It made me want to have them in the ’80s and looked forward to when I got older owning them. Especially a Ferrari. Still have a fascination with those cars. 

This film is a total of 80’s fantasy wish fulfillment. That works Escapist entertainment. It’s definitely Dated 

The story is Frankenstein mixed with a teen fantasy or more like a bride of Frankenstein. Almost like a long-form music video brought to life.

Bill Paxton co-stars in one of his breakout Roles and is truly a comedic highlight.

It has a moralistic lesson of bee icing in yourself as you had what you needed in you all along. As well as getting everything they want in the end.

Reminds you of the excess of the 1980s But still really enjoyable. One of my favorite films of the day watching it now see it’s a weakness but is more harmed by them in my deep-seated nostalgia.

Grade: B-  

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