Directed by: Shun’ya ito
Written By: Hiro Matsuda & Tooru Shinohara 
Cinematography: Masao Shimizu 
Editor: Osamu Tanaka

Cast: Meiko Kaji, Mikio Narija, Reisen Ri, Yayoi Nanbara, Seiya Sato, Takashi Fujiki, Tomoko Mayama, Mitsuru Mori 

Sasori is outside the prison and on the run from the police, wanted for breaking out of prison and murder. She takes refuge with a woman who has a brother with a learning disability. The woman and her brother are also involved in an incestuous relationship. Both the police and an ex-prison mate of Sasori’s pursue her.

This sequel feel more like a closing chapter more than anything. As it feels final and with little else to go. It’s also a lot more somber than the previous films. 

Don’t get me wrong it is still outrageous but not as ridiculous. As scorpion is On the run again and it seems everyone has it in for her. So that she has to seek revenge in multiple characters. The film is inventive in how it all comes together with characters each passing into another’s story.

Though this film is much sadder than the others as throughout this film scorpion becomes a ghostly Angel of vengeance for other characters who are victims of the villains throughout. As well as haunting the villains who underestimate her at first.

The film still has many uncomfortable exploitive moments meant to add drama or provoke a reaction out of the audience. Especially when it comes to sex scenes. This film feels more scaled back when it comes to sex and nudity but does have a sympathetic character In an incestuous relationship.

By the end no one Truly wins. The character you expect to somewhat be saved or be on the road to a better life by the end is pretty much still left where she was at the beginning. Only more tortured, but at least made a connection with the scorpion.

This is the last film of the franchise directed by Shun’ya Ito, which might be why this feels more like a finale than the eventual final sequel that stars Meiko Kaji in the role of the scorpion. Before eventually producers decided to revitalize the franchise without any of the original team involved.

All the male characters are evil and deplorable. Most are disposable also as cops, henchmen, or depraved men looking for sex or to exploit women.

One of the villains in the film Katsu seems more like a villain. Suited for the more outrageous previous films especially with her wardrobe and make up. As she comes across as campy almost she is cruel but the right amount of ridiculous as the previous films. Luckily as the film Goes along her development goes from scared to haunted to absolutely crazy with guilt. That she eventually matched the paleness of the make-up on her face naturally.

The film shows that the purgatory of prison was just as bad as the outside. At least prison only took up a certain amount of space. As the harsh reality of freedom seems to make the female characters natural prey. As it is so unpredictable. Whereas in prison you knew who to trust who not to.

The film shines a light on the harsh reality for the character after the more psychedelic freestyled previous films 


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