FRIDAY THE 13TH: PART 2 (1981)


Directed By: Steve Miner
Written By: Ron Kurz
Based On Character Created By: Victor Miller
Cinematography By: Peter Stein
Editor: Susan E. Cunningham

Cast: Amy Steel, Adrienne King, Warrington Gillette, Kristen Baker, John Furey, Walt Gorney, Betsy Palmer 

Months after Alice beheaded psycho killer/mother Pamela Voorhees at Camp Crystal Lake, survivor Alice is still traumatized because of the murders. But there is one problem: Mrs. Voorhees’ son Jason never drowned and died, so he saw Alice behead Mrs. Voorhees. Jason finds Alice soon and murders her. Five years later, a camp counselor-in-training program begins at Packanack Lodge, right near Camp Crystal Lake. As teenagers in the program start snooping around Camp Crystal Lake, they start getting killed violently one by one.

The thing that hurts the film is that it is terribly dated and the things that were thought scary and violent beack then are tame by today’s standards. This is a good starter movie for people just getting into the horror genre of movies.

What was revolutionary and new back then are now run of the mill. So looking at it recently i was disappointed at how unscary it was. I liked how it tried to be arty. After each kill there is a bright flash of light and the movie moves onto the next scene. There is blood, but it is not really violent. Plus the special effects make-up are fake and obvious. It doesn’t suspend disbelief for a second.

This is the first real Jason movie. He doesn’t really have a mask. Instead he wears a sack over his head. He doesn’t get the iconic mask until the next installment. This was when the formula was still fresh and before it fell ito it’s eventual knowledgable cliche’s. So that the boogeyman lurking in the woods had a bit of truth and fear to it.

This is almost the most sexless Jason film. There is sex, but it is not as gratuitous as it would become in future sequels. This film has a innocence to it compared to the others.

The film leaves many questions. What happened to the guy who was with the female survivor. Jason jumps at her. Next scene she is in an ambulance and no one mentions him. Also what happened to the training camp director’s assistant? We last see him looking for a after hours bar and then we never see hi again or hear of him either. Then there is the first scene This deformed man who can only kill. Supposedly can read and find out hwere the survivor of the first film lives. So he can get his revenge. Where has he been all this time? Did the death of his mother make him rise from the grave. Though supposedly at this point he is still human. How come no one notices him with this sack on his head?

I also had a problem with the camera placement. There is alot of hand-held camerawork that works well and gives an overall creepy mood and atmosphere, but then when we are seeing Jason’s POV behind a victim. The camera show the front of the victim with no one behind him. It starts taking you out of the movie. As implausable and weak as it seems. If you don’t think too hard this film is quite enjoyable.

As it has a innocence and purity. It is one of the earlier examples of the slasher film and ow to build it’s sequels. Since supposedly Jason lays Dormant for 5 yearsn before all of a sudden getting a kill lust.

Though it is better made then the original. See this only to see a piece of horror history. A somewhat classic in stature, But not quality


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