R.I.P. Joel Schumacher. This was surprising. Though he wasn’t making movies anymore. He did make some infamous ones and though some of his films are hated. To me he was always hit or miss. I will say he was one of the nicest icons in the industry I met personally. (Next to Robin Williams and Leah Remini)

A story I have only told very few people. Consider it an anecdote. When we met I was working at a movie theater and was my off day watching a movie. Yes that is how much of a movie lover i was and still am. He was coming out of watching a movie and I recognized him And just wanted to say hello and that I was a fan of his movies we ended up having a conversation about the movie DANCER IN THE DARK and Director Lars Von trier and he told me some stories about the making of his movies.

He actually seemed very interested in what I had to say and actually asked me what I thought of his movie TIGERLAND.

I also told him my love of movies which he said was obvious from the conversation. I told him I wanted to be a filmmaker and he told me how he started as a set dresser for woody Allen and that if he can make movies. He was pretty sure I could.

As the conversation was winding down another fan came up to him to introduce himself and tell him how Much he loved his films and he did something that shocked me.

He said thank you and I want you to meet Jeff Gallashaw an extraordinary young man. Who is an up and coming filmmaker and is going to make a great movie and great movies. To this day that has meant so much to me and I still owe him (and so many family, friends and believers) that one. For that I will always be grateful

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