Written & Directed By: Tony Vitale
Cinematography By: Claudia Raschke
Editor: Alexander Hall

Cast: Nick Scotti, Anthony Barrile, Anthony DeSando, Domeinck Lombardozzi, Christopher Lawford, Jennifer Esposito, Molly Price, Dwight Ewell, Rebecca Waxman, Guinevere Turner

Warren has an extra room in his apartment (and is five months behind on the rent) after his lover moves out, so a friend places an ad on his behalf for a GWM roommate. Frankie, a pizza baker (and aspiring actor), decides to move out of his family’s flat in The Bronx when he comes home one evening and walks in on his brother making love to Frankie’s girlfriend. Frankie checks ads for roommates in “the city” (i.e., Manhattan), notices Warren’s ad and decides to answer it, reasoning that GWM stands for “Guy With Money.”


I rented this film back in my Video-store days. It wasn’t a burning desire to watch the film. It was just me looking for a film to watch that night i came across the film. it sounded intriguing and i remember when it came out. the publicity around it was huge.

Essentially the film is a sitcom made into a movie. Eventually it actually did end up becoming a sitcom on CBS that lasted one season Titled SOME OF MY BEST FRIENDS Starring: Jason Bateman and Danny Nucci. For good reason it was pitched in 1991 as a sitcom. When the writer found out the studio was trying to steal the idea for a sitcom. He immediately wrote this as a play then as a movie. After being a minor success, it was then made into the series. This is the type of film that during the independent 90’s movement was one of the more commerical products put out. that could have been made by a studio, But had a certain element that made it get indie funding. It’s lightweight to the core. While trying to explore stereotypes and learning about each other through the clashing of cultures.

It’s a charming Odd Couple-esque little comedy. That prey’s heavily on stereotypes of both cultures. While it reinforces a bunch. It also delves into the characters of each culture and more importantly exposes them as individuals.

The film is rather clunky with a lot of overacting involved. Though as the film goes along you get to know the characters. They still seem to stay stereotypes looking for characteristics to seperate them from most of the characters.

The director Tony Vitale Eventually made another movie. I wonder if this was the only story he had or wanted to tell at the time or for many years. Though by listening to his commentary. It seems like what lead to this film was a constant fascination of both cultures and how they coexist when it came to clubbing. Without any hostility between them though you would guess there would be, but how in some instances like music choices, they are on the same page.

Mr. Vitale Also seemed to have dreams of grandeur when it came to this project of what he wanted and who he wanted to cast with such a low budget, but such is the dream when it comes to directors and writers. Though the film comes off ok. he also seems to credit his own film as being a masterpiece.

Grade: C+

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