welcometome (1)


Directed By: Shira Piven
Written By: Eliot Laurence
Cinematography: Eric Alan Edwards
Editor: Josh Salzberg & Kevin Tent 

Cast: Kristen Wiig, Wes Bentley, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Linda Cardellini, James Marsden, Tim Robbins, Joan Cusack, Loretta Devine, Thomas Mann, Alan Tudyk, Kulap Vilaysack 

Alice suffers from borderline personality disorder, but she has what she needs in life. She has an apartment, she has a best friend, and she has tapes of every Oprah Winfrey show. And now, after winning the lottery, she also has 83 million dollars. What she doesn’t have is an outlet for the whole world to know who she really is. The TV station cut her off when she tried turning her lottery announcement into a frank discussion of her sexual experiences, but with her money in hand, she’s off to LA to convince two struggling TV producer brothers to produce her own TV show. Whatever it costs, she’s going to do it. From swan entrances to dog neutering, she is going to introduce the world to Alice. But is the world ready for Alice?

This is the perfect role for Kristen Wiig. As it plays off of her usual outsider vibe but here only more dramatically. As her character is off but here instead of getting away with it. Her character is more made to paid the price for her decisions.

Her character also isn’t as lovable here. She is more grating and hard to like but slowly made to understand her even as she stays unpredictable. Though it does feel like she is playing one of her SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE characters only forced into the real world or enough of a realistic world to truly throw her out of her element and it not always be about laughs.

The film tracks her characters sudden wealth and how it changes her in that she gets off her meds and really lets her borderline personality come out more to the forefront. Though because of her wealth more and more people are willing to overlook and forgive her bizarre and irrational behavior and like any story about sudden fame. She slowly becomes insufferable becoming a burden to those who easily Sold out to her and hurting those who seem To generally care about her and were there for her before she won the lottery.

This film is independent and feels liek a labor of love as the cast is filled with recognizable faces in such small or supporting roles. Though each are needed to help fill out the story.

This is a bizzarely satisfying film as it always stays awkward and off kilter but in it’s Own way stays charming. Even as it at times tries to be a character study. That feels more like a comedy.

She is hyper sexual and most of her show Is only about herself and recreating moments of her life and dramatizing them. The. All of a sudden will go on a whim and do animal surgery. All the while having a side romance and then cheating nonchalantly because a younger guy is more flattering to her ego.

This film is definitely different, not in a cult or maddening way, but it’s A nice little film that chronicles exactly one year in the characters life.

It’s a pleasing getaway film. That is definitely more for Kristen Wiig fans. As well as those who like more low key dramedies.

Grade: C+

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