Directed By: Dennis Dugan
Written By: Barry Fanaro, Alexander Payne & Jim Taylor
Based on a screen Treatment By: Lew Gallo
Cinematography By: Dean Semler
Editor: Jeff Gourson 

Cast: Adam Sandler, Kevin James, Jessica Biel, Nicholas Turturro, Ving Rhames, Rob Schneider, Allen Covert Dan Aykroyd, Richard Chamberlin, Steve Buscemi, Blake Clark, Rachel Dratch, Nick Swardson, Mary Pat Gleason, Jamie Chung, Rob Coddry, Robert Smeigel, Richard Kline, Gary Valentine, Dave Matthews, Lance Bass, David Spade, Peter Dante, Jonathna Loughran 

Two straight, single Brooklyn firefighters pretend to be a gay couple in order to receive domestic partner benefits.

When it comes to Adam Sandler movies whole never quite masterpieces. For awhile he had a legacy that was box office hits and usually quite funny. Before it clearly became more about the paycheck and other perks. When his humor it seemed more aimed at the audience and trying to be funny and respected and made it come off as effortless though you can see the effort comparatively now.

This film is interesting in how it tries to be socially conscious but at times also drowning itself in stereotypes that the film is supposedly trying to end. This might be because of course we are dealing with this type of material in a Adam Sandler humored film. Which usually leaves no stone unturned. Though I have to say the film is at least enjoyable. One of the last of his original comedies I can say that about. It might be also because the screenwriters are more noted then his usual.

One can give credit to the film for trying to be open minded on a controversial and sensitive subject. Even if sometimes dealt with here in a sly, sill and ultimately stupid way where everything is practically spelled out. Where you would think the filmmakers would have to walk a tightrope. The film just showcases bigotry and leaves stupidity for both sides. As the film ends up ultimately an entertaining romp.

This is also another film where we are forced to believe him as a ladies man and lothario. Which is a bit of a stretch but helps create a comedic character.

This film is more the beginning of the more ego-centric over the top ultra masculine roles for Adam Sandler. Whose character is the lesser of the two because he hasn’t got love or family in his life. So his seems more empty. Though does provide the characters a chance to over come. their own bias and homophobia to a degree.

At their best usually films starring Sandler let him shine but also leaves room for others to be memorable in comedic turns. In this film there are a few but Ving Rhames the best even if at times over the top. Add Kevin James performance to the praise. As he is part of the humor but also carved out a nice sensitive believable character with plenty of times for physical comedy gags. One only wishes out of the cameos Steve Buscemi as the villain was a little funnier.

This is a film that has a surprising amount of heart that is less expected. Usually his films have a sentimentality though at least here it is believable.

This film also showcases the sexiest I have ever seen Actress Jessica Biel in a movie. Unfortunately at this time also the only noteworthy and memorable role that she has had other then maybe THE RULES OF ATTRACTION. Keep in mind that this movie has quite a bunch of eye candy that it likes to flash in abundance only for it to disappear for stretches.

The film is filled with recognizable actors in major and cameo roles. So it still has the typical Adam Sandler film formulas I like how the film tries to take a serious subject on and find humor in it but also deal with it to a degree. Even if there it is heavy handed in the stereotyping.

It also shows how ridiculous it is trying to get insurance and the ridiculous means you have to go about to get it. Screenwriter Alexander Payne disowned the film, claiming Sandler changed most of what Payne and his co-writer, Jim Taylor had written, calling the film “offensive, homophobic, and generally stupid.”

Will Smith and Nicolas Cage, Smith and James Gandolfini, and Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson, all showed interest in the project at some point.

That seems to have started here was his mid-life crisis where he must be the coolest and most successful character this seems to have lasted until the movie JACK AND JILL then made it’s presence felt eventually other film. Maybe to throw off the audience and it make it seem like he is playing the same characters. Though he hews close to a character type. Which is a shame because in other directors hands and movies not aimed directly at his fan base he has shown himself to be a competent actor.

I can say this Is one of the last of his films I can say I truly enjoyed and had fun with In theaters.

Grade: C+

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