Written & Directed By: Pedro Almodovar
Based on the Short Story “The Long Leave” by: Dorothy Parker
Cinematography By: Alfonso Beato
Editor: Jose Salcedo

Cast: Marisa Parades, Rossy De Palma, Manulea Vragas

Leo Macias writes sentimental novels with great success but hidden under a pseudonym, Amanda Gris. She is unhappy with her professional life and with her husband, a soldier working in Brussels and Bosnia that is never at home. She will try anything to change her life.

A return to form somewhat for director Pedro almodovar after hitting a low with audiences and critics with his polarizing film KIKA. he returned to form somewhat with this film which hits upon his old themes of it being a romance and a woman’s story without any of the kinkiness of his earlier material.

Almodovar would keep making films like these beginning in the year 2000. Films that would be about love, women and rather simple plots. Yet very emotional except the later films were more visually arresting and had a certain flair. After this film he would return with films Like LIVE FLESH which feel more like his voice behind the camera. He wasn’t taking any chances with this film which leads it to feel Rather subdued film. though as usual very colorful. The film feels more like a slight piece of work compared to his other films. Still a slight piece of work from him is still wonderful and interesting. It feels like a busy 1950’s melodrama. it matches the fasion, look and make up of the characters.

I wish i could have loved the film more but at times the film felt needlessly slow and kind of boring. it’s a good film but in spots it takes it’s time to say things that could have been said simply and faster.

The film was a story of love somewhat from a older perspective but showed no matter what your age. You can still be a fool for love. The film follows a woman author who is arguing with her long distance relationship husband who is in the military. she lets the relationship affect her everyday functions as she feels she can’t write her romance novels with a hint of truth since she is having so many problems in her’s so she decides to try and become a columnist at a newspaper and not tell the editor her true identity. He has has a crush on her. which becomes a problem when she is assigned to review a copy of her latest book. It has the usual complications and complex characters and stories of the usual Almodovar films. with a message that love conquers all, with some comedy thrown in. One of the storylines of her books is the actual plot line of his later film VOLVER.

I am a huge fan of Pedro Almodovar and his films they are personal while shinging a light on females and giving them dynamic roles that are missing in cinema. his film celebrates them as characters and shows there intelligence and beauty. he also makes complete dramedies and exposes you to a foreign culture rich with visuals.

If you are a Almodovar completist i would suggest the film, but if not feel free to skip this one.

Grade: B-

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