Directed By: Garry Marshall
Written By: Leslie Dixon
Cinematography: John A. Alonzo
Editor: Sonny Baskin & Dov Hoeing 

Cast: Goldie Hawn, Kurt Russell, Roddy McDowell, Edward Herrman, Katherine Helmond, Jared Rushton, Ray Combs, Hector Elizondo, Sven-ole Thorsen,
Michael G. Hagerty

Dr Joanna hires country carpenter Dean to build a closet on her yacht. When the two don’t see eye-to-eye, Dean is left unpaid while Joannard sets sail. The following day, Joanna is fished out of the sea, after falling overboard, suffering from amnesia. Dean sees a neat way to regain the money she owes him… he tells her she’s his wife; that way Dean gets a free housekeeper and mother for his four kids.

This is another film that feels like a youthful classic. As I remember watching it many times when I was younger on television and video. Though it’s not a great movie. It’s cute enough to be rewatchable. No Matter what depending on your mood. It’s just one of those films that just works and is hard to resist. Some might label it a guilty pleasure or just one of those films You Grow up with

The film feels like a throwback to those classic screen comedies of Yesteryear not as sophisticated but definitely had a polish. Where two characters or two different backgrounds end up falling in love after squabbling and due to some wacky mishap. Even as it is based loosely on the Italian Drama SWEPT AWAY.

Here the mishap is that Goldie Hawn’s character has amnesia and the carpenter she stiffed on paying. See’s this as the perfect opportunity for revenge. She shines more throughout the movie. As she is given much more to Do and is most of the time the fish out of water. The film is one of her more favorable films.

Kurt Russell does a lot of lifting in this Film as more the straight man when it Comes to the comedic scenes, but he does get the chance to be more pressured and flustered as he tries to put everything together and keep his plan going smoothly.

The film could almost be like a TV movie pilot for a future sitcom. That gives you a hint of the type of humor in this Film. The reason that this film is so appealing despite it’s set up might be because it was directed by Gary Marshall who as a legendary televise producer and film director always seemed to usually make the silliest material somehow work into an entertaining and charming film.

This is a nice film that can be viewed by the whole family. It helps Play off the personalities of it’s Stars and our knowledge that they are a couple in real life.

One could argue that the film is obviously glorifying kidnapping, while that is a crime this is more a movie meant to entertain and not think too hard how they get to the eventual happy conclusion, but here it seems more like the film is more guilty of lying and fooling someone you never thought to fall in love with and that seems to happen all the time in life.

The things that has always bothered me about the film is that it looks cheap maybe the film that is used. Like it was filmed with film meant to be used in television productions rather then movie film stock.

The film is typical material for director Gary Marshall. Whose films are usually simple and farcical seemingly made for audiences of the 1950’s. They always feel more like romantic fantasies then comedies. His films always have a sense of falseness to them and are usually entertaining. As long as you know and don’t plan on thinking too hard.

I will admit at first i didn’t know who directed it though maybe that is what gives them film more style and works better then it should. Despite being sloppy it still manages to have it’s charms

It’s strange as Gary Marshall was a very funny man and performer. His one enduring classic movie to me at least is BEACHES and that is more of an emotional classic, then skillfull filmmaking because his films know how to affect you emotionally they go in for the attack . Designed to get a favorable reaction.

If you look at the situation it’s cruel and sick but because it works out in the end and has a happy ending and no naughty shenanigans everything is forgiven or looked at favorably as everyone grows from the experience.

This film will leave you with a smile on your face. Though you can wait for cable to watch it.


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