Directed By: Charles Martin Smith
Written By: Joel Soisson, Rhet Topham & Michael S. Murphey
Story By: Rhet Topham
Cinematography: Robert Elswit
Editor: Jane Schwartz Jaffe 

Cast: Marc Price, Tony Fields, Lisa Orgolini, Elaine Joyce, Glen Morgan, Doug Savant, Gene Simmons, Ozzy Osbourne, Charles Martin Smith, Alice Nunn 

A bullied teenage boy is devastated after the death of his heavy metal idol, Sammi Curr. But as Hallowe’en night approaches, he discovers that he may be the only one who can stop Sammi from making a Satanic comeback from beyond the grave.

This is a film that is fun to look back on. As it seems inspired by the satanic panic of the 1980’s and the obsession that heavy metal bands were devil worshippers and put by evil Messages on their records if you play them backwards with anthems that encouraged suicide. That were seen as a kind of devotion or sacrifices or at least were really into satanism and took it a bit too far so that they were granted special powers and influence.

This film delves into that nightmare a bit. Here the dead rock star comes back to life but more as a killer of whoever gets in his way. The film sets him up early as an angry guy with fame. Who of course is a hero to the outcast lead of the film. Who learns that he isn’t Quite as hateful as his hero. as he has a soul at least .

There are early Scenes that showcase the bullying the lead character goes through and also what inspires him to want to kill himself but once the haunted final track horror plot begins all the seriousness leaves the film.

The film is a hilarious artifact and one of the only movies Marc Price starred in known more for his role or nice guy lovelorn next door neighbor skippy on the sitcom FAMILY TIES this is a bit of a stretch for him playing the suicidal heavy metal fan outsider. He is an appealing presence.

Though the rest of the film Made to be serious is ridiculous but a fun ridiculous where it Doesn’t even realize it is that funny. It even has cameos from Gene Simmons of KISS and Ozzy Osborne playing a preacher no less. At least it tries to give the film some kind of rock n roll edge or relatability.

The film is one of those films where it has a universal story of an outsider bullied and pushed to the edge.Who ends up in effect becoming a hero of sorts and even gets the girl of his dreams.

This is the directorial Debut if character actor Charles Martin Smith and what a debut. Though not as grand and arresting as probably he was hoping for.

The film does offer one scene of nudity that feels exploitive and more like a contractual matter obligation made to the studio. As it makes little sense.

The movie was unofficially rewritten by Directors and noted X-Files future writers James Wong and Co-star Glen Morgan.

There is violence but surprisingly not that graphic. This is more a film for a horror completist rather than a must see, but also a fun time Capsule of a film.

Grade: C

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