Directed By: Matthew Vaughn
Written By: Jane Goldman & Matthew Vaughn
Based on characters from The Graphic Novel “SECRET SERVICE” By: Mark Millar & Dave Gibbons
Cinematography By: George Richmond
Editor: Eddie Hamilton 

Cast: Taron Egerton, Mark Strong, Colin Firth, Hanna Alstrom, Channing Tatum, Pablo Pascal, Halle Berry, Julianne Moore, Edward Holcraft, Michael Gambon, Jeff Bridges, Emily Watson, Bruce Greenwood, Sophie Cookson, Poppy Delevigne, Thomas Turgoose 

When their headquarters are destroyed and the world is held hostage, the Kingsman’s journey leads them to the discovery of an allied spy organization in the US. These two elite secret organizations must band together to defeat a common enemy.

I can’t say I had a normal experience watching this film. I saw it in 4DX which is a more interactive experience that makes you feel like you are watching the film but also on a roller coaster as all elements are reciprocated through moving seats, water, smells, smoke, wind. It’s like riding a movie ride at Universal Studios and/or Disney land or for the more cinematically inclined like that skit firm KENTUCKY FRIED MOVIE. Where the ushers stand behind the patron and reciprocated what is on screen.

It can come off as a cheap gimmick but priced to be a kind of A Saving grace for watching this movie. A sir made the experience more fun. this is the perfect movie for 4DX as it seems to be a movie with plenty of action sequences that almost seem designed for the experience with car chases. Plenty of gun battles. Huge action set pieces and hand to hand combat. Plus underwater scenes and ones that take place in the rain and play up bad smells.

So that you begin to wonder was all this action necessary or used to promote an upcoming technology and experience. Like 3D and IMAX before it. Unfortunately that is all the film really has going for it. As it tries to set an outdoor mood but now it feels routine and even he wit from the first film seems to be gone and in it’s place comedy that doesn’t seem to work. The first film presented is with something new and adventurous maybe more youth and open. As we begin to see the births of a hero and or like action films thrown into the middle of the heroes greatness and learn about his past which contains his weaknesses. Here the film seems more grown up, but also like a middle aged person trying to seem young and hip it doesn’t quite work. It comes off weak and trying to be something it’s not. As the first film came off as a comic book. This comes off more as a graphic novel. It’s a silly premise that is taking itself a bit too seriously or adds nothing really to it. To register it’s Existence or another trip to the well.

This film is filled with if names but unfortunately most of them seem more like cameos more than supporting roles. Some you wonder if they only made appearances in trying to cement roles in future sequels.

The film never feels necessary as it is never intense or needed. The action sequences are really the only fun part. As the film isn’t as witty or original as the first film.

Everything seems to be on hyper drive in this film. Though it never contains an action scene that is quite as memorable as the church massacre of the first film. Though it has a borderline graphic sex scene that hints as a match from the finale of the first film.

Though here it is blatant and has no real effect. Nothing does. The film doesn’t shock or push buttons as much as the first film. So that this film feels like it plays it safe. Because nothing is really risqué except acknowledging some characters drug use. As the film offers more of a pro drug message.

Julianne Moore is here as the villain who seems a bit off and more violent. Thigh physically she barely does anything. And while her threats are scary she never is as she seems more comedic than anything else. Her performance seems modeled on Gene Hackman from the first SUPERMAN movie. Even though his Lex Luther was played more like a used car salesman.

While it’s nice to see Colin Firth come back as his character. The film tries to show that he is needed even after we saw him perish in the other film and conveniently bring him back. Yet it seems ridiculous and really unnecessary. Just as eliminating any survivors of the first film early to have this mission feel more personal and more vital as a revenge tale, though it never turns angry and gritty that tales such as that usually involve. especially more emotions

Halle Berry has a supporting role and she is enthusiastic in her role but has little to do. I can see why she would want to be in the franchise. Gives by her much more than some of the others she has been in, but again the script lets her down. As far as quality roles. Pablo pascal give a fun performance as one of the statesman. In another role in which he seems to be a rogue who you are not sure you can trust. Though he becomes one of the bigger supporting characters. At first I barely recognized him.

The president in the film appears to be a sly reference if not thinly veiled caricature to our current president 45 in his judgements and ruthlessness especially when it comes to the propensity he is supposed to serve and protect.

It’s a joy to see cast members Mark Strong who like his last name always leaves an impression. Taron Egerton is good in the role but seems a bit bland. In the first film he brought and energy and freshness. He is an actor I would like to see in more movies in other roles to really see his talent and range.

As even though his character is a seasoned spy he still seems to be able to be taken by surprise very easily. Plus again giving short shrift to Roxy plated by Sophie Cookson from the first film.

The ending leaves a few questions about the future of the franchise, business and characters as most of the corporation seems blown up and since there only seems to be very few agents hey have to rebuild from scratch. In life that would take a few decades it will be interesting to see how it fairs in movie logic. Especially getting all the staff and new recruits plus having them be dedicated and trustworthy. Though I am probably thinking too much. Just as most of the audience will do in the second act of the film that lacks action and deals more with emotions and planning. So that it slows down the film which already had a fast pace. It doesn’t help that this film is long seemingly for no real reason except to just try to be excessive without actually doing it.


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