SCREAM 3 (2000)


Directed By: Wes Craven
Written By: Ehren Kruger
Based On Character Created By: Kevin Williamson
Cinematography: Peter Deming
Editor: Patrick Lussier 

Cast: Neve Campbell, Patrick Dempsey, David Arquette, Courtney Cox, Parker Posey, Josh Pais, Scott Foley, Emily Mortimer, Patrick Warburton, Deon Richmond, Jenny McCarthy, Carrie Fisher, Lance Henriksen, Liev Schrieber, Kelly Rutherford, Matt Kesslar, Kevin Smith, Jason Mewes, Heather Matarazzo, Jamie Kennedy 

A new film is currently in production, and a killer is on the loose. The murders draw a reporter, ex-cop, and young woman to the set of the movie inspired by their life. They soon find out that they are dealing with a trilogy, and in a trilogy…anything can happen.

The lead up to this move was great. It’s Like going to the doctor something you din’t want to face but you must to cure what ails you. As I hated this franchise coming to an end but couldn’t wait to see what they had planned for the grand finale.

What truly hurts is that this feels like a film that is out of touch with itself. As it seems to just come along there is nothing quite special or noteworthy. It feels more like a spinoff or what SCREAM 4 should feel like. A continuation that happens to involve the original cast.

The Star Neve Campbell is practically a sent from the first half of the film. Which focuses more on Dewey and Gale Weathers characters as well as the new cast members. When Campbell does come into the film it is almost like she is playing catch up as she is now in most of the scenes of the second half. Right after you kind of get used to her absence.

This film again kills off a semi significant character to show no one is safe, but at least here it is the opening kill. Though at the time not necessarily a celebrity.

This sequel is heavy on comedy and you can tell someone other then original screenwriter Kevin Williamson handled the script. It Plays into itself too much almost like a victory lap. It comes off more cynical and goofy.

It doesn’t feel necessarily like a scream movie. As it seems to want to be a satire More with comedy and killings and then at times remembers it is supposed to be tied to the scream movie history.

The film is truly a disappointing ending to the original scream trilogy. That seems so Unsatisfactory that they refer to make a part 4 to make it feel fresh and try to do the franchise justice.

One can’t help but question the quality of the film because of the absense of original screenwriter and creator Kevin Williamson. As this film feels like someone trying to do his work without his voice but trying to imitate it. Which is not new in franchises but here it is truly felt. Leaving a film that whirl it has a lot of the original cast and crew. Still feels empty to a certain degree.

The film tries to distract you with a number of recognizable stars and character actors in the film playing more small or supporting roles. Though This plays more like a parody of itself. Where it seems to aim for comedy night than horror and fails mostly at the comedy as it seems too inside Hollywood as well as offbeat when it comes to the humor. It doesn’t help that most of the newer cast seems either miscast or just on the wrong note.

As the film almost feels as bad as the one they are making within the film. As it just feels like the first two films are special and maybe even little labors of love. This feels like they just brung in a very new Hollywood screenwriter and the studio told him what they wanted and they in effect hollywooded it up. So that it feels more like a production rather than a film. One that surprisingly looks cheap.

Even the films signature of having a star killed in the first scene here is subverted by instead killing one of the known characters from Previous films. Which is meant it seems to show that the film is unpredictable. No one is safe anyone can die or be eliminated at any time. Also by bringing back Jamie Kennedy’s character for just a cameo it shows how much of a mistake. It was to get rid of his character in the last film.

Parker Posey is the only entertaining presence throughout. As she seems to be giving it her all. It is one of the few film’s where lance Henriksen gives a lackluster performance.

As most everyone feels like they are on Autopilot and like they can’t wait to get out of here. Even the final reveal of the villain and finding out they have had a hand in every killer since the beginning feels very unsatisfying. Even with the explanation.

Even Patrick Dempsey seems a little to high ire for his character obviously set up as a love interest but seems more a red herring as there isn’t enough time to set up a proper love story.

In the end the film feels like it’s a rushed project and needed more time and finesse to iron out all the wrinkles before giving the audience and the fans a proper send off and final chapter.

One of the reasons why maybe this does Amy seem a strong as the other films because while the humor is there and it tries. It also feels like it’s in the hand of someone else as screenwriter Kevin Williamson doesn’t come back and a string of a filmmaker Wes craven is and added to the formula for the movies.

The strength and genesis of the films is Williamson’s Writing where it has a meta humor and works with rapid delivery and still has meaning. Not to mention it would be nice as he started the films to have him complete or at least close out the trilogy even though a fourth one came much later. Handing off scripting duties to Ehren Kruger does an ok job but the humor feels either staged or awkward in certain scenes as it feels stilted and while the cast tries to put in the necessary energy the punchlines feel weakened as do some of the revelations and after awhile it feels like we have plenty of recognizable faces and cameos there just to be part of the background and register as a another big name in the cast list. As the writing seems more like he is guest starring a she wasn’t part of the firs two films or creation of characters he is more taking these characters and putting them within the gram of his ow. Imagination and interpretation of the characters and scenario.

Though also I between all of this the horror comes up short to a degree more powered by thrill and shock rather then Scares or a sense of dread. As the audience is already used to it yet the film doesn’t seem to care or feel the need to offer up any surprises or something new and original. Instead it stays within what has already been built keeping it in Style but never venturing forth and coming full circle it seems to stay comfortable and refuse to move from that comfort even with a new screenwriter.

The film tries but it seems to limp Along and tries to give closure to the film series but it ends not only lackluster but with what feels like a conspiracy theory come to life. Now maybe I took this film too personally as an insult as a major fan of the franchise.

Grade: C-

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