DON’S PLUM (2001)


Directed By: R.D. Robb
Written By: R.D. Robb, Tawd Beckman, Bethany Ashton, David Stutman & Dale Wheatley
Based On The Play “THE SATURDAY NIGHT CLUB” By: David Stutman
Cinematography: Steve Adcock & Brian Bellamy
Editor: Paul Heiman
Music By: Blake Soper 

Cast: Leonardo DiCaprio, Tobey Maguire, Scott Bloom, Kevin Connolly, Jenny Lewis, Jeremy Sisto, Ethan Suplee, Marisa Ryan, Amber Benson, Bethany Ashton, Marissa Ribisi, Heather McComb, Byron Thames, Nikki Cox 

A group of Los Angeles Twenty somethings meet every week at their local diner to discuss their latest misadventures in their miserable lives.


The film was originally conceived as a short and extended to A feature. Which is where the stars and filmmakers disagree, but you can tell as the films seems to make itself up as it goes along.

This film plays like a 1990’s sitcom/relationship drama, generation x dramatization hipsters at the time made to feel avant- grade by the filmmaking. Scenes feel more like acting exercises that go on way too long. As it feels like a slice of life yet very indulgent. Sort of like watching a typical night out or a SWINGERS knock off without the scripted talent. 

As the first ten minutes of the film is inter-sped with bad lounge music performance made to seem eclectic though coming off. Ore annoying and pretentious. 

I can see why the stars of the films tried to block It’s Release or tried to. which only made people more interested in a film that if released might have been slightly embarrassing but quickly forgotten.

Not that any film should ever be bound but this is not worth seeking out. As the film seems to have gained more a reputation and legend as it gets older. It ends up being more experimental than anything.

Tobey Maguire looks like a teenager and trying to use this as an audition as he is constantly mugging for the camera. you Actually almost forget he’s in the movie. Even though he is at the table the entire time and it’s strange as the film starts it seems he is more the center of attention. Then goes to barely remembered even as he is most scenes.

The film is a star studded feature whose appeal is in presenting it’s Cast before the became big or at least popular. The bathroom asides seem strangely random inner monologue confessions that even more minor characters get. This film feels like if you filmed a random group of friends on a rowdy night out.

The film seems to be meant to capture a time in young people’s lives at the moment. Where all the men seem desperate to have sex with girls and for them to meet other friends to hang out and behave badly. It almost seems like the guys have an unwritten contest to bring women to see who has the most impact.

Leonardo DiCaprio comes into the film like a force of nature and steals the show from all. For all The conversation and sharing we still know nothing much about the characters.

Leonardo DiCaprio seems to demand attention in all the scenes he is in.

Amber Benson’s character is treated so badly even if not part of the group. That she seems to come off more as the morality police for the film. The films conscience that they get rid of quickly and she provides one of the few or at least first sequences of action.

By the end can’t one Stand most of the characters who are all misogynistic though escape that title with the excise of being young and not knowing any better Better as they carry themselves off as mature practically. Where they Believe they know everything.

The third act feels built out of nowhere and desperation as it needs a fight or commotion. As it needs some kind of drama. That also allows DiCaprio to have dramatic moments as well as Jenny Lewis. Also gives mote insight into them.

The film reminds one of ENTOURAGE to a certain degree about friends just hanging out on the edge. It doesn’t help that one of the future stars of that show is in the cast Kevin Connolly who Also has one of the more impossible to believe wish fantasy proportions in the movies.


Grade: C-

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