Directed By: McG
Written By: Zack Stentz
Cinematography: Shane Hurlbut
Editor: Vincent Tabaillion 

Cast: Jack Gore, Miya Cech, Benjamin Flores Jr., Alessio Scalzotto, Annabeth Gish, Michael Beach, Andrew Bachelor, Scott Macarthur, Dean Jagger, Lynn Collins, Chris Wylde 

Four misfit teenagers join forces to save the world when an alien invasion interrupts their summer camp.

It seems that director McG has found his perfect audience. Kids and teens where his humor and style lies and continues to influence and impress them. Like a more talented better version of director Michael Bay. Though he Lays his themes and story on as subtle as a sledge hammer. Where after coming back with the comedic Horror THE BABYSITTER on Netflix. He now comes out with a post apocalyptic alien invasion with kids movie. Where all the leads are preteens. While also being a summer camp movie about growing up and facing obstacles. A kind of child’s fantasy That are rarely made a little crude and some coarse language but it means well. Where it might be a little too racy for parents to show kids.

Though it does showcase a type of movie that is missing in modern day cinema. Children’s films for teens or preteens that are basically fantasy entertainment. Kind of like daydreams for them to identify and escape their day to day lives. Just as adults have. This is definitely a hard PG-13.

The film offers just enough type of summer action film. Here with a war of the worlds where earthlings try to battle monstrous aliens. Only we see it from these pre-teens point of view and as they are all different types and personalities who are putting up fronts. It is reminisent of THE BREAKFAST CLUB.

The special effects are even more reminiscent of the 1980’s design. Which makes the film feel more of a throwback or inspired by films from that decade. As it reminds the audience of a certain age of films from their youth. As the type of fascinated and nostalgia. As it seems to be part of the directors forte.

The film is obviously meant for a younger audience, but tries to have appeal for adults and parents offers diversity.

McG shows of his technical Know how heavily influenced from his music video days. As the film is overly stylish and quite the guilty pleasure.

It allows the characters to show that they are more than their labels. While watching the film you never feel the loss are truly in danger though constantly threatened and have to overcome physical obstacles and continuously being attacked. Which actually allows us to watch as they overcome their fears.

After awhile the dangerous scary alien almost becomes a comic foil for all of It’s failures, yet keeps surviving and you expect him to have a bunch of floating stars above his head while being cross eyed. Yet stays a constant threat.

Just to remind us of what type of movie we are watching towards the middle of the film there seems to be an adidas product placement montage.

Like a cover band of your favorite band. That reminds you the old days in which you heard the music but never quite as good even when following the same formula, While thoroughly enjoyable it also comes off as a guilty pleasure.

Grade: C+

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