CHILD’S PLAY 3 (1991)


Directed By: Jack Bender
Written By: Don Mancini
Cinematography: John R. Leonetti
Editor: Scott Wallace & Edward A. Warschilka Jr. 

Cast: Justin Whalin, Perrey Reeves, Jeremy Sylvers, Travis Fine, Dean Jacobson, Dakin Matthews, Andrew Robinson, Brad Dourif (Voice) 

Chucky returns for revenge against Andy, the young boy who defeated him, and now a teenager living in a military academy.

This sequel was a little different. As Andy the permanent victim was now a teenager. (Player by a different actor for the first and only time) He still has paranoia but is sent to military school to toughen him out and all is well he makes friends slowly and even has a bit of a love interest. Then somehow Chucky comes back to life… again and this time tried to steal a soul again only not his but a different child’s. Who by coincidence is at the same military school.

My question is that Chucky spends most of the movie at this kids side. Why not just take him while he is asleep. Do the incantation? It seems only to have worked for him once yet he keeps trying. By this installment the movie is showing it’s age and ridiculousness. The plot is largely repetitious.

This is one of the last of the truly old school Chucky movie trilogy. This film feels defeated before it even starts or picks up steam. Screenwriter Don Mancini was told by the studio to write this sequel before Child’s Play 2 had even premiered and he has said that at the time he had run out of ideas. Hence this is his least favorite of the series. Which Brad Dourif agrees with this. As the film dies feel disappointing all around.

The positive in this film is that it is the only CHILD’S PLAY movie where no females are killed. It’s also the only one of the movies where I remember Chucky using a gun. Which in a horror film can feel uncreative as far as inspiration. This was also the last time any of the sequels had Child’s Play in the title. As the sequels all had Chucky involved in the title.

As the third in the trilogy it seems the most tame. Especially after the open slaughterhouse and effects of part 2. This seems less horror more thriller. Even with an opening death that isn’t even violent. As the rest of the film goes along the kills seem more neat. Even the war games scene which the film builds towards has deaths, including a lame one where a cowardly student finally shows bravery. But that is the most impressive part of the film.

It just seems like this film though made for teenagers would more appeal to preteens. Maybe because of the popularity of the character the filmmakers tried to make it as clean as they could for a general audience. Watering the franchise down.

The film is low budget, but it feels like it lacks any major thrills and excitement. Chucky Is still foul mouthed but feels cleaner than in the other films and though he causes death. He doesn’t actually seem to kill anyone. He begins to then they die accidentally by their own actions.

So you have a horror film with a serial killer who barely kills. Yes that is kind of original. Good and entertaining nope.

In the end it’s not a horrible movie but could have been a lot better easier. It just feels like there was little effort.

Grade: C-

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