Written & Directed By: Justin Kelly
Based on an article By: Stacey Miller
Based on the Magazine Article “My Ex-Gay Friend” By: Benoit Denizet Lewis
Cinematography By: Christopher Blauvet
Editor: Aaron I. Butler

Cast: James Franco, Zachary Quinto, Emma Watson, Charlie Carver, Avan Jogia, Daryl Hannah, Lesley Ann Warren, Jefferson Mays, Ahna O’Reilly 

Based on the fascinating true-life story of Michael Glatze, a gay activist who becomes a Christian pastor after identifying as a heterosexual.

Based on a true story. While this makes an interesting story and a kind of story of mind over matter that seems to challenge. The thought that sexuality is something you are born with and more of a choice.

Michael Glatze sold his life rights away for $75,000 for the film to be made.

The film doesn’t offer any answers. In fact it just sticks to the script. As it is based in the main characters memories so the story is told purely from his side of the story and never offers too many others testimony.

While the film does show the character as brave and someone up for challenges. It also shows him as kind of stubborn but a man of faith.

I believe how you feel about the character will affect how you feel about the film. As it is filmed and told pretty straight forward with little to no flourish. It never gets bigger than one man’s story.

We know that this is one man’s story amongst many and his truth. Which involves religion and faith. Which also translates to him being true to himself. Though he also believes what is true for him is true for others which isn’t the case. As it seems to be him forcing his beliefs into others and while not acting ashamed it does seem to carry over into his beliefs and interactions.

Watching this film I found myself asking questions I never would when it comes to films. Like why was this made? To appeal to those who believe in conversion? To go against the tide of so many films that are for gay rights? Just to be challenging ? To be noticed and grand standing? I can’t answer that.

As the film offers plenty of melodrama it doesn’t seem to settle on right or wrong just presentation more like a report or dramatization then any kind of feeling or focus.

This is another James Franco movie that seems interested in gay culture and exposing and exploring it. Which One personally has no problem with.

The film seems to end abruptly and never feels quite passionate for so much talk of believers and faith. As the film also never seems to go far enough to make it’s mark or cause any reasoning.

It feels like one man’s propaganda through only his testimony and a challenge to so many other films and testimonies.


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