CARRIE (2013)


Directed By: Kimberly Pierce
Written By: Lawrence D.Cohen & Roberto Aguire-Sacasa
Based on the Book By: Stephen King
Cinematography By: Steve Yedlin
Editor: Lee Percy & Nancy Richardson
Music By: Marco Beltrami 

 Cast: Chloe Moretz, Julianne Moore, Portia Doubleday, Judy Greer, Ansel Elgort, Gabriella Wilde, Zoe Belkin, Barry Shabaka Henley, Demetrius Joyette, Evan Gilchrist, Alex Russell

A re-imagining of the classic horror tale about Carrie White, a shy girl outcast by her peers and sheltered by her deeply religious mother, who unleashes telekinetic terror on her small town after being pushed too far at her senior prom.

Well it was hard for me to say non-biased when it came to this film. As I feel the original CARRIE is one of my favorite horror films and I consider it a classic. So this film was going to e hard to watch and I would be extra judgmental. While billed as a new adaptation of the novel, many screenplay elements were borrowed from Lawrence D.Cohen’s adaptation of the 1976 film

Now I have gone on records about my problems with remakes as reboots usually. Though I try to give it the benefit of the doubt.

The two factors that made me have a bit of hope for the film was that Kimberly pierce was directing and Chloe Moretz was starring and while neither is embarrassing in their work here. They both are disappointing when it comes to this film. –The story feels. More cleaned up to make it’s rating not as tawdry as the original and feels more manipulative. It doesn’t even feel like the Stephen king book. More like it’s own beast. One that is easy to track and makes itself disposable.

Originally the film was slated to begin with a scene from the book, in which a young Carrie wandered into the yard next door and found her teenage neighbor sunbathing. Margaret flies out of their home in a rage and scoops up Carrie, who throws a tantrum and summons a rain of stones. This prologue was also shot for CARRIE and wound up being deleted from both versions. Chloe Moretz is talented but in this film it feels like she isn’t so much inhabiting a character as trying too hard too. As he seems to not overact , but you can tell she is performing not acting. The cast doesn’t help as they all seem to be on their 20’s playing teenagers making the rare sight of an actor who is the actual age of he character they are playing in high school look even you get making Ms. Moretz look more like she is 13 or 14 instead of 16. Though I am glad they cast a real teenager in the role so that it tries to seem more realistic. Though when it comes to the end and she is using her powers for revenge. It’s ridiculous as she seems to constrict her body and make faces that don’t induce terror as it more induces laughter. –Shailene Woodley turned down the role of Carrie, while Haley Bennett, Emily Browning,Lily Collins and Bella Heathcote auditioned.

When it comes to direction into some of the scenes and visuals seem inspired but I expected better and more from the gifted Kimberly Pierce. I realize this is only her third movie and second studio film. So I don’t blame her as much as her hands are tied to a degree b the studio and their wants.

Though as a remake her hands are tied and there are some differences from the original, but not much. The films glaring differences are not real needed. There is a scene where it is suggested Sue Snell might be pregnant and then it seems to be dropped without anywhere to go.

The opening While inspired is overkill as we know she is disturbed, but her not known she was pregnant and believing she had cancer was ridiculous as is Julianne Moore in the role as it’s not good enough for her to act strange for is to realize she is crazy, but she must cut herself graphically. She is just overboard.

This film has no subtlety everything is spelled out for you. Even the last shock of the film is not really scary instead is just another example to use bad special effects that are never impressive in this film.

The Villains are easy to tell from wardrobe as Billy drives a classic corvette has a hipster haircut is older then everyone and wears shades most of the time while also wearing constant leather. He also seems to take pleasure in being a sadist. So there is no cliche left unturned. The film tires to make Carrie’s main tormentor seem like she is ether being forced into the revenge or in over her head, but soon hey drop that idea and she seems to be just as depraved.

Although it was a minor sub-plot in the book (it is mentioned twice), this is the first Carrie film to mention Sue’s pregnancy. Though the film leaves it a bit vague, you seem to have to figure it out. Though never Officially mentioned.

Portia Doubleday who I have seen in other films is a blonde. In this movie they due her hair a reddish brown for no reason and also as I watched this in HD. Her makeup is horrible as she seems to wear a bronzer or the dye seems to have leaked to her face. So it always looks off colored like a light black face. It kept distracting me making me believe she was in dress up.

There was only one performance that was horrible and it was by actor Ansel Elgort who plays Tommy. He was grainy never believable and it felt like his intentions were all an act and not a convincing one. I felt sorry for Tommy when it came to the grid act more for the character. I was glad the actor wouldn’t have more screen time.

Which is why you never feel any thrills or suspense in this film. Even if you didn’t see the original I know where it is going. At least the original still has that power. Even just leading up to the massacre. Here you feel nothing build.

Then when we finally get to the massacre. Just like earlier in the film to hide nudity. It seems like the film makes short cuts so we suggest the violence instead of showing it. Even though his set piece is supposed to be the tour-de force even CARRIE 2 had a impressive one. I know directors like to say what we imagine happens is probably worse then what they could show visually. That is true when working with a film that is psychological in practice ad not being remade. To me. Shows either laziness or restriction either way it leads to disappointment for the audience. I mean people are electrocuted. Set on fire, run over and crushed by bleachers. Though none of it graphic or satisfying more suggested.

The film by the end feels like an origin story for an superhero character albeit a dark one rather than a horror film. The one thing I can say positively about it was I wasn’t bored.

Skip it

Grade: D+

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